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Local Reports - Kauai

A Transportation Study is being conducted within the County by the Kauai League, chaired by Althea McCleery. The committee, which is focused on encouraging better public transportation, met twice with the Transportation Division at County Public Works. A survey of League members is underway.

The Kauai County Charter Review Commission asked the Kauai League to research the possibility of single member council district elections as compared to at-large elections, which Kauai currently uses. Thanks to assistance from League members on Maui and in Hawaii County, and to many others who have been working in this area, including in county elections offices, Kauai League presented a photo-projected CD graphic review of pros & cons on Oct. 26. This is available if requested (KLWV@kauai.net) and I plan to put it online soon at http://www. kauai.net. The Charter Review Commission has asked me to return on Nov. 23 for a final discussion on the topic.

Kauai League was approached by Sen. Les Ihara Jr. to attend and testify in support of Fair Access legislation at the Governor's Advisory Council on Kauai. I attended their Oct. 13 meeting of the Kauai Council of Advisors and briefed the Council on the purpose of the fair access commission legislation. I also suggested to this group that, because the Governor has come out in support of this bill, a public forum might be held next spring on the topic. The Kauai Liaison offered support.

I suggest a spring 2006 "Fair Access and Sunshine" forum, which could occur statewide as part of sunshine week. It would be an opportunity to support fair access legislation as well as sunshine. It could be sponsored by the League and all other organizations that support fair access and sunshine.

Our local electric utility, Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, is not complying with open records laws and a series of newspaper articles begun in October has exposed this problem. Kauai LWV president Carol Bain spoke at the Oct. 26 public board meeting asking KIUC to put open records compliance into their bylaws.

Kauai League was pleased (after quick phone calls to local board) to join in the publicized statement on the Kauai Court Ruling by District Judge George Masuoka allowing agencies to challenge the OIP.

In my opinion, the League should continue to support organizations that fully comply with sunshine, and publicly denounce those which do not, including KIUC and PEG Access stations like Ho`ike and Olelo (while also trying to educate them of course).

Carol Bain, President
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