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Latest Assault on Press Freedom:
Assassination of Samir Kassir

In late April, at a Honolulu Community Media Council luncheon at the Pacific Club, Fulbright Researcher Chris Conybeare provided a grim report on the high price of journalistic freedom . Having spent 2003-04 as a Fulbright Research Fellow in Turkey and having traveled extensively elsewhere, Conybeare was able to provide numerous stories of journalistic courage in the face of harassment, intimidation and very real threats to life.

We have received with sadness and outrage news of the assassination of outspoken Lebanese journalist, Samir Kassir who had been under constant threat because of his courage in speaking out against Syrian domination of his country's politics. This tragic event lends further weight to the importance of Conybeare's report and the need for continued vigilance in protecting the freedom and responsibility of the press to keep the public informed. According to Conybeare who is also a television journalist, media and human rights lawyer, in 2004 more than 55 journalists were killed while on the job, scores of others beaten, jailed and harassed.

We deeply regret the silencing of this one more important voice.

Beth Ann Kozlovich, Chair
Honolulu Community
Media Council

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