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Raywid Busy on Education Front!

Mary Anne Raywid, chair of League's Education Committee, has been fully involved in reform efforts for education in Hawaii. Besides scrutinizing education bills before the legislature and preparing testimony for some, she worked with the chairmen of the Senate and House Education Committees, Senator David Ige and Representative Ken Ito, and with the House Minority Research Office.

Mary Anne was a part of the panel that selected the 21 charter schools to receive funding in Hawaii. She was also a part of the Forum on Education panel sponsored by the House Republican Caucus on March 18, 1999. She has also been meeting with the Hawaii Consortium on Charter Schools and did a workshop in Hilo for its members on March 19.

Although League did not testify on HB 1875, the accountability legislation that Superintendent LeMahieu is seeking, Mary Anne says she has been watching its progress with much interest. In the absence of a League consensus on the matter, she did write an excellent personal statement in support of the legislation for the Star Bulletin.

"In the Wake of Columbine -What Can Schools Do?", an article by Raywid and another Education Committee member, Libby Oshiyama, was published in the February issue of The Phi Delta Kappan, a national education journal.

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