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Closing Door at the Legislature (Jean Aoki)
State Council Meeting May 18: Great Discussion and Firm Resolve (Grace Furukawa)
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Importance of Campaign Funding Reform
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Leaguer Josh Cooper Honored
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Our First Gubernatorial Panel of the Year

Leaguer Josh Cooper Honored

League member and co-leader of the Maui group Josh Cooper has recently received accolades from three independent sources! According to the Star Bulletin (May 2, 2002), he was named the W. Alton Jones Fellow by the Center on Violence and Human Survival, for his research and teaching on Nonviolent Responses to Human Rights Violations through Conventions, Committees and Courts.

He was also elected to the national board of directors for Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace and disarmament organization.

And he was selected by Amnesty International for training in Washington, D.C., to help organize the Just Earth project, which has been recognized for its linking of human, environmental, and labor rights as an effective partnership for promoting and protecting people and rights.

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