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Local Reports - Maui

The Maui League of Women Voters has been focusing on history of women's movements to promote positive social change through film festivals, having nationally recognized women leaders give keynote community addresses, and sponsoring a women's speak out to bring important issues forward in Maui county.

In November, Maui LWV sponsored a film festival featuring Jeanette Rankin's having become the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress, the women's suffragette movement in "Iron Jawed Angels," and also "In the Time of Butterflies" focusing on women's leadership in standing up for human rights. All three films brought students, faculty, and community members together. There was also a voter registration drive at each film signing up eligible voters to become active participants in politics.

The keynote address was given at the MCC student lounge by Medea Benjamin, speaking on Peace is a Passion and Globalization and Human Rights. A world leader of the women's movement, she provided inspiration that another world is possible and offered examples of empowerment and engagement to illustrate the power of every individual to be a peacemaker, and the strength of solidarity when people unite in passion for peace.

Medea Benjamin has been a catalyst for positive social change to promote fundamental freedoms and human rights in the United States and around the world. Her latest movement for justice is CODEPINK with colleague Jodie Evans. CODEPINK follows in the footsteps of the suffragette movement in America and is a dynamic women-led grassroots peace and global justice movement where political savvy joins creative protest and nonviolent direct action. Benjamin has been on the frontline of the passionate displays of democratic participation from vigils at the White House to visits to conflict areas from Afghanistan to Baghdad.

Benjamin has also authored eight books and numerous articles building on her expertise in public health and economics, in which she has two masters degrees. Benjamin's talk also addressed themes of the chapters of her latest text, STOP THE NEXT WAR NOW, printed on Maui by Inner Ocean Publishing.

It was a great opportunity to see an individual at the forefront of many causes today here on Maui.

The final event was a community forum for women to speak up about issues that should be addressed.

Joshua Cooper, Co-Chair
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