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"Care Package to Florida"

A local LWV chapter could not resist sending support to the put-upon Florida elections workers last November. The case of Kauai coffee and tweezers were sent certified return receipt so we know they got the package. Lots of email came back about the "aloha" effort but no official reply from Palm Beach County. We assume they are still recovering.

Here is the actual Kauai County LWV press release for those who missed the Honolulu Advertiser article.

Kaua'i County - League of Women Voters
Email: LWV@kauai.net

PRESS RELEASE -- November 17, 2000

From: Kauai County League of Women Voters
Carol Bain, President 808-246-2111 / Susan Wilson, 808-826-6332 To County Elections Canvassing Board
Palm Beach County
301 N. Olive Avenue, Suite 1102, WPB
PO Box 1989, WPB 33402-1989

Aloha from the Island of Kaua'i, Hawaii,

In the spirit of aloha, the Kaua' i County League of Women Voters are sending positive thoughts, a case of Kaua'i Coffee and a dozen tweezers to assist your ballot recount. The hard work required to run a fair and successful election is fully understood by election workers everywhere.

Before the State of Hawaii upgraded and modernized our ballot counting system we had what were called "tweezer teams" to clean up the ballots under the watchful eyes of volunteer observers prior to running the ballots through the computer for counting. Since modernization in 1996, the tweezer-teams have been disbanded and we are sending a selection of tweezers to you along with a donated case of Kaua'i Coffee.

The tweezers will be useful in removing the hanging chads and pregnant dimples plaguing your electoral process. The Kaua'i Coffee may keep you alert during this protracted process.

Those of us who consistently volunteer our time at each election understand the pressure you are under. Please accept this gift with the aloha spirit intended. Good luck.

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