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Florida League Takes on Frightening Legislation

Joined by several other plaintiffs, the Florida League of Women Voters has filed suit against the State of Florida in federal court, challenging a recent law penalizing voter registration groups.

Specifically, according to a release distributed by those bringing the suit, the law fines the group filing every voter registration form submitted, with fines ranging from $250 to $500. And if, for any reason a completed form is not submitted, the fine is $5000 -- irrespective of what the reason might be. Moreover, anyone associated with a sued organization can be held personally responsible for paying the fines.

Commented the President of the Florida League, "What the State has done is [to] radically raise the cost of doing business for voter registrations ... In effect, this is a tax on democracy and a tax on democratic participation that makes voter registration work prohibitively expensive for many of the state's leading civic organizations." Ironically, the law exempts political parties from the fines, which are to be assessed only against nonpartisan organizations!

The release concludes that "should plaintiffs succeed in their lawsuit...the legal outcome will help to head off comparable voter-suppression statutes in other states, such as Ohio, New Mexico, and Colorado." – Lucky you live Hawaii!

Mary Anne Raywid
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