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President's Message (Maile Bay)
Second Redistricting Plan Approved (Jean Aoki)
Judicial Independence Project Report (Jean Aoki, Jaurene Judy & Jackie Parnell)
Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG) (Dorothy Bobilin)
Annual Fundraiser Nets Support
Members who Love to Travel
Mahalo to the Volunteers
Welcome New Board Member
Florida Election Memorabilia on Auction Block
Voters, Candidates Flock to Democracy Net During Election 2001 (Bob Adams)
Kauai League (Carol Bain)
Trials of Charter Schools in Hawaii (Mary Anne Raywid)
James Koshi

Members who Love to Travel

League has received correspondence from Travel Concepts International located in Placerville California offering $100.00 to State Leagues (to be shared with local Leagues) for every League member who books a tour with them. They feel Leaguers will be interested not only in the various international tours but, in traveling with and meeting other Leaguers. This is an interesting and painless fund-raiser for League.

It is owned and operated by longtime League member Gwen Erwood, specifically to arrange group international tours for League members and friends. They are in their 15th year of business and advertise in the "National Voter".

For any person who wants to receive a Tour Newsletter, call the League office and we will arrange it so you will be sent one from California and/or you can hook up on line at: www.travelwiththeleague.com Or email owner Gwen Erwood gwen@travelwiththeleague.com.

They advertise unusual features such as visits to American consuls overseas, visits with women's groups and other counterpart groups, etc. and prepare travelers with information about the tour. Some trips noted in the current brochure include "Naadam in Mongolia," "Russian Riverways," "Iceland, Top of the World," "Rajasthan India" and the "Silk Road Expedition."

We all get travel brochures from travel agencies but this is for Leaguers and non-Leaguers pay an extra $50.00 or they can join a League.

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