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In Celebration of Women (Shannon Wood)
Women's History Month Activities

In Celebration of Women

The University of Hawaii – Windward Community College presents a series of free lectures and other activities throughout March in celebration of WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH.

This year's theme, "Women Change America," honors and recognizes the unique role that women have played in transforming culture, history and politics as leaders, writers, scientists, educators, politicians, artists, historians and informed citizens.

Upcoming WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH activities include former Lt. Governor Mazie Hirono, who will talk about her life's experience; Gloria Moore, who will talk about health issues related to women through their life stages; and psychologist Gary Francell, who will discuss the interpersonal relationships between men and women.

Also every Wednesday at 1:30 pm throughout March except during Spring Break, UH-WCC will show a film that features women who have played pivotal roles in history.

There will be a special WOMEN'S POETRY SLAM with music and comedy routines on Wednesday, March 16, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm in the Student Lounge.

NOTE: There will be no programs during Spring Break.

For more information, call Kathleen French at 236921 for e-mail her at

Shannon Wood

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