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State League Convention
Flawed Process (Jean Aoki)
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Health Care Laws and Domestic Violence
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Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (Grace Furukawa)
Programs Recommended by the Board of Directors
Studies Planned by Local Leagues for 2001-2002
Report of the Nominating Committee

Local League News - Honolulu

Forty-two members attended Honolulu League's December 2nd membership meeting. Bob Rees spoke to the group on liberalism and the November election. At the April 21 meeting, Colbert Matsumoto, the court-appointed Master for the Bishop Estate, will speak on community involvement and its role in the Bishop Estate affair.

Honolulu League is considering applying for a grant to oversee a study of the rate at which women in Hawaii register and vote. The Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women in its recent report on The Status of Women in Hawaii indicates that we rank among the lowest as to participation of women in the nations electoral process.

Honolulu will focus on the environment in the upcoming year. The changes anticipated in alternative energy and water delivery will be examined so that we will be well informed when action is needed. The Oahu Bus Rapid Transit System will bring significant change in Honolulu and we will closely monitor its implementation.

The March edition of the Aloha Voter included a lengthy article on the parental notification and age of consent bills that were before the legislature this session. Both bills are dead but we expect them to return in future sessions. For an indepth look at these issues the Violence Prevention committee has copies of testimony, articles and reports that can be requested. We -do not support either of the bills. They are bills that seek to deny women's rights rather than being bills put forward by the various groups working to protect women and children. League will be a member of a task force now being formed to submit a report to the 2002 Legislature.

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