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State League Convention
Flawed Process (Jean Aoki)
Money and Politics (Nikki Love)
President's Message (Maile Bay)
Judiciary Study Committee Receives Grant (Jean Aoki)
Campaign Finance Reform Legislation (Laure Dillon)
Education Committee Report (Mary Anne Raywid)
Health Care Laws and Domestic Violence
Local League News - Honolulu
Local League News - Kauai
Local League News - Hawaii
Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (Grace Furukawa)
Programs Recommended by the Board of Directors
Studies Planned by Local Leagues for 2001-2002
Report of the Nominating Committee

Local League News - Kauai

Kauai County League has had a good Spring. A newsletter went out in late January and our first meeting of 2001 was held February 22. Primary action was a coalition discussion. We are now in an informal coalition with Malama Maha'ulepu, an organization with a mission to put the last undeveloped beach area on our South Shore into public reserve.

The annual election luncheon will be held April 28. There are no position changes or bylaw changes recommended. Keynote speaker for the event is attorney Trudy Senda, recently confirmed by the State Senate as judge of the District Court of the Fifth Circuit. Senda is the first full-time female judge appointed to this position since 1959.

We are coordinating a Video Public Forum series. The first in the series "At Issue" was produced by LCLWV on March 14, 2001. It focused on "The Future of Maha'ulepu" and featured Andy Bushnell, KCC history professor; Beryl Blaich, community planner; Malama Maha'ulepu, researcher; and David Chang, a Koloa/Poipu area resident.

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