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President's Message (Maile Bay)
Second Redistricting Plan Approved (Jean Aoki)
Judicial Independence Project Report (Jean Aoki, Jaurene Judy & Jackie Parnell)
Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG) (Dorothy Bobilin)
Annual Fundraiser Nets Support
Members who Love to Travel
Mahalo to the Volunteers
Welcome New Board Member
Florida Election Memorabilia on Auction Block
Voters, Candidates Flock to Democracy Net During Election 2001 (Bob Adams)
Kauai League (Carol Bain)
Trials of Charter Schools in Hawaii (Mary Anne Raywid)
James Koshi

Annual Fundraiser Nets Support

Many THANKS to all our generous members who donated to the State League's Non-Event Fund Raiser.

For the benefit of those of you who wanted to contribute but just didn't get around to it, IT IS NOT TOO LATE! (the beauty of a non-event is that you can never be late!)

DONORS to LWVHI in 2001

Jean Aoki
Belle Bernatawocz
Gary L. Blaich, M.D.
John & Maile Bay
Ruth Brantley
Dorothy Bremner
Margaret Copi, M.D.
Eleanor Dalton
Dorothy Doudna
Anna Marie & Jim Duca
Dr. Rhoda Feinberg
Helen K. Freyer
George Fox
Grace & Ed Furukawa
Nancy Golden
Rhonda Griswold
Cyril Goshima
Arien Grabbe
Joann Green
Helen Griffin
Kate Kaenisch
Luree Hays
Karin Hazelhoff
Marian Heidel
Les Ihara, Jr.
Judith Inazu

Virginia Isbell
Piilani Kaopuiki
Pearl Johnson
Earl & Betty Kernahan
Jane Katayama
Melvia Kawashima
Lois Kiehl
Joyce Kurtz
Ann M. Keppel
Teresa Lau
Anelle K. Lee
Dr. Christopher Linden
William & Alberta Lindsay
Joyce Loo
Robin Loomis
Janis Lyon
Janet Mason
David Matthews
Elizabeth McCutcheon
Lola Mench
Dr. Marian Miller
Sylvia Mitchell
Astrid Monson
Phil & Dorothy Morris
Elsa Mueller, D.D.S.
Marge Mulhall

Strathmore McMurdo
Lorraine Muramoto
Billie Nelson
Eleanor Pierce
J.L. Ralston
Mary Anne Raywid
Alva Sachs
Marianna Scheffer
Myrna Sen
Beppie Shapiro
Edna Shoup
Opal Sloane
John & Megan Smith
Mary Frances Sutphen
Janet Swift
Mary Jane Knight
Glenys Spitze
Myron & Laura Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Todd
Carlos & Tekla Weber
Helen Weiss
Craig & Carol Whitesell
Donna Wong
Nancy S. Young
Nancy & Rev. Mike Young
Jennie Yukimura

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