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League Local News - Honolulu

Activity on the local front, of late, has taken a back seat to the priorities of the legislative agenda. Our press conference at the Capitol on the importance of increased gun control laws and the league activity on the opening day of the Legislature activity were most successful in creating awareness of our issues. Our local members in teams of two visited each legislator with copies of our legislative wish list attached to a League balloon.

The most important local activity in March and April will be the Local Five Vote Count, which will net Honolulu League a much needed revenue infusion.

We are still struggling to maintain and update our web site, but continue to suffer difficulties transferring the software to our computer.

We are working to develop a Membership Directory that will include the whole state.

The Planning and Zoning committee has testified on the Primary Urban Center plans, continuing to stress the importance of enough and timely public input. Our transportation testimony continues to urge improved bus service rather than light rail, which will be more disruptive and expensive and not much of an improvement from the bus. We testified against the Kakaako Waterfront Plaza plans with other community groups and successfully prevailed against a Ferris Wheel and other such activities on the ocean view plain.

Many of our local League members attended an energy conference sponsored by Life of the Land. It's recommendations for less reliance on fossil fuels and use of more non polluting energy.

Our Annual Meeting in April will be held a the Hale Koa Restaurant. Ah Quon McElrath will be our speaker.

Suzanne Meisenzahl attended the National League's DNet voter Service project in Scottsdale Arizona this March. She will direct the Voter Service efforts with state and local leagues to bring candidate information to the attention of citizens in the coming elections through the electronic media.

Pearl Johnson, who will be the Honolulu League's president after April, will attend the National convention in Washington DC in June.

League member Evelyn Bender was honored at the Legislature at the 10th Anniversary of the Public Access Room at the Capitol on March 2. She, along with Electra Anderson of Common Cause, Margaurite Peach of AAUW, and Rev. Robert Fraser of the former Council of Churches were instrumental in the effort to open the legislature to the citizens through this Access Room.

Grace Furukawa

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