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Chapter Report - Hawaii (Marianna Scheffer)

Chapter Report - Hawaii

We were fortunate that John Higgens of Hawaii Clean Elections agreed to come over from Oahu to be the guest speaker at our general meeting on August 12. His talk was lively and informative, as was the question and answer period afterward. John was impressed with our members' knowledge of the topic and is thinking about new tactics as a result of member input.

After Higgens' presentation, the upcoming candidates' forum and Wiki Wiki voter registration drive were the main topics of discussion. We are working hard to make these events in Hilo and Kona a success.

In October we will have a general meeting. Our speakers will be Debbie Hecht, and Dixie Kaetsu who will argue pro and con on an initiative on the November ballot to dedicate 2% of County property taxes to the purchase of land for public purposes. Debbie is with the 2% solution, which has put this initiative on the ballot, and Dixie works for Mayor Kim's office which is opposing it.

Marianna Scheffer
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