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Local League News - Honolulu

The Honolulu office has a new carpet, thanks to the Campbell Estate which agreed to provide it in return for our signing a new threeyear lease. This effort came to involve a reviewing of all our files, followed by considerable moving of furniture.

More recently, Charles Carole and I, plus a representative from the Mililani Neighborhood Board, and another from the Sierra Club, were on public radio on August 16. The topic was Castle & Cooke's request to the State Land Use Commission to re-zone 1200 acres from agricultural to urban use. Call-in's from the Castle & Cooke president, and an official of a land use research group representing developers, made for a lively exchange.

This was a part of our Planning and Zoning Committee tracking of two re-zoning applications by Castle & Cooke for Central Oahu. The Committee is also following developments related to the Ka Iwi Scenic Shoreline Parking Plan.

More than 50 members attended our annual meeting, at which Colbert Matsumoto spoke about his experiences related to the Bishop Estate. A highly attentive audience had a number of questions for him, and was impressed with his openness and candor.

Tentative plans for the Voter Information Committee are now in the brainstorming stage.

Pearl Johnson

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