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Local League News - Kauai

Study: Kauai County Beach Parks

Beach access is an issue currently before the Kauai County Council. It will impact all of Kauai's beaches. Because beach parks are one of the county's major attractions and resources, Kauai League has approved and funded a study regarding them.

Initial work will establish assessment standards on which to compare all County Beach Parks. Althea McCleery, Beach Study Chair, said that the committee will devise a basic park assessment form. The form will gather statistics on beach improvements, water safety, signage, maintenance, types of use, ADA compliance, and related items.

If the Kauai County Beach Park Study process is successful, other Leagues around the state can use the devised survey grid as a template to apply to their own location.

Join us for a discussion on standards and evaluation Wednesday, September 12, 1 p.m. at the Lihue Neighborhood Center. Participants include Beryl Blaich, Martin Rice, Barbara Robeson, Edee Seymour, Carol White, and Carol Bain. Volunteers will visit and assess each park during the next year. If you care about Kauai parks, please come and join this worthwhile study. Beach Study Volunteer Contact: Edee Seymour, 332-9300. Chair: Althea McCleery, 822-5918 or e-mail:

Carol Bain

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