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On the Home Front

The Education and Voter Service committees prepared a voters guide for the Board Of Education (BOE) races for the Sept. 23 primary election. The Internet Democracy Network site,, displayed all the statements received from the candidates who responded. In addition, on September 16, the Honolulu Star Bulletin printed part of the responses from the 19 Oahu candidates who replied. League members distribute copies of this voters guide to all Oahu libraries

On September 21, Hawaii Public Radio (FM 89.3) broadcast an hour devoted to a discussion of the BOE election and the dnet site. Education committee chair Mary Anne Raywid and Voter Service chair Pearl Johnson were hosted by Beth Ann Kozlovich on her weekly "Town Square" program. Additionally, Raywid and Johnson will be on "Town Square" again on November 2, from 5 to 6 pm to discuss the importance of the election and the role of the BOE.

The dnet site was one of the few sources of information about candidates for the BOE. Television Channel 2 featured the site on its 6 pm and 10 pm news programs on September 16.

In August the Education Committee sent 10 questions to all 30 BOE candidates. Twentyfour replied, some immediately and some after several phone calls. Six never sent in their answers

Karen Ah Mai spent many hours on the computer and telephone, installing Hawaii's structure with the Democracy Network. Sharon Davis, Bernice Hayashida and Janet Mason uploaded the candidates' replies onto the internet.

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