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Man and his Legacy, The
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"Don't Gamble with Aloha"

This is what our new bumper sticker says. Some of the highlights of the past year include the fact that 37 gambling bills in legislative 2000 session were either not heard or failed. The most important was HB2904 Shipboard Gambling. It was defeated in caucus.

We testified against a Panaewa Racetrack, Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, Small Boat Harbors (55 year lease to commercialize on submerged lands, could have had a very large floating platform), and Maritime Lands.

Our Coalition is more stable now with incorporation as a 501-c3, a part-time bookkeeper, and formal Policies and Procedures (thanks to Jean Aoki). Frank Chong of the Waikiki Health Center was added to the Coalition Board and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Holiday coalition is a new member organization.

Dorothy Bobilin
Chair Gambling Committee

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