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Updated: 11/5/2014

Election 2014

Data from: Office of Elections Final Summary Report (11/5/14)

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U.S. Senator

Schatz, Brian (D) *
P.O. Box 3828, Honolulu 96812. (808) 664-0062 info@brianschatz.com   brianschatz.com

As Hawai‘i’s U.S. Senator, I'm dedicated to delivering on Hawai‘i values in Washington and fighting to make sure that all of our families have a fair shot.

I’ve worked to get things done for Hawai‘i, including to increase federal funding for Hawai‘i priorities. I’m the only new Senator chairing two subcommittees. As Tourism Chair, I'm working on creating local jobs, and as Water and Power Chair I'm pushing clean energy.

In the Senate, I have sponsored legislation to increase Social Security benefits by asking the wealthy to pay the same rate into Social Security as the rest of us. I've also introduced legislation to reduce student loan debt and make college more affordable by holding colleges accountable for the success of their graduates.

I grew up in Hawai‘i with my three brothers Jake, Ed, and twin brother Steve, raised by my mother, Barbara, and father, Irwin, who was a professor at the University of Hawai‘i John A. Burns School of Medicine for more than three decades.

Three generations live together in my own home: My wife Linda, our children Tyler and Mia, and Linda’s parents Ping and George Kwok, who ran Kwok’s Chop Suey on Waialae Avenue for 35 years.

Dec. 26, 2012: Governor Neil Abercrombie appointed then Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz to replace the late Senator Inouye, in response to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's request that Abercrombie choose Inouye's successor quickly for any possible 'fiscal cliff' vote in the days ahead.]

U.S. Representative

U.S. Representative
District 01

Takai, K. Mark (D)
P.O. Box 2267, Pearl City 96782. (808) 781-2283 mark@marktakai.com   www.MarkTakai.com

It has been a privilege serving in the Legislature for the past 20 years.

I authored the Hawaii College Savings Program so that more families have a chance for their children to go to college with little or no debt. I voted against taxing pensions, was one of the deciding votes supporting marriage equality, and voted to increase the minimum wage.

As a Lt. Colonel in the Hawaii Army National Guard, I actively worked to protect our country from serious threats, serving in the Middle East in 2009.

My wife and I have two young children, Matthew and Kaila who both attend Aiea public schools. I’m running for Congress so that all of Hawaii’s children can afford to stay here in Hawaii and have an abundance of opportunities.

In Hawaii, we import $7 billion of oil and $2 billion of food every year! We need to wean ourselves off of foreign fossil fuels and grow more of our food so that we can lessen the cost of paradise and so that we can keep these billions of dollars here in Hawaii.

In Congress, I will work hard to protect Social Security and Medicare. I will fight to create better paying jobs, by closing the gap between the 1% and everyone else by raising the minimum wage, by making college more affordable, and by strengthening the middle class. I will continue to be on the side of working people and working families.

I humbly ask for your support and vote. Mahalo.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 33. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

U.S. Representative
District 02

Gabbard, Tulsi (D) *
P.O. Box 75561, Kapolei 96707. (808) 861-0793 tulsi@votetulsi.com   votetulsi.com

(2012 statement:)

I learned from a young age the importance of serving others and living aloha and have dedicated my life to serving the people of Hawai‘i. I believe our people deserve a bright future.

Hawaii’s people need and deserve fresh, effective leaders who are ready to put aside their own personal interests to fight for the people; stand up to self-serving politicians, giant corporations, and Wall Street banks; and start making a difference for middle class families. I will put politics aside, put country first, and do what's right for Hawai’i and America.

I'll work to generate more opportunities for Hawai’i’s middle class families, and create jobs by lowering taxes for small businesses and closing loopholes which benefit companies that ship jobs overseas. I'll work to strengthen our visitor industry and encourage the growth of agriculture, green energy and technology businesses. I will fight to bring our troops home from Afghanistan now, and invest here at home. I will strongly protect Medicare and Social Security and invest in our future by making sure our children have a first-class education.

(Honolulu City Councilwoman and former state legislator, Tulsi Gabbard is a decorated war veteran who was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for her tour of duty in Iraq and was the first woman to receive an award of appreciation by the Kuwaiti military. Tulsi served as legislative aide to Senator Akaka and is presently a captain in the Hawai`i Army National Guard. Endorsements include Emily's List, Sierra Club, VoteVets.org, labor, and others.)

[2012: candidate for U.S. Representative, Dist. 02. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Governor / Lt. Governor

Ige, David Y. (D)
1110 University Avenue, Ground Floor, Honolulu 96826. 808-462-4567 sendige@davidige.org   www.davidige.org

I’m running for governor because I’ve heard from many individuals who are unhappy with government and feel that they don’t have a voice. They want a governor who listens to them—not special interest groups—and makes decisions that will positively affect their lives today and into the future.

I have a track record of achieving results by bringing people together to reach solutions collaboratively and in a respectful, transparent manner. I know what it’s like to work as a team, and how that spirit of mutual understanding is needed to restore public trust and confidence in our government.

My approach to leadership for the past three decades has been guided by three principles: be open and honest, respect others and listen to their views, and do the right thing the right way.

Our State has not done enough to protect Hawaii’s fragile natural and cultural resources for future generations. We can have both responsible economic growth and a healthy environment by comprehensively planning for competing land use needs.

Decisions our state makes over the next four years could alter Hawaii forever. It seems we’re approving projects with almost reckless abandon - a high-rise here, a luxury condo there, prime farm land paved over - as if our actions won’t have consequences. But unplanned growth has profound consequences for the future. I want to be the generation that protects Hawaii. It’s the right thing to do and it just makes sense.

I hope you will consider me for our next governor.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 16. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Lieutenant Governor

Tsutsui, Shan S. (D)*
P.O. Box 2578, Wailuku 96793. (808) 594-6270 info@electshan.com   www.electshan.com

When I first ran for office in 2002, I promised my constituents that together, we would work to build a better community. Since then, we have accomplished much, using honesty, integrity and respect as the core values in our dialogues and decision making. I’ve always understood that my actions are an extension and reflection of those that I represent, so I’ve invested the effort to validate our shared goals and objectives.

As a State Senator and Senate President, I instituted my collaborative style of leadership and provided the opportunity for all of our senators, and their respective districts, to be involved in the process. I was also given the opportunity to broaden my constituency base, by not just expanding focus onto statewide policy issues, but also by spending time to understand the unique needs of the our different communities.

Now as your Lieutenant Governor, I have continued to work cooperatively with leaders and constituents alike, not concerned with the usual politics, but instead seeking to foster a collaborative working environment where the responsibility and authority is shared and all are able to reap the benefits of focusing on the issues at hand. I would like to continue to have productive discussions with you on how to move our state forward, and I would be honored to work on your behalf. I vow never to take this responsibility for granted.

Together, we can make a difference.

[Dec 27, 2012: Hawaii State Senator Shan Tsutsui (D, Maui) accepted the post of Lieutenant Governor. As state Senate president, Tsutsui was next in line to the lieutenant governorship.]

State Senator

State Senator
District 01 - Hilo

Kahele, Gilbert (D) *
1414 Keneki Pl., Hilo 96720. (808) 959-6579 friendsofgilkahele@gmail.com   senatorkahele.com/

“Ready to hit the ground running”

In my experience as Hawai’i Island’s State Senator for District One (Hilo), it is vital that the individual who represents East Hawai’i has the necessary Legislature, State Government relationships and contacts to make our government work for the people.

It is difficult enough to get resolutions and legislation passed by the legislature. Thousands of new bills are submitted every year; less than 10% make it to the Governor’s desk for approval. If it is signed into law, we wait for the Governor to release the funds, (which is completely at his or her discretion). Once the funds are released, we must work with various State agencies and departments to administer the funds, break ground on the project and implement the law. We cannot wait for someone who has to develop those relationships on the job. Whoever represents Hilo must be someone who already has those critical relationships in place.

“East Hawai’i, the Future of the State”

I see Hawai’i Island, East Hawai’i and in particular Hilo as leading the State in education, tourism, agriculture, sustainability and clean natural energy and power. As Oahu’s population continues to increase, overcrowding, traffic, real estate costs and the high cost of living in general will drive more people to Hawai’i Island. Basic services will need to be increased, our schools need to be modernized, thus it is important that we plan for that population increase today rather than tomorrow. In order to do this quickly we need a Senator who can work collaboratively with the executive, legislative and county government to make State Government work for East Hawai’i and its current and future residents.


[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 01. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 04 - Hilo, Hamakua, Kohala, Waimea, Waikoloa, Kona

Inouye, Lorraine Rodero (D)
215 Paukaa Dr., Hilo 96720. (808) 430-4230 ljrinouye@gmail.com   www.lorraineonline.com

I believe with my history in government service, known to have an open door, and a people person, is very important in how one deals with constituents as well as working cooperatively with colleagues.

I have been urged to return to the Senate by many voters in the district.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 04]

State Senator
District 05 - Wailuku, Waiheʻe, Kahului

Keith-Agaran, Gil S. Coloma (D) *
P.O. Box 857, Wailuku 96793. (808) 242-4049 gil@gilkeithagaran.org   www.GilKeithAgaran.Com

I’ve been honored to represent my central Maui communities in the State Senate for the last two years.

Growing up on Maui, I learned some simple values: hard work, education, and fair treatment. Community meant serving others and maintaining connections: being involved in our schools and churches, kids’ soccer and little league, the county fair. Basically, “You look out for others because they look out for you.”

I apply those values, along with my experience and knowledge as a practicing attorney and as a State and County administrator, when working on our housing, school or job challenges.

My family, like other immigrants, shared the simple dream of a better life, perhaps not for themselves, but certainly for their children and grandchildren. Whether we were born on Maui, or moved here, or moved back after seeing America, we all have more choices and opportunities today — thanks to the courage, dedication and sacrifice of prior generations. We now must take on the same responsibility and applying the same kind of work ethic and courage, move forward together in continually making Maui a better place to live, work, play, and raise our families. We owe it to our parents and our children to maintain a strong sense of community. We can start by valuing our children and neighbors’ children, taking interest in our schools, and getting to know the other families in our neighborhoods. And hopefully, we’ll look out for them because they look out for us.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 09. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012. Appointed to the Senate in January 2013.]

State Senator
District 06 - South and West Maui

Baker, Roz (D) *
P.O. Box 10394, Lahaina 96761. (808) 667-2225 roz@rozbaker.com   www.rozbaker.com

It’s been my honor and privilege to represent the people of South and West Maui in the State Senate for the past 12 years. As Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee Chair, I’ve spearheaded important laws to protect consumers including our kupuna, improve health care, preserve the environment and upgrade aging infrastructure.

I’ve helped pass landmark legislation to raise Hawaii’s minimum wage, provide marriage equality for all couples, and greater protection for victims of domestic violence. I also made sure construction of the new high school in Kihei stayed on track and that funding for improvements to our district schools was secured.

As a strong advocate for the rights of women, the underserved and working families, I continue to champion issues that affect quality of life including access to health care, quality public education and equity in the workplace. As a cancer survivor, I have been a longtime volunteer and past Chair of the Board of Directors, American Cancer Society- Hawai’i Pacific.

My top priorities for Maui include finding ways to grow our economy, as well as to encourage diverse and green businesses. Educating our students for 21st century careers, particularly in S.T.E.M. and the health care fields is also vital. These skill sets will be key to meeting Hawaii’s future needs and helping the next generation get quality, higher paying jobs. As always, I will continue to fight hard to protect our environment--from preserving West Maui’s Lipoa Point to preventing invasive species, protecting our reefs to promoting clean energy.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 06. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 12 - Waikiki, Ala Moana, Kaka‘ako, McCully, Mo‘ili‘ili

Galuteria, Brickwood M. (D) *
876 Curtis St. #2408, Honolulu 96813. (808) 864-8872 info@brickwood2014.com   www.brickwood2014.com

My name is Brickwood Galuteria and I am the current State Senator for Senate District 12. Since entering public service in 2008, I have advocated for balanced legislation that meets our community's diverse needs, including tough issues related to improving our economy, ensuring that Hawaii's unique culture continues at the forefront of decision-making, and supporting important civil rights issues. My ability to bring people to the table to work out difficult and complex issues was recognized by my colleagues when they chose me to serve as their Majority Leader for the past four years. Through it all I’ve developed a deep understanding of the legislative process and built important relationships with my colleagues. The voters of Senate District 12 deserve the continued level of leadership that my experience brings.

On a personal level, I was born and raised in the Kaka’ako and Kapahulu areas. The Galuteria family lived across from what is now the John A. Burns School of Medicine – an “urban plantation” at the time where, as a child, my friends and I would surf the waters off of Point Panic. I developed a deep appreciation for this area. I am married to my wife Abigail Lehua, and have three sons and two daughters as well as eight grandchildren. My family inspires my drive for public service.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 12. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 17 - Waipahu, Crestview, Manana, Pearl City, Pacific Palisades

Nishihara, Clarence (D) *
94-465 Loaa St., Waipahu 96797. (808) 671-1152 NishiharC003@hawaii.rr.com   clarencenishihara.com

I am running for re-election to the State Senate because I believe that having served for 10 years in my office, I have gained a measure of insight into the various challenges facing our state. We need to seek continued improvement in our education system, both at the DOE and university level. The areas of local agricultural sustainability, transportation systems both land and sea as well as our airlines, homelessness, and building affordable housing are just the more important issues I would want to address. I further believe that unless we can deliver on promises to improve the business climate, encourage and support entrepreneurs in the business, scientific and technology sectors, we will continue to be dependent on tourism and the military.

I am certain that our community and those that live and care for Hawaii want a better life for themselves and their children. Their sense that government doesn’t work with or for them is reflected in the low approval ratings of us as their elected leaders. I too want a government that is accountable, responsive, and trustworthy. As a legislator, I have always made a effort to seek my communities input. We need to work harder to deliver on their expectations. I have a saying, never over promise and under deliver. Growing up in upcountry Makawao, surrounded by hardworking farming families and ranchers, I was raised with the expectations of hard work, keeping ones work, humility, honesty and integrity. I live by those values today.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 17. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 18 - Mililani Town, portion of Waipi‘o Gentry, Waikele, Village Park, Royal Kunia

Kidani, Michelle (D) *
94-134 Keahilele St., Mililani 96789. (808) 754-4442 mnkidani@gmail.com   MichelleKidani.com

First elected in 2008, I now serve on five Senate committees and maintain an active role in Senate leadership as Assistant Majority Leader. My committees are: Vice-Chair of Education; Vice-Chair of Ways and Means; and a member of the committees on Hawaiian Affairs, Higher Education, and Human Services.

My colleagues have entrusted me with all state-funded construction for the Senate. Committed to education and with input from our educators, I have provided hundreds of millions of dollars for every school in my district for new buildings, library expansions, electrical upgrades as well as the University of Hawaii for repair and maintenance, the new UH West Oahu campus, LCC new teachers building and theatre renovations; and new College of Pharmacy at UH Hilo. Many more millions of dollars have been funded for highway projects in our District, including anti-graffiti paint on walls along Kamehameha Highway near Waipio and Waikele. The major repaving and highway safety improvement project finally broke ground at the end of June for a lengthy stretch of Kamehameha Highway between Ka Uka Boulevard in Waipio and Kuahelani Avenue in Mililani.

To assist and encourage farmers in our area, I appropriated funds to improve the Waiahole water system and to purchase lands as well as add infrastructure "to help our farmers with food safety and processing.

Mahalo and aloha for your continued support. It has been my honor to serve as your Senator and am very grateful for the trust you have bestowed upon me.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 18. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 21 - Kalaeloa, Honokai Hale, Ko ‘Olina, Nanakuli, Ma‘ili, Wai‘anae, Makaha, Makua

Shimabukuro, Maile S.L. (D) *
87-162 Liopolo St., Waianae 96792. (808) 349-3075 maileshimabukuro@yahoo.com   electmaile.com

I have the experience, energy, and passion for the job. My philosophy is that the best indicator of how government is performing is how we care for most vulnerable in our society. Each session I have passed legislation aimed at this group.

For example, this session I passed bills to help child sex abuse victims. One bill allows divorce judges to change the name of a child who has been abused, so that they no longer have to carry the perpetrator’s name. Another bill gives child sex abuse victims two more years to bring civil suits against their perpetrators, if the statute of limitations had previously expired.

I believe we need to bring down the cost of building homes. Around 2007 I worked with Sen. English on passing a bill to legalize indigenous architecture/natural building for residential structures. I plan to work with the counties to find model building codes to implement the legislation so that people can live in yurts, hale, earth bag, and other similar sustainable and cost efficient homes. I will also push to legalize “container” homes, which convert old Matson and other shipping containers into residential units.

I think we should also allow charter schools to be eligible for capital improvement project (CIP funding). There was a measure trying to do this in the past session, but unfortunately it failed. I think itʻs terrible that charter schools have to turn away students due to the lack of classroom space.

Finally, I introduced a bill this past session to preserve state taro lands. It was recommended by the Taro Purity and Security Task Force. Unfortunately, the bill died in conference committee at the very end of session. I will re-introduce this measure.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 21. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 23 - Kane‘ohe , Ka‘a‘awa, Hau‘ula, La‘ie, Kahuku, Waialua, Hale‘iwa, Wahiawa, Schofield Barracks, Kunia

Riviere, Gil (D)
65-137 Hukilau Lp., Waialua 96791. (808) 220-2280 Gil@GilRiviere.com   GilRiviere.com

Aloha. My name is Gil Riviere and I am the Democratic candidate for Senate District 23, the spectacular rural district that stretches from Heeia to Kaena Point, Schofield Barracks and Kunia Camp.

Our region is at a significant crossroad regarding the future of land use planning, protection of agricultural lands, local food production, renewable energy decisions, maintenance of our crumbling infrastructure and economic vitality that suits the needs of our residents. I remain passionate about protecting and enhancing the quality of life for residents of the North and Windward Shores of Oahu.

The respect and support I earned from other legislators in the House of Representatives allowed me to influence legislation that could have severely impacted our district. For example, I was instrumental in saving an important environmental review for land subdivision applications and I deflected legislation that could have resulted in the proliferation of illegal vacation rentals on Oahu’s agricultural lands.

Before serving in the House, I co-founded Keep the North Shore Country who, with Sierra Club, won the Supreme Court ruling that required Turtle Bay to perform a Supplemental EIS. This victory led to discussions that resulted in a conservation easement for 80 percent of the Turtle Bay lands, forever.

I will be a strong advocate for our district in the Senate because I have the experience, energy, creative solutions, willingness to listen and learn, tenacity, and positive relationships with decision makers to get things done. Vote Gil Riviere, Democrat, Senate District 23.


[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 47]

State Senator
District 24 - Kane‘ohe, Kane‘ohe MCAB, Kailua, He‘eia, ‘Ahuimanu

Tokuda, Jill N. (D) *
P.O. Box 6068, Kaneohe 96744. (808) 383-8690 info@jilltokuda.com   www.jilltokuda.com

Serving in the State Senate isn’t only about representing the interests of our families and businesses; it’s about representing Hawaii’s values…our values. Envisioning and creating the kind of future we want for our children. That means leading with integrity, and ensuring results on the issues and concerns that are most important to the people we serve. Focusing on priorities such as:

  • Forging stronger partnerships among Hawaii’s business, nonprofit and education leaders to create early-childhood, K-12 and postsecondary opportunities that prepare our students for today’s competitive global economy.
  • Improving public health and increasing access to care through innovative community-based solutions.
  • Creating a stronger economy by aligning our training efforts with workforce demands, and creating incentives for emerging and sustainable high-growth industries.
  • Strengthening our support for families—from Healthy Start and Early Intervention for our youngest of keiki, to affordable housing and Hula Mae homebuyer loans for young families, to long term care and senior living options for our kupuna.

I am also a proud public school graduate. As the Senate Education Chairperson, I have had the unique opportunity to live the policy decisions we make and interact with those directly affected as our youngest son is in preschool and our oldest son is now at the same public elementary school I attended.

For nearly a decade, I have worked to strengthen our communities, our families and our great state. With your continued support, let’s work to build a stronger Hawaii we can all be proud of.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 24. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative

State Representative
District 01 - Hamakua, North Hilo, South Hilo

Nakashima, Mark M. (D) *
P.O. Box 438, Honokaa 96727. (808) 775-9170 friendsofmarknakashima2014@hawaii.rr.com   marknakashima.blogspot.com

This past legislature adopted a balanced financial plan that eliminated a number of vacant positions and created greater transparency in the state accounting. We passed mandatory kindergarten for all children and provided for the expansion of early childhood education for hundreds of youngsters throughout the state. We also adopted an increase in the minimum wage for the first time since 2007 that will strengthen our economy.

I have served as a catalyst for energy self sufficiency by working with county, state and federal officials to secure a hydrogen economy here on Hawaii Island. Hydrogen is the only fuel that can be used for automobile and electrical generation for which we have an abundance of resource. Electrolyzing water using our abundance of natural resources such as solar, wind and ocean -- will allow Hawaii Island to become energy self-sufficient at a reasonable cost and break our dependence on imported foreign oil.

As Chair of the House Committee on Labor and Public Employment, I have for the first time secured state funds for the expansion of Workforce Development efforts that will allow us to address shortage areas in agriculture, health care and renewable energy by enhancing training, apprentice and internship opportunities from school to the workplace.

As I look forward, there are many things that we must still accomplish. The current student weighted formula provides equal funding to all of Hawaii's public schools, but it is far from equitable. The economies of scale put small rural schools at a severe disadvantage in the resources available to our students and a minimum staffing requirement for schools under 1,000 must be adopted to allow for adequate quality education.

The quality and consistency of state government services and programs must be increased, Programs to review these state functions must be implemented and efforts made to increase the carrying capacity of our workforce. Toward this end on-going inservice training is needed.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 01. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 03 - Hilo, Keaau, Kurtistown, Volcano

Onishi, Richard H. K. (D) *
2040 Ainaola Pl., Hilo 96720. (808) 987-8466 FriendsForRichardOnishi@gmail.com   FriendsForRichardOnishi.com

I am running for re-election to a second term because I believe that there is still more that I can do to fulfill the vision for our 3rd District communities that I pledged to support in my initial campaign in 2012. That vision was for our communities to be: Safe; Healthy; Economically viable; and Sustainable. I have worked hard to accomplish this vision through my record of legislation introduced, issues supported, and the securing of funds for projects within the 3rd District. However, there are still more issues to address and projects that require funding. I believe that I can make it happen as the 3rd District’s State Representative.

I am privileged to serve as the Vice-Chair for the Agriculture Committee, a position very important to our district and to our island. I also serve on the powerful Finance Committee, the committees on Economic Development & Business; Tourism; and Veterans, Military & International Affairs, and Culture & the Arts.

My experiences as the incumbent for this District have provided me with a diverse perspective on how to address issues, problems & concerns of our communities. Those experiences have allowed me the opportunity to understand and to be involved with the role and processes of the State Legislature. My record of accomplishments over the last two sessions is proof of my ability to work with others in the legislature and community to provide results in my District and in the State of Hawai`i. Please visit my web site for more information on my accomplishments: www.FriendsForRichardOnishi.com

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 03. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 04 - Puna

San Buenaventura, Joy A. (D)
Friends of Joy SanBuenaventura, PO Box 492593, Keaau 96749. (808) 965-8945 media@joy4puna.com   www.joy4puna.com

In my law practice of more than 30 years, working people have come to me with their problems and I have seen first-hand the effect the Great Recession has had on them. The middle class is shrinking and the poor are growing in numbers and desperation.

I have seen the hopelessness of people who were laid off assuming that this is just a temporary setback and they can get another job because they always did and finding out that there is no other job; or what jobs are there are temporary or part-time. I noticed previously when I campaigned for candidates: the promise of more jobs rings hollow with much of the public.

Hawaii's safety net is full of holes. It's been through practicing law that I've seen the limitations in state law for helping the working people. Too many workers who slip into poverty through debt cannot work themselves back out due to limitations in out-dated state laws. Currently, 75% of all civil court filings on the Big Island are foreclosures, with Puna having a large portion of those cases. Hawaii's laws do not adequately allow those in debt to have a fresh start. Most states provide a safety net in foreclosures for such other assets as inherited lands, vehicles, even basic household appliances. Not so in Hawaii.

Puna, the fastest growing district in the state, needs equal access in numerous vital communal areas. Approximately 20,000 Puna residents, including myself, commute to Hilo every workday. Subdivisions here were permitted to be developed with no infrastructure. Roads are so bad in some areas that emergency vehicles cannot not allow timely access to a fire or a life-threatening incident. Pahoa town has insufficient services to alleviate the needs of Puna residents from having to go to Hilo for medical, educational, and employment services. An alternate makai route that will bypass Kea'au is needed.

As a volunteer mediator, I also advocate a community ombudsman or mediation board to settle conflicts arising from Punans' diverse interests.

State Representative
District 05 - Naʻalehu, Ocean View, Capt. Cook, Kealakekua, Kailua-Kona

Creagan, Richard P. (D)
P.O. Box 189, Naalehu 96772. (808) 929-7606 creagan.district5@gmail.com   creagan.org

(From the candidateʻs website:)

It is my honor to serve as the new State Representative for District 5 (South Kailua-Kona to Naʻalehu). In January, after Rep. Denny Coffman resigned to care for a family member, the Governor appointed me to finish his term. When Denny’s House district expanded into Kaʻu, I enjoyed introducing him to the community. At the time he encouraged me to run for his position when he stepped down.

In 1966, I came to Hawaii to train as a healthcare worker before being sent to the Marshall Islands as part of the Peace Corps. After many years of practicing medicine on the mainland, I returned to Hawaii in 1991 to work as an emergency room doctor at Kona Hospital. My wife, Marilyn, is a nurse who also works there. We live and farm in the Kiolakaʻa area of Kaʻu.

As a doctor and a farmer, I have a particular interest in medical and agricultural issues. As a former teacher, I also have a strong interest in education and am very supportive of charter schools.

I am now running to be elected for another term and humbly ask for your support. I look forward to hearing from you as this will help me be a true Representative.

State Representative
District 06 - Kailua-Kona, Holualoa, Kalaoa, Honokohau

Lowen, Nicole (D) *
73-1117 Kuuleialoha Cir., Kailua-Kona 96740. (808) 937-8196 friendsofnicolelowen@gmail.com   www.nicolelowen.com

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your State Representative, and together over the past two years we have achieved some remarkable victories. As I seek my first re-election in 2014, I will continue working hard to face Hawaii's many challenges and build a better future for our community and for our next generation. I ask for your support in continuing to serve you and our community so that I can keep fighting to grow our new community college campus, to secure aid for coffee farmers, to make renewable energy affordable for everyone, and to build a new Kona Courthouse.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 06. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 08 - Kahakuloa, Waihee, Waiehu, Puuohala, Wailuku, Waikapu

Souki, Joe (D) *
P.O. Box 632, Wailuku 96793. (808) 283-8661 Joesouki@msn.com   JoeSouki.com

Why I should be reelected. First is experience, former Finance Chair, Speaker (2), Leadershiip, and Transportation Chair.

Progressive issues, supports choice for abortion, Voted for Gay marriage, against the three strikes legislation, (put felons away, after three felony convictions), 1st in the legislature to have women serving as Vice speaker, majority leader and floor leader.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 08. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 10 - West Maui, Maalaea, North Kihei

McKelvey, Angus L. (D) *
P.O. Box 847, Lahaina 96761. (808) 870-8644 mac4house@gmail.com   angusmckelvey.blogspot.com/

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 10. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 11 - Kihei, Wailea, Makena

Ing, Kaniela (D) *
P.O. Box 1881, Kihei 96753. (808) 276-2990 info@Kanielaing.com   kanielaing.com

(2012 statement:)

Aloha, my name is Kaniela Ing and I am offering to serve you as State House Representative in South Maui, and I am running to bring "a FRESH vision for Maui's future."

I was born and raised on Maui and come from four generations on this island. Throughout my life I have seen many changes: some positive progress, but also some opportunities slipping away for future generations. I believe that together we can nurture and even better Maui 20 and 50 years from now--where our keiki will be able to secure great jobs, own homes, and have the option to raise their families in the place they were brought up.

This will take long-term planning in government, which is the basis to my platform. I emphasize education, local jobs and business, and sustainable and renewable practices. I have the energy, experience, and positive relationships to get things done for South Maui, and to get Kihei High School built.

I look forward to meeting you as I continue knocking on every door in my district once again; just look for the red lei! More information on our "fresh vision for Maui's future" my background, and how to get involved may be found on my website.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 11. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 12 - Sprecklesville, Pukalani, Makawao, Kula, Keokea, Ulupalakua, Kahului

Yamashita, Kyle T. (D) *
P.O. Box 880989, Pukalani 96788. (808) 870-5874  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 12. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 14 - Hanalei, Princeville, Kilauea, Anahola, Kapaa, Wailua

Kawakami, Derek S.K. (D) *
5077 Kawaihau Rd., Kapaa 96746. (808) 639-3790 derek.kawakami@hawaiiantel.net   derekkawakami.com

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 14. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 15 - Wailua Homesteads, Hanamaulu, Lihue, Puhi, Old Koloa Town, Omao

Tokioka, James Kunane (D) *
2512 Kanio St., Lihue 96766. (808) 652-7272 jtokioka@hotmail.com  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 15. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 16 - Niʻihau, Lehua, Koloa, Waimea

Morikawa, Dee (D) *
P.O. Box 92, Lihue 96766. (808) 651-8855 dmorikawa@hawaiilink.net  

For the past 4 years, I have represented South/West Kauai and Niihau and I have treasured every moment. With almost 40 years of public service, my passion and expertise is about how I can best work toward a safe and healthy life for everyone.

My priorities are as follows:

  1. To preserve and increase both Health Care and Elderly Services. The protection of our Kupuna is a moral obligation that cannot go ignored.
  2. The protection and support of all forms of Agriculture is paramount to both food sustainability and the economic viability of our island communities.
  3. We must provide every child access to early education, not just to those that can afford it.

We have accomplished so much these past few years. The State is more fiscally sound and transparent. We are replenishing the Hurricane Relief Fund and beginning to address the State's huge unfunded liabilities in the Retirement System and Health Fund.

There will be many more issues and concerns to deal with, but that's the challenge I look forward to and I can assure you that I give you representation you can depend on.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 16. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 17 - Hawaii Kai, Kalama Valley

Ward, Gene (R) *
875 Puuomao St., Honolulu 96825. (808) 781-9931 REPWARD@cs.com   gene-ward.com

I love working for the people of Hawaii Kai and representing the people of Hawaii in our state legislature. I attribute my love for policymaking to my grass roots and community development experience while serving in the Peace Corps in Asia and the United Nations in Africa where I learned the human value and personal worth of every individual.

I have spent most of my life in public service trying to make a difference in various professional and upper management positions at the state, national and international level. For example, before being elected in 2006, I was the Peace Corps Country Director in East Timor where I headed a team of 46 American volunteers, 10 local staff and a $1 million budget. Prior to this I was appointed by the President of the United States as a Senior Democracy Officer in the US State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID) and wrote a book on campaign finance for new democracies.

Locally, Dr. George Kanahele and I founded the Hawaii Entrepreneurship Training and Development Institute (HETADI) and over two decades trained 3,000 persons to start their own business in Hawaii and overseas. With my wife Faredah, we learned first hand the challenges of small business in Hawaii as retailers for 15 years in Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and before entering politics.

In the interim I was able to earn a Ph.D. from UH-Manoa and wrote the first dissertation on Native Hawaiians in business and how they enter and succeed in business.

Now in the legislature and based upon these experiences, I stand up for a strong economy and the creation of new high paying jobs, (in aerospace and space tourism) placement of solar on every roof top (with no excuses from HECO), more affordable college educations, and making Hawaii the “Geneva of the Pacific”. For more legislative and community accomplishments see www.gene-ward.com. Mahalo and Aloha! Gene

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 17. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 18 - Hahaione, Kuliouou, Niu Valley, Aina Haina, Waialae, Kahala

Hashem, Mark Jun (D) *
P.O. Box 240965, Honolulu 96824. (808) 388-7693 mark.hashem@yahoo.com  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 18. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 19 - Waialae, Kahala, Diamond Head, Kaimuki, Kapahulu

Kobayashi, Bertrand (D) *
3325-C Maunaloa Ave, Honolulu 96816. (808) 732-2655 bkobay@gmail.com  

(2012 statement:)

Bert Kobayashi was a State Representative and State Senator for 16 years, 1978 to 1994. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 2-19-1985, said: "If there is a legislator with an incisive mind to get to the bottom of financial matters in state government, it's Sen. Bert Kobayashi." Midweek, 6-1-1994, said Bert is "one of its [Senate's] most thoughtful--and self-effacing--members....uniquely well-prepared." Bert's experience includes Ph.D. in political science, Michigan State University; state govt researcher; administrator of State of Hawaii community hospital system (12 hospitals, 3000+ employees), which he reorganized in 1996-97 into Hawaii Health Systems Corp., the most independent State agency to that date; legislative staffer for Sen. Brickwood Galuteria, Reps. Karl Rhoads and Kirk Caldwell, Councilmember Duke Bainum.

Bert's legislative accomplishments include authoring the first "living will" law, Nursing Homes Without Walls (community-based alternative to nursing home), first HIV confidentiality law, school community-based management (SCBM) law, supporter of Kapiolani Community College at Diamond Head from its initial planning in 1980 to last major CIP funding in 1993.

District issues of interest include health, especially elderly care, and education, the biggest State budget item. Solutions might include more community-based alternatives to nursing homes like Nursing Homes Without Walls; better education prioritization and more decentralization like at Waialae Elementary School, Hawaii’s first SCBM and first charter school.

State-wide issues include many big, long-term issues like watershed protection, directed growth of UH, huge unfunded liabilities for State pensions and health insurance, effectiveness and efficiency in government, self-sufficiency in energy and food, etc.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 19. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 20 - St. Louis Heights, Palolo, Maunalani Heights, Wilhelmina Rise, Kaimuki

Say, Calvin K.Y. (D) *
1812 Kalani St., Honolulu 96819. (808) 847-3926 kotakeshokai@aol.com  

Aloha, my name is Calvin K.Y. Say, State Representative for District 20. I grew up in Palolo Valley and attended Palolo Elementary School, Jarrett Intermediate School and then graduated from St. Louis High School. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. When not at the State Capitol, I work as the President of Kotake Shokai, Ltd., a small business that imports and wholesale products primarily from Asia.

I have found that residents are most concerned about the high cost of living. From utilities, food, housing, property taxes, water and sewer, medical bills and others all contributing to the high cost of living conditions. I share those concerns with all of you. I would work to improve the living conditions of our people by fighting to hold the price/cost at the present level. Let’s have a positive outlook for the economy so that businesses continue to invest in Hawaii, keeping their doors open, paying their employees decent wages and avoiding layoffs.

Community concerns are also a priority for me. From Housing to our Educational Schools, to Waahila Park and the University of Hawaii . These concerns will be addressed. Potholes to lamp post, traffic flow conditions, our city parks, no parking signs, bus services, moped noises, speeding on our streets, burglaries and robberies, these are concerns raised by the residents and we the elected officials at both the state and county level have tried to respond in positive approach to these concerns and issues

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 20. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 21 - Kapahulu, McCully, Moiliili

Nishimoto, Scott Y. (D) *
3111 Brokaw St., #301, Honolulu 96815. (808) 779-7845  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 21. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 22 - Waikiki, Ala Moana

Brower, Tom (D) *
469 Ena Rd., #2701, Honolulu 96815. (808) 398-5653  

Aloha! My name is Tom Brower and I represent House District 22. Since 2010, I have chaired the Tourism committee, working with the visitor industry to stimulate tourism while protecting area residents' quality of life.

I have been a Waikiki resident for over 30 years. I was born at Kapiolani Medical Center to a Japanese mother and German-Irish father, who instilled in me the value of hard work and community service. After graduating from UH Manoa, I worked in broadcasting, non-profit, and city and state government— diverse experiences that shaped the practical, creative problem-solving skills I utilize as a legislator.

My spirituality helps me be humble, open-minded and to rise above political pettiness to better work with Democrats and Republicans on statewide concerns.

I care about the cleanliness and vitality of our neighborhoods, living within our means, living green and quality of life issues for condominium residents, especially our seniors. Homelessness is the top public health and safety concern in my district. I would like to see realistic solutions for homelessness that include both compassionate and tough love strategies working together— such as affordable housing, Housing First, safe zones (campsites) and vagrancy laws.

Public service has been both challenging and rewarding for me. I have really appreciated the opportunities to grow as a person and a legislator, and to build on this growth to better serve the residents and visitors in our community.

I look forward to our productive future together. Mahalo for reading.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 22. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 24 - Makiki, Tantalus, Papakolea, McCully, Pawaa, Manoa

Belatti, Della Au (D) *
P.O. Box 900, Honolulu 96808. (808) 393-0594  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 24. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 25 - Makiki, Punchbowl, Nuuanu, Dowsett Highlands, Pacific Heights, Pauoa

Luke, Sylvia (D) *
P.O. Box 2804, Honolulu 96803. (808) 927-2835 repluke00@gmail.com  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 25. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 26 - McCully, Kaheka, Kakaako, Downtown

Saiki, Scott K. (D) *
P.O. Box 12022, Honolulu 96828. (808) 944-2719 scottsaiki@gmail.com  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 26. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 27 - Nuuanu, Liliha, Puunui, Alewa Heights

Ohno, Takashi (D) *
2620 Waolani Ave., Honolulu 96817. (808) 631-7579 takashi@takashiohno.com   takashiohno.com

(2012 statement:)

Aloha, I’m Takashi Ohno. I’m a public school teacher running to be the Liliha/Alewa/Nuuanu representative. Just like my parents taught me, I teach my students the importance of hard work, respect and responsibility. These are the same values I’ll take with me to the Capitol.

My wife, Lilly, and I are looking to the future, and we want to create a state where all our children receive a quality education, our elders are respected, and our families are safe. I’m running for the State House of Representatives in the 2012 elections, and I hope I can earn your vote.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 27. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 28 - Kalihi Valley, Kamehameha Heights, portion of Lower Kalihi

Mizuno, John M. (D) *
P.O. Box 215, Honolulu 96810. (808) 741-4503 xterra_ko2002@yahoo.com  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 28. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 31 - Moanalua, Red Hill, Foster Village, Aiea, Fort Shafter, Moanalua Gardens, Aliamanu, Lower Pearlridge

Johanson, Aaron Ling (R) *
Friends of Aaron Johanson, P.O. Box 30388, Honolulu 96820. (808) 398-4671 elect.aaron@gmail.com   www.votejohanson.com

It has been a special privilege to serve as my district’s two-term State Representative, Vice Chairman of the House Finance Committee, and House Minority Leader. I am a son of our community and a graduate of the Moanalua public schools and Yale University, with management experiences in the federal and state government, including as a Division Director in the White House and Deputy Chief of Staff of the U.S. Mint. All too often, the legislative branch lacks actual experience managing and implementing the many policies that it enacts. Capitalizing on my leadership experiences in the executive branch, I have contributed an implementation-oriented perspective and direct experience to our public policy dialogue and the crafting of legislation. I humbly ask for your continued support and the opportunity to continue to represent my constituents in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 31. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 32 - Moanalua, Salt Lake, Aliamanu

Ichiyama, Linda E. (D) *
P.O. Box 1707, Aiea 96701. (808) 392-4547 lindaichiyama@gmail.com   www.lindaichiyama.com

(2012 statement:)

Aloha! My name is Linda Ichiyama and I am running for reelection to the State House of Representatives District 32 (Moanalua, Salt Lake, Aliamanu). I was born and raised in Salt Lake and I am a proud graduate of Moanalua High School. It has been a privilege to serve you and your family in the State House for the past two years and I humbly ask for your continued support in the upcoming election. Thank you very much!

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 32. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 33 - Aiea

Kong, Sam (D)
98-818 F Kaonohi St., Aiea 96701. (808) 699-0222 samkong@hawaii.rr.com  

(2012 statement:)


Simply put, Kodomo No Tame Ni (For the sake of the children)
Lower our cost of living
Hold onto Family Values
Limited Government / Term Limits

This is what I believe in and what I will fight for, and our children are worth fighting for.

Thank you and God Bless,

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 33. Won Primary.]

State Representative
District 34 - Pearl City, Waimalu, Pacific Palisades

Takayama, Gregg (D) *
1639 Hoolana St., Pearl City 96782. (808) 456-7151 greggtakayama@hawaii.rr.com   www.greggtakayama.com

Two years ago I humbly asked Pearl City voters for the opportunity to serve. I promised to be your advocate, and I want to report on what I’ve done during my first term so you can judge my record.

In 2012, I promised to renew discussion of long-term care programs and possible funding sources, and seek more aging-in-place services and elder care facilities.

  • We approved $750,000 for a soon-to-be-completed study of a possible state-sponsored long-term care program.
  • In each of the past two years, we provided $9 million (twice the amount suggested by the Governor) for the Kupuna Care program, which helps disabled seniors age-in-place at home with the help of food assistance, transportation, and caregiver respite services.
  • The Governor signed into law Act 153, a measure I introduced to appoint a coordinator to help prevent serious falls by seniors – a leading cause of accidental death.

In 2012, I said we need to ensure public safety.

  • I helped obtain $5 million to begin planning of a new Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) to more securely and efficiently house inmates and provide treatment.
  • We enacted a mandatory term of at least one year in jail for those convicted of repeat property crimes.

These are some of my achievements in my first two years in office. More information is on my website.

I hope I’ve earned your trust and confidence in my abilities to continue to serve as your representative.

Endorsed by: HGEA, UPW, ILWU, AFL-CIO, UHPA, Ironworkers

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 34. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 35 - Pearl City, Manana, Waipio

Takumi, Roy M. (D) *
P.O. BOX 1649, Pearl City 96782. (808) 597-1441 reptakumi@hotmail.com  

AIl of us share a responsibility to leave Hawaii a better place. The true measure of our success is the hope we nurture in our children, as well as a place where such hope can become a reality.

I am committed to public service, passionate about public policy, and dedicated to the community. More importantly, anyone can have ideas; it’s about getting results such as lowering the cost of prescription drugs and expanding early childhood opportunities.

We must rely upon our strengths: our location: our people and our unique culture.

We must nurture and encourage emerging industries which is a legitimate role for government to pursue.

We must continue to market Hawaii with products like coffee, flowers, fruits, etc.

Most importantly, a strong economy can only be fully realized by having a high quality public education system.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 35. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 36 - Mililani Mauka, Mililani

Fukumoto, Beth (R) *
P.O. Box 894209, Mililani 96789. (808) 286-2810 beth@bethfukumoto.com   www.bethfukumoto.com

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 36. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 37 - Mililani, Waipio Gentry, Waikele

Yamane, Ryan I. (D) *
94-1466 Okupu St., Waipahu 96797. (808) 551-2093 friendsyamane@hawaii.rr.com  

(2012 statement:)

My name is Ryan Yamane and I am the current State Representative for House District 37, which serves Mililani, Waikele and Waipio Gentry.

Along with my wife, Jennifer, we were born and raised in Hawaii. We have two boys, Daniel (8) and Gavan (4). Like many of you, I want to continue to make our community a safe place to enjoy our quality of life, raise our families, work, and play. My philosophy is built on openness, involvement, hard work and integrity.

As a licensed social worker, I have interacted with families throughout our State, discussing concerns and problems that affect their every day lives. I am committed to protecting the best interests of our families, children, and community by utilizing my experience as a social worker, educator and legislator.

Currently, I am a lecturer with Honolulu Community College and Hawaii Pacific University, and an on-call medical social worker at Queen’s Medical Center. I volunteer in disaster preparedness with the Red Cross and Medical Reserve Corp and have work directly with our military to support our service women and service men and their families.

Some of my top priorities are to improve our State’s economy, increase job growth, and reduce duplicative governmental spending. I am proud of our community for working together showing that we can bounce back quickly from various natural and economic obstacles.

I humbly ask for your vote to serve as your House of Representatives for District 37.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 37. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 40 - Ewa, Ewa Beach, Ewa Gentry, Iroquois Point

McDermott, Bob (R) *
91-982 Ololani St. ., Ewa Beach 96706. (808) 371-4605   www.votemcdermott.com/

(from the candidateʻs website:)

Bob McDermott was a Marine Officer who served in Gulf War 1, has been married for 25 years and is the father of eight children. He holds an MBA degree from Chaminade University and is currently an executive in Honolulu for a non-profit organization.

Bob has served 3 terms in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.

Bob is a devoted family man and active member of his church. He has served our community in many ways and would be honored to represent the Ewa Beach community in the State Legislature.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 40. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 41 - Ewa Villages, Ewa Beach, Ewa Gentry, Ocean Pointe, West Loch

LoPresti, Matt (D)
91-1411 Keoneula Blvd. 2106, Ewa Beach 96706. (808) 489-0487 matt_lopresti@yahoo.com   www.Matt4Ewa.com

Campaign Statement:

What makes me qualified to be your Representative in the State House?

Honesty and Integrity. I pledge to work harder, smarter, and more ethically for our families, schools, kupuna, and keiki. Your priories are my priorities, because the job is to represent you. It's time we had a representative who knows that true leadership means putting other peoples needs before their own.

My platform covers five of the most important and long-standing issues facing the people of ‘Ewa and ‘Ewa Beach:

  1. Securing Quality Education and resources (like A/C and a second High School) for our keiki.
  2. Addressing Traffic as the number one quality of life issue.
  3. Ensuring that Quality Jobs & Affordable Housing are available for our working families.
  4. Supporting our kupuna with appropriate healthcare services and the ability to age in place.
  5. Protecting and preserving Hawaii’s natural beauty and resources for future generations

I am deeply honored by the growing variety and depth of endorsements from teachers, law enforcement, labor, government workers, business leaders, and social and environmental justice organizations. (See the full list of endorsements and a more detailed platform statement at Matt4Ewa.com). The message is clear from the working families and community leaders that make up these organizations: ‘Ewa desperately needs a change in leadership.

I am honored to have their support and I humbly ask for yours as well. All the endorsements in the world don’t mean a thing without your vote.

Vote for a better tomorrow. Vote LoPresti on Aug. 9th.

View a 60 second video about Matt and the issues at Matt4Ewa.com

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 41]

State Representative
District 42 - Kapolei, Makakilo

Har, Sharon E. (D) *
Box 101, 590 Farrington Hwy., #210, Kapolei 96707. (808) 258-0313 sharon@rephar.com   www.rephar.com

(from candidate's website statement:)

As a 17-year resident of Kapolei, I have a vested interest in fulfilling the vision created for our community to be the next great city - - a safe place where we can live, work, play, and raise our families. We are the fastest growing district in the State of Hawaii. While our community has grown and flourished, we have witnessed the downside to such rapid growth including traffic, crime, overcrowded schools, lack of infrastructure and economic growth which have undoubtedly impacted our quality of life here in West Oahu. I know the challenges we face and have worked deliberately and thoughtfully to resolve these issues.

My number one priority upon being elected in 2006 was the construction of the University of Hawaii @ West Oahu (UHWO), which government had promised our community since the 1960's. As a member of the Finance Committee, I fought for and secured $190 million for the construction of the campus and six years later, the doors opened on August 20, 2012. Since the time I took office, I have helped secure more than $787 million in infrastructure funds including funds for new roads and schools...

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 42. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 43 - Ewa Villages, Kalaeloa, Honokai Hale, Nanakai Gardens, Ko Olina, Kahe Point, Nanakuli, Lualualei, Maili

Tupola, Andria (R)
4355 Lawehana Street, Honolulu 96818. (808) 343-5457 andriatupola@gmail.com   www.andriatupola.com

Andria Tupola was born and raised on O’ahu to the ‘Ohana Uale. She is Samoan, Hawaiian, Portuguese, German, English. She is a Kamehameha Schools honors graduate and holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Education. She served a Christian mission to Venezuela, owns a non-profit that donates musical instruments to Pacific Island schools, volunteers for numerous West O’ahu community groups, and is a student at UH Manoa in the doctoral program. She is currently teaching voice and choir and Leeward Community College. She is married to Tavo Tupola and a mother of two girls ages 5 & 6. Andria brings new perspective to Hawaii government through her background as a community volunteer, an educator, a musician, and a mom. She plans on finding ways to collaborate with existing community groups that are currently and effectively solving many community issues from an internal perspective. She plans on giving the community back its voice, directing funds to effective community groups, and helping to downsize the government regulation in unnecessary aspects of community life. After meeting her, community members who have NEVER voted are now registering. Churches are joining in! Youth and children are joining in the cause! She is giving people hope that there CAN be leaders in government who are honest and live with integrity. She has been rated by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser as the GOP’s best young prospect!

State Representative
District 44 - Waianae, Makaha, Makua, Maili

Jordan, Jo (D) *
P.O. Box 1398, Waianae 96792. friendsofjojordan@gmail.com  

Aloha. My name is Jo Jordan and I currently serve as the Representative of House District 44, encompassing Waianae, Makaha, Makua, and Maili. I have deep roots in the community as a resident of the Waianae Coast community for over 40 years, graduate of Waianae Intermediate & High Schools, and small business owner in Waianae for over 35 years. Dedicated to public service, my involvement began with participation in beach clean ups to engaging in neighborhood security watch programs and community policing aimed at a safer community. This service grew to working on several committees, advisory boards, non-profit groups, and public office. I’m passionate about serving my community and the State and I’m committed to work hard to improve our quality of life in Hawaii as evidenced by the over $17 million secured for repair and improvements for Waianae schools. I’m also proactive in working with community groups and government officials to address flood mitigation concerns and obtained over $5 million in state funds for flood mitigation projects. Highway safety and alleviating traffic congestion is another of my priority areas and a bill I introduced was enacted into law requiring the DOT to conduct a feasibility study on the zipper lane westward. I also serve as an alternate House appointee to the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness created to identify critical strategic goals and initiatives to mitigate homelessness. The Waianae Coast community has raised, taught and shaped who I am as a person and I humbly ask for your support.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 44. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 45 - Schofield, Mokuleia, Waialua, Kunia, Waipio Acres, Mililani

Matsumoto, Lauren Kealohilani (R) *
P.O. Box 893585, Mililani 96789. (808) 358-7816   www.laurenforhawaii.com/

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 45. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 47 - Waialua, Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kahuku, Laie, Hauula, Waiahole, Waikane, Sunset Beach, Punaluu, Kaaawa

Pouha, Nafetalai N.F. (R)
P.O. Box 696, Kahuku 96731. (808) 779-7509 teamfeki@gmail.com   www.teamfeki.com

(from the candidate's website:)

Feki's VISION for Our Community includes:

  1. A Restoration of FAITH in Government through better accountability and community input;
  2. A Nurturing of Common Hawai'i FAMILY Values, Aims and Interests to become appropriately represented and;
  3. A Wise Preparation for the FUTURE of our Community's Interests in areas including Skills Training, Effective Education, Gainful Employment, Kupuna Care, Healthy Living, Recovering Drug Addiction, Domestic Violence, Assisting the Houseless, Responsible Development, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Practices and Enhancing Government Efficiency and Effectiveness.

    Some Projects & Initiatives that need input and attention include:

    • Facility Improvements to Kahuku High School
    • Pool or Splash Pad at Kahuku District Park
    • Forming more local "Boards of Education" to advise the State better.
    • Responsible Renewable Energy Placement and Integration.
    • Restoring Kahuku District Park Field Lights with sustainable maintenance plan.
    • A new Civic Center in Hau'ula
    • Support of IHS's initiatives to support our House-less population.
    • Periodic Kupuna Conferences.
    • Coastal Erosion
    • Traffic Management

State Representative
District 48 - Kaneohe, Heeia, Ahuimanu, Kahaluu, Haiku Valley, Mokuoloe

Keohokalole, Jarrett K. (D)
P.O. Box 6603, Kaneohe 96744. teamkeohokalole@gmail.com   www.jarrettkeohokalole.com

My name is Jarrett Keohokalole, and I am a candidate for State House District 48, which includes Kāne‘ohe, He‘eia, Kahalu‘u, Waihe‘e, Ka‘alaea, and Waiāhole. My ‘ohana has lived in this community for seven generations. My wife Ku‘ulani and I were born and raised in Kāne‘ohe and are fortunate to now raise our two young children here.

I’ve seen the district change over the years. Families like ours, living in our community, face tough challenges. There are homes being built that we can’t afford, and jobs that our youth aren’t prepared for. We could do so much more to equip our keiki with the skills necessary to give them solid access to a living wage so they can stay and raise their families here, close to home.

I’m running for office because we need a leader who understands our community’s needs and will work hard to:

  • Invest in our children’s future by improving education
  • Strengthen the stewardship of our 'āina
  • Support growing Hawai‘i’s economy for the jobs of tomorrow; and
  • Ensure that working families can afford to stay close to home.

I look forward to working together to improve our community and to represent your voice. I humbly ask for your help and support.

State Representative
District 50 - Kailua, Kaneohe Bay

Thielen, Cynthia (R) *
Friends of Cynthia Thielen, P.O. Box 996, Kailua 96734. (808) 261-5608 cthielen@aloha.net   www.votecynthiathielen.com

I am running for re-election to the State House of Representatives (Kailua/Kaneohe Bay). With years of Legislative experience, I have promoted clean, renewable energy to power our homes, schools and businesses. Instead of sending $7 Billion out of state to foreign countries to buy imported fossil fuel, we must tap Hawaii’s natural resources, particularly the powerful ocean currents surrounding each island. In conjunction with my work, Marine Corps Base Hawaii is deploying a Wave Energy Converter this summer, which will deliver power to the grid. These types of renewable energy projects provide good paying jobs for our young graduates, enabling them to stay and work in Hawaii.

To address the homeless crisis, I support the Housing First model. Multiple studies in different regions have shown that moving people into permanent housing with support services attached is the most effective way to get people off the streets and help them towards self-sufficiency.

With the abysmally low percentage of voters, I support better ideas to engage the public. First, there must be aggressive campaign spending reform, making public the names of donors to the Super PACS. As shown in the recent Mayoral race, big money buys elections. We could counter that by requiring better disclosure.

Act 56, which I shepherded through the Legislature, will start industrial hemp research and ultimately widespread production on agricultural lands. Hemp-lime composite, used in construction, is termite-proof. We will protect Ag lands and grow our housing material.

I sincerely ask for your support.

Aloha, Cynthia Thielen

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 50. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 51 - Kailua, Waimanalo

Lee, Chris (D) *
111 Hekili St. , Box 392, Kailua 96734. (808) 261-3088 ChrisKCLee@gmail.com  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 51. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Honolulu Council

Honolulu Council
District 04 - Hawaii Kai, Kuliouou, Niu Valley, Aina Haina, Wailupe, Waialae-Iki, Kalani Valley, Kahala, Wilhemina Rise, Kaimuki, portions of Kapahulu, Diamond Head, Black Point, Waikiki, and Ala Moana Beach Park

Ozawa, Trevor R. (NS)
P.O. Box 3793, Honolulu 96812. (808) 358-7858 trevor@trevorozawa.com   www.trevorozawa.com

Having been born and raised in this district, Hawaii Kai has been my home for over 31 years and it is where my wife, Nietzsche, and I have decided to raise our family. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, next month.

My roots are deeply seeded in this district, and this community deserves a thoughtful and passionate leader who knows firsthand the issues we’ve faced over the years.

I will be an advocate for continued investments in our basic infrastructure needs (e.g. repaving roads and sidewalks), increasing government accountability and fiscal responsibility, and supporting opportunities to spur and diversify our economy. I will support innovative approaches to governance that allows for thriving communities and a robust economy, yet preserves and protects our unique island home.

I began walking the district in January and have knocked on over 10,000 doors. Through this experience, it has become clear that this election is about the future: the commitment to ensuring that our best and our brightest find the opportunities they deserve right here in Hawaii and are subsequently able to reinvest their skills and talents in this place we all call "home," and the expectation that government not be an obstacle to this and other opportunities.

Honolulu Council
District 06 - Portions of Makiki, Downtown Honolulu, Punchbowl, Pauoa Valley, Nuuanu, Alewa Heights, Papakolea, Fort Shafter, Moanalua, Halawa, Aiea, Kalihi Valley, and portions of Liliha and Kalihi

Fukunaga, Carol (NS) *
P.O. Box 61503, Honolulu 96839. (808) 478-2778 carolf@lava.net   www.carolfukunaga.com

While best known as a legislative leader in technology innovation, I have devoted more than 25 years in elected office to solving problems for the people of my district and the state on many fronts, including the areas of economic development, transportation, the environment, land use and human services. Through this work, I’ve learned that collaboration between state, county and federal partners can be a powerful approach to problem solving, especially when the private and non-profit sectors are engaged as well.

I'm running because the office of City Councilmember enables me to help bring about positive change for my island home and the people who make up our unique multi-cultural society. We are at a tipping point and face many challenges as we work to build the Honolulu of tomorrow. These challenges include the need for affordable housing, keeping our air, water and environment clean and healthy, and strengthening our economy, so that our children and grandchildren can have decent jobs and enjoy the same quality of life we did.

My main areas of interest lie in rebuilding communities, using all the tools at our disposal, including the latest technology, to realize a shared vision of sustainable, liveable communities, where families and neighbors can safely enjoy healthy lifestyles and the natural beauty of our island.

How do we get there? With projects like "Complete Streets" pedestrian-safe and bicycle-friendly initiatives, lots of community input about transit-oriented neighborhoods that can serve as the heart of our community, and provide us a vibrant urban environment that will endure.

[2012: candidate for Honolulu Council, Dist. 06. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Mayor

Arakawa, Alan M. (NS) *
Friends of Alan Arakawa, P.O. Box 1222, Wailuku 96793. (808) 868-4616 info@arakawa2014.com   arakawa2014.nationbuilder.com/

It has been a great honor to serve as Maui County mayor again these last three and a half years, and I humbly ask for your support for reelection.

We have accomplished so much while in office: rebuilt and improved our aging roads; preserved more coastline for future generations; installed more clean energy technology at public facilities; brought back the family-friendly events that benefit our small towns; expanded our Maui Bus public transportation system for working-class residents and seniors and made our permitting process more efficient for our businesses.

Looking towards the future, we still have much more to do for the people of this community. We are in the process of implementing a waste conversion center at our Central Maui Landfill that will reduce the amount of refuse into our landfill and increase how much material we recycle. We are building a bigger, better and more secure Molokai Police Station. We are supporting affordable housing projects in West and Upcountry Maui and are working with Larry Ellision to build more homes on Lanai. Our parks personnel are giving our park bathrooms a facelift so they are cleaner and safer for all park users. We have purchased the property to build Central Maui Regional Park so that one day families will have more than 200 acres to enjoy for sports, recreation and relaxation.

Maui County is such a special place, full of natural beauty and good people. We must continue to plan for the future, to make this the best community in the world for our children and theirs and for generations to come. Mahalo for all your support.

Maui Council

Maui Council
East Maui

Carroll, Robert (NS) *
P.O. Box 157, Hana 96713. (808) 248-8269 hana@hawaiiantel.net  

Aloha, my name is Bob Carroll and I currently hold the East Maui Council seat. My vision for the future of our island home is to strike a balance between economic growth, so that our children will have career opportunities and preserving our natural environment. I cannot emphasis how important it is to foster public participation in creating good government, and I am always amazed at how innovative the electorate can be when looking for solutions to our complex concerns. My main interest in Maui County has been in chairing our council’s Land Use Committee.

Over the years our committee has generated hundreds of affordable housing units while initiating real business potential through responsible property development. Throughout my forty years of public service, both as an public advocate and elected official, I have concentrated on improving public education policy, ensuring that government funding are utilized efficiently and fairly, I am espeacially proud of contributing to the state’s Juvenille Justice program to help troubled youth turn their lives around and realize the positive impact they can exercise in today’s sometimes rushed society.

We have all seen dramatic change in our island home, some good and others more questionable, however when we work together to reach a common goal, there is very little that we cannot accomplish and it is my priority to practice this philosophy in making Hawaii a better place for all who cherish these precious islands. On a personal note I have been married for 48 years, have a son and daughter, 5 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, and have been a Hana resident since 1959.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, East Maui. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council
West Maui

Cochran, Elle (NS) *
10 Halawai Dr., #1, Lahaina 96761. (808) 281-7709 ellecochran@gmail.com   electelle.com

Aloha, thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am your current West Maui district representative on the Council; elected in 2010, 2012 and up for re-election this August.

During my four years on Council I served as the Chair of the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee; working to meet our aging infrastructure needs. This coming term, I plan to hone in on policy- supporting complete streets design standards that are community-minded, pedestrian-friendly and supportive of inter-connectivity. Bike paths, sidewalks and beautification will create incentive for pedestrian mobility, taking vehicles off of the road and decreasing our reliability on fuel.

I am a lifelong resident of Lāhainā; married to Wayne Cochran, small business owner of Lāhainā’s oldest surf shop, Maui Surfboards. I am an avid surfer and ocean enthusiast – It was my love for the kai and the ‘āina that drove me to learn about the political process and get involved.

As the founder of the Save Honolua Coalition, a founding member of Faith Action for Community Equity Maui (FACE), and past President of Maui Unite!, I understand the importance of educating, mobilizing, and listening to the community to create the most favorable outcome for you – the residents of Maui County.

Additional issues I hope to address this term include:

Public Health & Safety, Job diversification, smart growth development, food security, affordable housing in perpetuity, phasing out the use of injection wells, recycling program expansion, recycled water for agricultural use, improved inspection & enforcement for land development protocol.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, West Maui. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Victorino, Michael P. (NS) *
P.O. Box 3085, Wailuku 96793. (808) 281-9053 mikevictorino808@gmail.com   mikevictorino.com

I have had the privilege of serving the citizens of Maui County for the past four terms. I was first elected in the 2006 General Election and have been honored to be re-elected by the people of Maui County in the 2008, 2010 and 2012 elections. I was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, however my mother’s roots are from the Cambra family in Haliimaile,Maui. I made the move to Maui County where I met my lovely wife Joycelyn. We have been blessed with two wonderful sons, Mikey and Shane and we enjoy five amazing grandchildren.I am an Insurance Consultant by profession.

My campaign theme is “ Working for you and your family! “ because families are important to me. As the Chair of the Water Resources Committee, Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee, I support programs and projects that create affordable housing, services for our youth and housing, transportation and leisure services for our kupuna. I serve as a Board member of the Homeless Shelter and have worked very hard to provide funding for services that help families at risk of homelessness and child abuse and neglect need. In addition to my County responsibilities, I am the Treasurer for HSAC, on the Membership Committee and Rural Caucus of NACO and board member of the American Water Works Association. I am seeking re-election to my fifth and final term on the Maui County Council. If elected, I will continue my work on the Water Resource Committee to assure that Maui County’s water needs are met as well as affordable housing projects that rely on the availabilty of County water resources.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Guzman, Don S. (NS) *
P.O. Box 2597, Wailuku 96793. (808) 757-2561   donguzmanmaui.com/site/

(from the candidateʻs website:)

I humbly and respectfully request your support in this race. For this election, I come to you as the incumbent. My first year in office has been a marathon race, with such responsibilities as Chairing the Council’s Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture, and Recreation Committee, Actively Vice-Chairing the Land Use Committee and as a voting member of the Council’s six other Committees – Planning; Land Use; Budget & Finance; Housing & Transportation; Policy & Intergovernmental Affairs; and Water Resources. My involvement with these committees has given me the privilege of influencing the outcome of some of the more difficult issues that came before last year’s Council.

Exposure to, and participation in, the vast range of topics in front of the Council has provided me with the opportunity to increase my knowledge of critical issues facing our community and County systems and processes. It has also given me the opportunity to foster collaboration between all levels of government, community sectors, and our general citizenry, and I have taken full advantage of these opportunities.

Year two of my first term is already in motion, and my team and I are working at full throttle to introduce fresh proposals and legislation. Some of these proposals address issues that have been lingering before the Council for decades, and with your support I will be able to see this work through to completion.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Kahului. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council
South Maui

Couch, Don (NS) *
P.O. Box 1212, Kihei 96753. (808) 283-3605 don@doncouch.com   www.doncouch.com

Aloha. Why I am running for public office again? It’s simple. I want to continue to serve my community. I made Maui my home 23 years ago, and ultimately wanted an active part in moving Maui forward. I thank the voters who gave me the opportunity in the 2010 election, and again in 2012 with my re-election as South Maui’s County Councilmember.

The office has allowed me to help make Maui a better place to live, but there are significant deficiencies that we must continue to address - providing affordable housing for those who need it; supplying enough water so that housing can actually be built; creating a vibrant and sustainable economy; all while being mindful of protecting our environment.

Serving on the County Council is a privilege – and it’s tough. It is not about one issue or one special group. It’s about real needs and concerns that are as diverse as the people that make up our great communities. And that’s the trickiest part for an elected official: finding the balance. You are often dealing with issues whose supporters are passionate about their viewpoint. In these sometimes volatile situations you want leaders with clear heads, who listen to all sides, seek realistic and fair solutions, work truly for the best of the broader community, and are capable of making the tough decisions. That’s my mission.

I strive to provide the County, and South Maui, my district and my home, with the representation it deserves.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, South Maui. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

White, Mike (NS) *
1135 Olinda Rd., Makawao 96768. (808) 281-4905 mike@mikewhiteforcouncil.com   mikewhiteforcouncil.com

(from the candidateʻs website:)

My name is Councilmember Mike White and I am running for reelection to the Makawao, Ha‘ikū, and Pā‘ia residency seat on the Maui County Council.

In a relatively short time since being elected, I feel the Council has made tremendous progress and I’m optimistic about our County’s future.

There is much to be done for the residents of Maui County, especially in our district. I hope to continue working with our community to move key projects forward, such as the improvement of Ho‘okipa Beach Park, the construction of restrooms in Pā‘ia and Makawao Town and the expansion of the 4th Marine Park in Ha‘ikū. It has been both fun and rewarding serving you and I am eager to continue the work we have started.

I am pro-business, pro-environment and fully dedicated to the preservation of our host culture. I support balanced growth that provides for the preservation of open spaces and the protection of Maui County’s natural beauty.

I promise to keep making decisions that will help run our government more like a business and bring more aloha, respect and kindness to government.

I humbly ask for your vote, as it is only through your support that we can move Maui County forward.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Makawao-Haiku-Paia. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Baisa, Gladys Coelho (NS) *
P.O. Box 880339, Pukalani 96788. (808) 572-6608 baisag@hotmail.com   gladysbaisa.com

Running for my fifth term for the Upcountry seat on the Maui County Council. I currently serve as Chair of the Maui County Council and have the experience and ability. I have served as chair of the Planning, Land Use and General Plan Committees and on every other Council Committee over the past 8 years. I was previously CEO of Maui Economic Opportunity.

When I became Chair, one of my goals was to increase public awareness and transparency of Council activities. I hired Council’s first Communications Director. She assures that agendas and items of interest are published in print and digital media in a timely manner. I encourage public testimony and insist on decorum and respect for everyone who participates.

I am not a one issue candidate. I am well aware of the needs of Maui County and interested in finding ways to address them. I am willing to try new ideas and open to learning. I understand and accept that our county has changed, but cling staunchly to the spirit of aloha and doing no harm.

I humbly ask you to reelect me and thankful for past support. Although I am running for the Upcountry seat, and my name will not be on the Primary Election ballot, everyone in Maui County will be able to vote for me in the General Election. Mahalo.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Upcountry. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Hokama, G. Riki (NS)
P.O. Box 631258, Lanai City 96763. (808) 344-0277  

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Lānaʻi. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Crivello, Stacy Helm (NS) *
P.O. Box 1097, Kaunakakai 96748. 808) 658-0346 stacy.c63@gmail.com   www.stacyhelmcrivello.com/

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Molokaʻi. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Hawaiʻi County Council

Hawaiʻi County Council
District 05 - Portion of Puna (Western)

Paleka Jr., Daniel Kapoʻo (NS)
P.O. Box 1287, Kurtistown 96760. (808) 989-1281 danpaleka@gmail.com   sites.google.com/site/danielkpalekajr

Aloha, my name is Daniel Kapo'o Paleka Jr., a small business owner and also an employee of the University of Hawaii (Hawaii Community College). I was very fortunate to be born and raised in Hawaii, attended Kamehameha Schools and graduated from the fine University I work for. My experience working and living abroad for more than 5 years in Europe was also a valuable education. I have traveled to many places in this wonderful world of ours. I met my lovely wife Susi while working in Germany. She is now a licensed medical social worker and also works with children. I entered State service upon return to Hawaii in 1991 as an adult corrections officer for 13 years and a union business agent for 5 years. I actually began working at the age of 14. Politics and hard work is in my blood. My grandfather and great grandfather were licensed union member plumbers and both also served as Mayors of Pasadena, California. My grandfather taught me the difference between talking about government projects and actually knowing how to build them and get them on the ground. The Benedict Heliport in Pasadena is named after my grandfather and great-grandfather. I want to continue their legacy here in what has always remained my home, Hawaii. Mahalo Ke Akua.

Hawaiʻi County Council
District 09 - North and South Kohala

Wille, Margaret (NS)
65-1158 Mamalahoa Highway #8, PMB229, Kamuela 96743. (808) 887-1419 margaretwille@mac.com   electmargaretwille.com

Creating an informed and empowered constituency is one of my most important goals. To do this I publish a newsletter that includes the upcoming agendas for our council meetings and publish monthly articles in the area publications - the North Hawaii News, the Waikoloa Breeze, and the Kohala Mountain News. I also frequently attend community meetings including the senior citizen club meetings and the community development plan action committees. I am not afraid to bring up controversial issues, and then work collaboratively with fellow council members to achieve balanced solutions.

Some of the major substantive issues that are and continue to be of high priority are: Sustainable agriculture and promoting a long term solid waste plan that is resource management instead of waste management oriented. Significant upgrades to our mass transit system is also a high priority.

[2012: candidate for Hawaiʻi County Council, Dist. 09. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Kauaʻi Mayor

Carvalho, Jr., Bernard P. (NS) *
Friends of Bernard Carvalho for Mayor, P.O. Box 3510, Lihue 96766. (808) 246-8737 info@mayorcarvalho.com   www.mayorcarvalho.com

Serving as Mayor provides a unique qualification among the current Mayoral candidates. I’m proud of our record and we can move forward significantly on critical projects if re-elected. I’ve spent most of my career working in County government: from an entry-level position to Department Head to Mayor. That gives me a unique perspective from all aspects of how the County operates. Among the issues we face, responsible solid waste management is at the top. The landfill diversion rate increased from 29% to 43% since 2008. We need to move that much higher as we site our new landfill and make that the smallest portion of our waste management operation. Also, siting an adolescent treatment and healing facility, diversifying agriculture to produce our own food, reducing our carbon footprint, completing affordable housing projects, and creating more stewardship agreements for care of our historical cultural sites. We need to continue to listen to the people of Niihau and address their concerns and needs as well. Our campaign theme is Action with Aloha, which sums up what we’ve achieved since 2008. Unemployment dropped from 11% to 4.4%, bus ridership has doubled, we’re recycling significantly more, projects like the Kaneiolouma Heiau and Kilauea Ag Park stewardship agreements are empowering people, parks are getting repaired and upgraded, and partnerships are happening all over the island. This is happening because I have a great team and we’re reaching out to the community to make things happen. And we’re doing it with respect and aloha for all.

Kauaʻi Council (7)

Chock, Mason (NS)
121 Lihau St., Kapaa 96746. (808) 651-7013 mason4kauai@gmail.com   mason4kauai.org

Born and raised on Kauaʻi, I am a community servant with only love in my heart for Kauai and its people. I have no self-serving agenda, only an interest for leadership in action and an inclusive process that brings people together for shared solutions rather than be divided through divisive motivations. Leadership requires persistence and perseverance, responsibility and collaborative teamwork. If we are to transition into a new era where our most precious values are placed first. We will need to collectively respond. I am willing to hold the space for this to occur on Kauai through education, business and in local government by holding a seat on the Kauai County Council. After the last 7 months of working onboard the county council, I see where the opportunities to make cultural shifts in how we do business can occur. I have a vision of our island serving as an example to the rest of the world on how to collectively achieve our desired lifestyle while living in balance with our environment and each other through leadership development. We will be the example of leading positive change in the world. I want a chance to work on positively affecting our system, but I will need more time and trust to do so. From this position, I will have an opportunity to take specific action in building the infrastructure of effective leadership and thus affect a culture shift in our county government.

Hooser, Gary L. (NS) *
5685 Ohelo Rd., Kapaa 96746. (808) 652-4279 GARYLHOOSER@gmail.com   www.garyhooser.com/

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Kagawa, Ross K. (NS) *
4117 Puaole St., Lihue 96766. (808) 635-1605 rosskagawa2012@hawaii.rr.com  

(2012 statement:)

Aloha Kauai Residents and Voters, my name is Ross Kagawa, I’m 46 years old, married with two daughters, one in college on the mainland the other attending Kauai High School and I am a candidate for the Kauai County Council. I was born in Waimea, Kauai and have lived here for all of my life except for 7 years, attending College at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and working. I have two degrees, one in Accounting from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the other in Special Education from Chaminade University.

I have 5 years of public accounting experience, 4 with a local CPA on Oahu and one as the accounting manager at Business Decisions Hawaii in Hanapepe. I also worked for 6 plus years for the Kauai County Council as a legislative analyst and 2 years as the Convention Hall and Stadiums Manager. Finally I have 12 years of teaching experience with the Department Of Education and I currently teach Math at Kapaa High School, where I also teach Drivers Education after school hours for 5 years.

The reason why I am running for Kauai County Council is because I am concerned about the current status of the County, primarily our Budget. The global, national, and local economies are still recovering from the Recession. Yet the County Budget and Workforce continues to grow at an alarming rate. Are we spending wisely, are we being accountable? These are the kind of questions we must ask ourselves. Just like ordinary people, the County needs to spend wisely. I feel we need to live within our means and not leave our children in debt when we’re gone. My goal is that our children can off to college, return to Kauai, get a good job, buy a house, and raise their families here on this place we all love so dearly.

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Kaneshiro, Arryl J. (NS)
4550 Ehiku St., Lihue 96766. (808) 652-5216 arrylkaneshiro@gmail.com   www.votekaneshiro.com

Aloha! I am Arryl Kaneshiro and I humbly ask for your vote for Kauai County Council. I believe I can represent the people of Kauai and Niihau well because I am a regular, everyday Kauai resident who works hard and wants to make the best life for myself and my family. I think that's what most of us want at the end of the day. If elected, I will work hard to help families thrive and bring homegrown sensibility and my business and accounting acumen to the County Council.

I was born and raised on Kauai, and my core values and principles were shaped by this island through family, teachers, coaches, and community. I earned a degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from Pacific University in Oregon and I am a certified public accountant. I am heavily involved in the community and assist my dad with our sheep ranch.

I am running for office because I care about Kauai and its future. My priorities are to:

  • Work towards strengthening and diversifying our economy
  • Increase jobs that pay a living wage
  • Enable residents to enjoy a high quality of life

Today, our County is facing many issues with its budget, the limited life of our landfill, and balancing growth while taking care of our beautiful environment, to name a few. I look forward to addressing these issues and working towards sensible solutions for all of us.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my intentions and priorities with you.

Kuali'i, Kipukai L.P. (NS)
P.O. Box 30910, Anahola 96703. (808) 652-3684 kipukai.kualii@gmail.com   www.kualii.com

ALOHA! I’m Former Councilmember KipuKai KUALI`I. MAHALO for your support over the years in my life of public service! On the Council in 2011 and 2012, I proved myself to be a careful listener, independent thinker and hard worker who was always thoughtful, collaborative and prepared.

My qualifications include over twenty years’ experience in Government, Labor and Non-Profit Administration. I’ve worked with other community leaders to bring an enterprise center to Kekaha and a certified kitchen, youth/cultural campground and solar farm to Anahola. Working with several local organizations promoting sustainable agriculture, civil rights, community empowerment and renewable energy, as well as achieving results is what motivates me towards continued public service.

The Council’s key responsibility is the County’s budget. You can count on me asking the tough questions; voting against spending and tax increases; and, even voting down proposed budgets when necessary. I’ll be part of a new Council majority that ensures accountability, protects our fair-share of transient accommodation taxes, improves efficiencies and eliminates waste.

Please go to our website at www.kualii.com or contact me at kipukai.kualii@gmail.com or 652-3684 with any questions or concerns. I’m confident you’ll find my experience, leadership and dedication qualifies me as an ideal choice for you. It’ll take four or more council members to accomplish anything. One of my strongest qualifications is my ability to work collaboratively with anyone.

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary.]

Rapozo, Mel (NS) *
292 Makani Rd., Kapaa 96746. (808) 645-0243 melforcouncil@gmail.com   www.melforcouncil.com

I have served on the Kauai County Council for 10 of the last 12 years. I have served in various leadership roles on the Council, and currently serve as the State President of the Hawaii State Association of Counties. I have been a very strong advocate for public health and safety, fiscal responsibility and accountability, elderly and veteran affairs, as well as affordable housing and agriculture. As we continue into difficult financial times, I believe my experience qualifies me to continue to serve the people of Kauai and Niihau. I want to continue to serve as one of your Councilmembers.

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Yukimura, JoAnn A. (NS) *
2749 Kapena St., Lihue 96766. (808) 652-3988 jyukimura@gmail.com   www.JoAnnYukimura.com

Aloha, dear friends!

It has been a privilege to serve in elected office for 6 years as mayor and 18 years on the Council. I’ve been able to do so only because of support from people like you who love Kauaʻi and are willing to participate in the political process. You make our democracy strong—and my work possible. Mahalo!

My goal has been to create real and lasting benefits for the people of Kauaʻi: The Kauaʻi Bus enables people to go about their daily business while saving money. Sunshine Markets bring income directly to farmers weekly. Families in the 1400 affordable homes built in the last 20 years pay no more than 30% of their household income for housing. Thousands of residents and visitors each year enjoy the expanded park space at Poʻipu Beach and Black Pot Beach Parks.

While we may not agree on every issue, we share the same values: personal integrity, fiscal integrity, malama ʻaina, good planning, public safety, fair opportunities for everyone, and decisions based the common good. I have strived to live by these values throughout my years in office.

I also have a clear vision that guides my work. I believe that my leadership, based on those values and vision, has made a difference in the quality of life on Kauaʻi and the quality of community that we enjoy today. I want to continue this work.

Please put your “X” next to the ”Y”. Vote for good leadership. Vote JoAnn Yukimura. Mahalo

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

OHA Trustee

OHA Trustee
Island of Oʻahu (1)

Apo, Peter K. (NS)
The Peter Apo Company, 98-021 Kamehameha Hwy., #212, Aiea 96701. (808) 256-6191 peterapocompany@gmail.com   www.peterapocompany.com

My name is Peter Apo and I’m seeking re-election as a Trustee of the Office Hawaiian Affairs. In 35 years of public service I have never wavered from my commitment and to making Hawaii a better place. While OHA's focus is serving the Hawaiian community I remain dedicated to carrying out that responsibility in ways that help make Hawaii a better place for everyone because we all face the same quality of life challenges – the high cost of living, a good job, home ownership, education, health care, a healthy environment. Hawaiian issues impact everyone so it's important for you to care who’s leading. Recently there’s a big buzz regarding Hawaiian nationhood. It makes people nervous. This is a serious matter and should be everybody's business. The reality is that we are a symbiotic society and interdependent on each other. Hawaiians cannot move forward in a vacuum. We need the support of the broader community. OHA must begin to engage a wider audience in its public dialogue and provide opportunities for non-Hawaiians to weigh in. I cannot tell you what shape this business of Hawaiian nationhood will take but I can tell you that we remain the people of aloha and, in the end, we will not abandon friends and neighbors. It will be an inclusive future and we will emerge as one people. I am sure of this. I encourage everyone, Hawaiian or not, to cast an informed vote in these elections. Visit votepeterapo.com.

OHA Trustee
Island of Maui (1)

Lindsey, Carmen K. L. (NS) *
52 Alokele Pl., Makawao 96768. (808) 572-0453 Kahulu@maui.net   www.hululindseyoha.com

Aloha mai kakou.

I am running for re-election to my seat because I believe I have made a difference in the past 2½ years that I have served as the Maui Trustee. Though relatively new to the Board, I have advocated on issues ranging from advancing Hawaii’s energy independence to protecting the livelihood of people in vulnerable communities such as Ni’ihau. I have demonstrated my genuine commitment to serving the interests of OHA beneficiaries without losing sight of what is good for all of Hawaii in the long term.

Recently, I was named Chairperson of the new Land and Property Committee on the Board. I was asked to be the chair because of my 40 years in real estate, my experience with Maui Land and Pineapple Company as its Properties Administrator and service as the Administrator of the County’s Land Use and Codes Department.

Soon after being sworn into office, I was approached by the Chancellor of the University of Hawaii, Maui Campus, to look into acquiring the Palauea Cultural Preserve in Makena from Developer Everett Dowling so that the Hawaiian Studies Department of the University could use those 20+ acres of land as a living classroom. I am happy to say that on June 17 we blessed this cultural piece of property that was donated to OHA and in turn stewarded to the U. H. Hawaiian Studies Program for their use. This was a milestone achievement and reflective of what can be accomplished when people are brought together in a collaborative way to serve the public good.

I humbly ask for your vote in the 2014 election.

[2012: candidate for OHA Trustee, Island of Maui (1). Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

OHA Trustee
No Island Res. Req (3)

Ahu Isa, Lei (NS)
P.O. BOX 22539, Honolulu 96823. (808) 537-4880  

OHA is a semi-autonomous state agency whose mandate is to improve the condition of native Hawaiians (all individuals whose ancestors were natives of the Hawaiian Islands prior to 1778). The OHA mission is 1) the betterment of conditions for all Hawaiians and 2) to provide Hawaiians with the opportunity for a better life and future. How will I achieve them? THROUGH EDUCATION!

We know that EDUCATION is the great EQUALIZER! Speaker Souki also pointed out this fact not only has education been my forte, but that I am and have been a real estate broker for many years and OHA needs my expertise with land ownership. I also want to point out that the public, ALL Voters, know this election year EVERYONE can vote in the Primary Election for OHA candidates. As Speaker pointed out, this will be the very 1st time since OHA was established, that the Legislature has sanctioned a PRIMARY election for OHA. This is a very important election as OHA's land ownership of the Kaka'ako waterfront lands makes them a major player with the big boys..Howard Hughes Corp. and the Kamehameha Schools...and on top of all this, we find out that 60% of our homeless are Hawaiians! And being of Hawaiian ancestry, I feel an obligation and aloha for our Hawaiian people. Mahalo!

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 26]

Akana, Rowena M.N. (NS)
5562 Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu 968221. (808) 291-2404   www.rowenaakana.org

As a veteran OHA Trustee with nearly twenty-five years of experience serving on the board, the institutional knowledge I bring to OHA allows me to provide the board with much needed context regarding the many issues that we continue to face.

Waihee, John D. (NS) *
4405 Kilauea Ave., Honolulu 96817. (808) 595-0999  

The candidates list, addresses, and phone numbers, are based on the 11/5/14 Board of Elections Report", or supplied by candidate.
Photos, email and web addresses were found on the web, in the newspaper, or supplied by the candidate.

Elected Candidates

Ahu Isa, L.
Akana, R.
Apo, P.
Arakawa, A.
Baisa, G.
Baker, R.
Belatti, D.
Brower, T.
Carroll, R.
Carvalho, Jr., B.
Chock, M.
Cochran, E.
Couch, D.
Creagan, R.
Crivello, S.

Fukumoto, B.
Fukunaga, C.
Gabbard, T.
Galuteria, B.
Guzman, D.
Har, S.
Hashem, M.
Hokama, G.
Hooser, G.
Ichiyama, L.
Ige, D.
Ing, K.
Inouye, L.
Johanson, A.
Jordan, J.

Kagawa, R.
Kahele, G.
Kaneshiro, A.
Kawakami, D.
Keith-Agaran, G.
Keohokalole, J.
Kidani, M.
Kobayashi, B.
Kong, S.
Kuali'i, K.
Lee, C.
Lindsey, C.
LoPresti, M.
Lowen, N.
Luke, S.

Matsumoto, L.
McDermott, B.
McKelvey, A.
Mizuno, J.
Morikawa, D.
Nakashima, M.
Nishihara, C.
Nishimoto, S.
Ohno, T.
Onishi, R.
Ozawa, T.
Paleka Jr., D.
Pouha, N.
Rapozo, M.
Riviere, G.

Saiki, S.
San Buenaventura, J.
Say, C.
Schatz, B.
Shimabukuro, M.
Souki, J.
Takai, K.
Takayama, G.
Takumi, R.
Thielen, C.
Tokioka, J.
Tokuda, J.
Tupola, A.
Victorino, M.
Waihee, J.

Ward, G.
White, M.
Wille, M.
Yamane, R.
Yamashita, K.
Yukimura, J.

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