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Voter Owned Elections (Clean Elections)

Mainland developers and other special interests continue to push their agendas at the state House, with surprising success, and we're fighting back with the Comprehensive Public Funding bill. Our bills have been introduced this year (HB3247 and SB 3223), and last year's bill is still in Conference Committee (HB 1713). There are many ways for our bill to pass, but there are several Democrats in the House who are holding up the bill.

Over the next few months we will be raking our message and our fact sheets to the districts of specific legislators. We're going to inform the constituents who live in these districts where their legislators' money is coming from. We're also going to inform the constituents that their legislator is not supporting our bill.

Our aim and our message are to "Pass the Voter Owned Elections bill"

What you can do:

  1. HOST A HOUSE PARTY. No matter what island you're on, we want you to get some friends together, show our short Bill Moyers video on Clean Elections, and ask your friends to write a letter and sign a petition. The House Parties are our most important way to inform people about our issue and bring new volunteers into the organization.

  2. Join us in a canvassing or sign-waving effort in a neighborhood near you. For dates and times, contact Kory at 457-8622 (on O'ahu)

  3. Write a letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper (on all islands).

Kory Payne,
Voter Owned Hawaii Field Director Office
(808) 599-1600 cell: (808) 457-8622

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