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Environment Committee Planning
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Our First Gubernatorial Panel of the Year

Environment Committee Planning

The newly formed Environment Committee set its goals and agenda for the year at its organizational meeting on May 29. Recognizing that state committees inevitably consist mostly of Honolulu residents, and that environmental issues do not respect political boundaries, the Environment Committee will be a joint committee with two chairs. Malama Souza will chair the committee for statewide issues and Jackie Parnell will chair for those pertinent to Oahu only.

The committee will focus on issues of sustainability in the use of water, land and energy, and it will seek win-win solutions to some of the difficult issues facing Hawaii. Initially, the committee will address the equitable allocation of water resources. Speakers from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply and the State Water Commission will be asked to meet with the committee to provide updated information on the status of water planning, predicted sustainable yields from existing water resources, and costs and feasibility of developing new resources, including desalination.

We also are open to suggestions. If you have pressing environmental issues or questions, or there are guest speakers you would like to hear from, please let us know.

Finally, the committee also decided to encourage wider participation by limiting the number of meetings and utilizing conference calls and email to communicate. So those of you who are interested in the issues but aren't able to come to the office for meetings because you are working or live too far away, please join us for our "virtual" meetings. Please contact:

Malama Souza Ph. 392-6252

Jackie Parnell Ph. 593 -8331

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