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Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice) is a tremendous problem in the U.S. Hawaii has the unwanted distinction of being one of the first states to suffer from this scourge. Hawaii County has a worse problem than the other counties at this time. And the problem is growing.

At our Annual Meeting last April, Councilwoman Nancy Pisicchio gave an impassioned talk urging our League to get involved in the fight against Ice use. We did not know what we as a League could do to help as it did not seem like it was in our realm of expertise. However, our members voted to get involved and at the very least lend our name to the individuals and groups who are trying to help out.

Since then, we have had representatives at community meetings and we were very impressed with the organization and enthusiasm of the people who were already involved. After polling board members, we donated $200 to help publicize the first public meeting held in North Kona. The meeting was a huge success with nearly 300 people in attendance. The program was outstanding, featuring Mayor Harry Kim, narcotics officers, social workers, a physician who specialized in addiction, and addicts who are in the process of kicking Ice.

We learned that Ice is probably the most addicting drug there is today. It is also a drug that can do permanent brain damage. It is very scary and young people just do not realize that some folks can be hooked after one or two tries. It also can be made from fairly easily obtainable and dangerous chemicals.

Two other communities have had similar meetings on the Big Island, North Kohala and South Kona. It is so important that this type of program be presented in all Intermediate and High Schools. The challenge is to make sure that every young person knows the dangers of Ice. We hope our League can continue to help in the effort. The Hilo unit has been alerted to keep abreast of programs in that area. It will take an all island effort, that's for sure.


Methamphetamine, or "meth," is a dangerous, sometimes lethal and unpredictable drug. Meth is also known as speed, ice, and crystal. Like cocaine, meth is a potent central nervous system stimulant. Meth represents the fastest growing drug threat in America today.

In Hawaii:
  • A much greater proportion of students are using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on a monthly and daily basis than in previous years.
  • According to a 1996 University of Hawaii study, more Hawaii twelfth graders (7.5%) report having tried methamphetamine during their lifetimes compared to other twelfth graders in the nation (4.4%).

Excerpts taken from the Prevention Resource Center of the Coalition For A Drug-Free Hawaii website.

Marian Wilkins

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