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League Local News - Kauai

Over the past year, the League provided input to our Kaua'i County Planning Department on the drafting of new Rules and Procedures that affect land use decisions in our County, and continually expressed the importance of public input in land use decision-making. We also publicly spoke out, providing the headline "League Claims KE Approval Process Flawed" to the Garden Island News, September 28, 1999, when a Comprehensive Planning Ordinance was not followed properly during the controversial Kaua'i Electric permit to build a 150 MW power plant near the small community of Hanamaulu.

When I took office last spring I announced a goal to have Campaign Finance Reform workshops on both "sides" of the island. Thanks to the outreach participation by Rep. Brian Schatz, two workshops occurred: one on the North Shore November 3, 1999, and the other on the South Shore November 4, 1999. Last February, LWV delivered another workshop to Kaua'i Community College students on the issue.

Our League was invited to participate in the Kauai General Plan updated process by contributing to the Citizen Input Task Force. Our local position on this topic was reinforced by our participation.

Before our April 29 annual meeting, LWV-KC members and volunteers will have participated in three voter registration efforts at Kauai Community College, where those first-time voters can be targeted!

Carol Bain

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