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Voter Service

Those who visited the State League web site before the elections were immediately directed to the proposed constitutional amendments and the explanations of each and the pro and con arguments. Callers to the League office asking about the amendments could now be directed to the web page not only for the constitutional amendments but also Honolulu League's commentary on the proposed Honolulu Charter amendments.

Now, you can get the results of the referendums on the same web site, all thanks to our webmaster, Stephen Trussel who was tremendous in accommodating our requests.

State League also presented five hours of panel discussions on 'Olelo Channel 49, a one- hour forum on each of the proposed constitutional amendments with League's JoAnn Maruoka serving as moderator for all of them. We were very fortunate in the caliber of the panelists we were able to assemble. The discussions were spirited and informative with JoAnn skillfully asking all the right questions and making sure that each panelist had opportunity to air his/her views. All five forums were taped on one day, one after the other. You can imagine that JoAnn hardly had time for a drink of water between forums.

Each forum got three scheduled airings and later airings as time and space allowed.

We owe a vote of thanks to JoAnn for the tremendous work she did on both the forums and the pro-cons for our web site. It was a demanding job of gathering testimonies presented before the various committee hearings as well as different versions of each bill and the committee reports, studying the enabling legislation that accompanied three of the amendment bills, calling and talking to people who might share information and opinions on these issues, first to educate ourselves and then to be able to present these views on our website, and then to invite people to participate in our forums on 'Olelo.

Mahalo to all the folks at 'Olelo who helped with the logistics of scheduling, finding volunteers to do the actual taping work, especially Angela and Melanie who were so patient amidst all their frenzy over putting together successfully, 'Olelo's elections programming. Also much thanks to Heather Bolan for helping to gather bills and testimony on the amendments.

Jean Aoki

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