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Chapter Reports - Hawaii

The Big Island's annual meeting took place on May 5th. Speaker Casey Jarman, Hawai'i County Clerk and law professor, focused on the public education efforts she has initiated as a means of helping people represent themselves before governmental agencies.

The following were elected for two-year terms:

Co-President: Leilani Bronson-Crelly; First Vice-President: Marianna Scheffer; Secretary: Jaurene (Jo) Judy; Assistant Secretary: Maiden Temple

Directors: Andrea Dean, Margaret Drake, Karin Hazelhoff, Donna Oba

Nominating Committee: Helen Hemmes, Lois Kiehl, with another member to be appointed

The following will continue serving the second year of their terms: Co-President: Susan Dursin, Second Vice-President: Lois Cecil; Treasurer: Sue Irvine. Directors: Gail Laros, Julie Mink

These program issues were approved for pursuit during 2007-08:

Public Campaign Financing
Legalized Gambling in Hawai'i
Initiative and Referendum
Voter Education
Voter Access
Community Development
Sunshine in Government

On June 9, there will be two League events on the Big Island. At 10:00 AM, League will meet in Kona to consider formats for campaign forums. Also that day, starting at 9:00 AM, League members will be conducting a vote count for the High School Rodeo Association. Then, on July 21, the Board will be meeting at 10:00 AM.

Susan Dursin
Leilani Bronson-Crelly

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