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First Quarter Edition 2000

Proposed Constitutional Amendments
President's Message (Maile Bay)
Hawaii Elections Project (HEP) Has a New Executive Director
League's DV Studies Makes Headlines
Lighting the Candles to Peace
Millenium Anniversary to Remember (Anne Stokely)
On the Home Front (Honolulu)
On the Home Front - Big Island
On the Home Front - Kauai
Constitutional Amendment to Eliminate Unfair Provision
National Coalition Launches Campaign
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President's Message

In light of Virginia Isabell's bid for a representative seat in the State House, the Board has gratuitously moved me as the Vice-president into the President's seat to serve the remainder the term. Thankfully, I have a wonderful support group of experienced League members who are working diligently to assist me. I look forward to working together in helping lead the League into this new millennium.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I can be reached at home 263-1927, on my cell 225-9210, or by e-mail at .

Mahalo nui,
Maile Bay

LWV - Hawaii

Maile Bay - President
(vacant) - Vice President
Grace Furukawa - Secretary
Jacqueline Parnell - Treasurer

Annelle Amaral
Dorothy Bobilin
Marian Wilkins
Jean Aoki
Suzanne Meisenzahl
Mary Anne Raywid
Laure Dillon
Pearl Johnson
Carol Bain

Publication Editors
Carol Bain
Suzanne Meisenzahl

Jonalynn Sing

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