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Jackie Parnell did such a good job of compiling the ideas produced at the morning session of Council, on May 13, that we decided to run them just as she circulated them to the Board.

League Goals and Objectives

I. Increase public participation in government
A. Increase voter registration and turnout
1. Distribute voter registration forms with drivers' licenses
2. Expand "get-out-the-vote" campaigns using PSA Announcement and Poster contests for high school students, with prizes
B. Investigate methods to increase voter awareness and knowledge of important issues
C. Support and undertake studies of government behavior and process
D. Use technology to bring government to the public
1. Eliminate need for password on web site
2. Put community calendar on web site
3. Put testimony on web site
4. Increase number of hyperlinks on web site
E. Support initiative and referendum at the state level
F. Increase cooperation with other organizations with similar goals (Media Council, Sierra Club, etc.)
G. Increase use of national and local education funds and other grants

II. Increase League Membership
A. Recruit newly retired - work with company counseling
B. Contact new arrivals - LWV welcome wagon
C. Be visible!
1. Work on magnet issues
2. Be known as relevant and effective
3. Present testimony
4. Write letters to the editor, op-ed pieces
D. Create junior arm of League
E. Reach students through speakers on issues
F. Have active Membership Chairs in each League
G. Increase diversity, e.g. recruit men, different age groups

III. Plan for Future Leadership
A. Develop succession plans for each League
B. Make sure each committee has at least three members
C. Make sure there is a dedicated chair for a new study.

Jackie Parnell
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