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League Local News - Honolulu

Honolulu League was at the forefront of getting information out on candidates for last years Board of Education election. The national Democracy Network website spearheaded dissemination of candidates' stands on important issues, and we took the lead in making the public aware of the little-known provision allowing them to vote for candidates on all islands, not just Oahu.

Mary Anne Raywid and I were frequent guests on Beth Ann Kozlovich's Town Square program discussing the Board of Education, and Jean Aoki appeared recently to discuss campaign finance reform.

For the first time our Membership Directory included members on all islands. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on its production.

We testified before the City Council to protest a Hawaii Kai project which is outside the urban Growth Boundary, as well as for the preservation of open space for public use on the Ka Iwi coast.

Thanks to the members who turned out for Local 5 and the Teamsters vote counts this year. Thanks to Cheryl Soon who met with our transportation committee to discuss the Bus Rapid Transit plans and to Colbert Matsumoto, the court-appointed master for Bishop Estate, who spoke at our annual meeting in April.

Pearl Johnson

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