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Fall 2003

Winter 2003

President's Message (Maile Bay)
To All Leaguers
Proposed Positions for Adoption through Concurrence
On Election of Judges
Elections Office: The Newest & Final (Jean Aoki)
LWV-US Files Amicus Brief
Judicial Independence: Educating Citizens to Protect Equal Justice... (Nancy Connors)
LWV-US Ed Fund Grant
Ugly Side of Redistricting (Jean Aoki)
Practicum on the Hawaii Legislative Process (Grace Furukawa)

LWV-US Ed Fund Grant

A special grant from the LWV - US Education Fund's Judicial Independence Project has enabled us to print 750 copies of our report "Judicial Independence In Hawaii." The report will be distributed to all of our members, to all legislators and some other elected officials, to various government agencies and community organizations, to all of those who helped us gather the information needed, to public libraries, public and private universities and community college libraries, and to the media.

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