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Reapportionment (Carol Bain)
Care Package to Florida
State Censorship (Marcia Linville)
Viewpoint: Election 2000 (Jean Aoki)
Gambling Report (Dorothy Bobilin)
Education Committee Activity (Mary Anne Raywid)
Happy New Year!
Membership Directory

Happy New Year!

Many thanks to our members (and some non-members) for their generous response to last year's LUNAR NEW YEAR NON-EVENT. It was so successful (we received over $4,000) we may have another nonevent next year!

Contributions were received from the following:

Marilynn Metz


Marjorie Alter
Virginia Isbell
Lois Kiehl
Beryl Kocial
Marge Mulhall
Sandra Scarr
Glennys Spitze


Elly Dalton
Nancy Golden
Margaret Littmann
Jennie Yukimura

Evelyn Bender
donated 10 Airline Coupons

Jean Aoki
Belle Bernatowicz
Will Best
Martha Black
Bob & Dot Bobilin
Marilyn Bornhorst
Ruth Brantley
Frances Delany
Arlene Kim Ellis
Joyce Esposito
George Fox
Evangeline Funk
Grace & Ed Furukawa
Tom Gill
Kate Haemisch
Bernice Hayashida
Folly Hofer
Anna Hoover
Ruth lams
Terry Jaskot
Pearl Chang Johnson
Mary Jane Knight
Sumiye Konoshima
Joyce A. Kurtz
Annelle K. Lee
Kay R. Linn
Nancy Marker
David Matthews
Suzanne Meisenzahl
Terza Meller
Lola N. Mench
Dorothy & Phil Morris
Lorraine Muramoto
Eleanor Pierce
Richard Port
Ruthann Quitiquit
Ursula Retherford
Beppie Shapiro
Janet Swift
Laura Thompson
Ann & Robert Todd
Tekla Weber
Helen Weiss
Carol & Craig Whitesell
Toni Worst
Nancy S. Young

Directory Changes...

Maile Bay, President State League

Rob Culbertson

Joy Licavoli (formerly of Kona)

Mary Frances Martin

LWV - Hawaii

Maile Bay - President
(vacant) - Vice President
Grace Furukawa - Secretary
Jacqueline Parnell - Treasurer

Annelle Amaral
Dorothy Bobilin
Marian Wilkins
Jean Aoki
Suzanne Meisenzahl
Mary Anne Raywid
Laure Dillon
Pearl Johnson
Carol Bain

Publication Editors
Carol Bain
Suzanne Meisenzahl

Jonalynn Sing - Production

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