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Hawaii Elections Project (HEP) Has a New Executive Director

NIKKI LOVE, Executive Director for HEP, a 5016 organization, is the education arm of HI CLEAN (Hawaii Clean Elections). Nikki replaces Will Best who left for the Mainland in August. He worked hard to update information on the campaign contributions received and spent by candidates. Nikki will continue this work along with a greater emphasis on public education. This last is a needed ingredient for the understanding and passage of any Public Funding of Campaigns bill in the Legislature. It will be necessary for Nikki and HEP to start raising money in the form of grants and individual contributions so this work can continue. Currently she is working free and we are most grateful for the youth, enthusiasm and talents that she brings to this effort.

HI CLEAN was busy this summer considering ways of improving the Public Funding of Campaigns bill that will fund Honolulu City Council races in 2002 on a voluntary basis. This summer consultations were held with Honolulu councilpersons. Their input is important because of their past experience funding their own campaigns and their suggestions would not be tempered by considerations about running again in 2 years. All present councilpersons will leave office in 2002 because of term limits.

This bill lost in the Legislature because Senators Mizuguchi and Kawamoto refused to allow it to be heard in the Senate. An improved bill will be submitted again to the Legislature in 2001.

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