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President's Message (Maile Bay)
First Saunders Award to Jean Aoki (Mary Anne Raywid)
Ray of Hope for School Governance Change (Mary Anne Raywid)
Initiative and Referendum Forms
Action Needed Now to Support Clean Air (Kay Maxwell)
Busy Year Ahead for Judiciary Study Committee (Jean Aoki)
Thanks for Evaluation Efforts! (Jean Aoki)
Two New Studies Approved at Convention
League of Women Voters of Hawaii Board of Directors 2003-2005
Administration Blows to Education
Hawaii Pro-Choice License Plates
Big Vote of Thanks (Suzanne Meisenzahl & Mary Anne Raywid)

Thanks for Evaluation Efforts!

Recently, Hawaii's Chief Elections Officer and its Office of Elections were evaluated by the State's Elections and Appointment Review Panel (EARP). The League of Women Voters was asked to compile the results of the survey questionnaires which had been mailed to workers and volunteers who have helped in past elections.

Many thanks to the Leaguers who helped in the tallying and/or the compiling of data: Clara Ahn, Charles Carole, Evangeline Funk, Rachel Funk, Grace Furukawa, Betty Goodwin, Robin Loomis, JoAnn Maruoka, Jackie Parnell, and Ann Todd.

Jean Aoki

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