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Our First Gubernatorial Panel of the Year

Gambling Prevention

The Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG) is gearing up for an expected bombardment by the gambling industry on the Legislature next year. The industry's monetary resources are seemingly endless, and the Coalition continues to fight with legitimate studies and the cooperation of the community.

This fall HCALG is planning a conference for women, WOMEN AND GAMBLING. They want to urge women's organizations to send delegates or have members attend. They hope to expand the number of organizations involved with HCALG so that people may appreciate how gambling can affect them personally in different areas. The number of organizations allied with the Coalition increases, but a dedicated source of funding has not yet been found.

This past year the Coalition acquired an office at the YWCA, where its vast store of materials is now located, and they have also obtained the services of an office manager. This has expedited the work during session enormously, and this expenditure will need to continue for the next several years.

League has donated a token amount of $50.00 to the Coalition, but each League member is urged to donate whatever they can to help the cause. You can send a check to HCALG and mail it to the League office, attention Grace Furukawa, who is the League liaison.

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