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Election 2010
Candidates Elected in Primary

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Candidate Index

(D) Democrat     (F) Free Energy     (G) Green     (L) Libertarian     (N) Nonpartisan     (NS) Nonpartisan Special     (R) Republican

U.S. Senator

BREWER, Jim (G) P.O. Box 23403, Honolulu 96823 (808) 524-3332 oz4gov@aol.com  

CAVASSO, Cam (R) 41-530 Waikupanaha St., Waimanalo 96795 (808) 447-8901 info@camcavasso.com   camcavasso.com

INOUYE, Daniel K. (D) P.O. Box 1196, Honolulu 96807 (808) 541-2542 info@daninouyehawaii.com   www.daninouyehawaii.com

MALLAN, Lloyd Jeffrey (L) P.O. Box 2074, Kapaa 96746 (808) 822-2396 info@freedominourtime.org   www.freedominourtime.org

U.S. Representative
District 1

DJOU, Charles (R) P.O. Box 235280, Honolulu 96823 (808) 979-6556 charles@djou.com   djou.com

HANABUSA, Colleen (D) 92-1019 Koio Dr., #J, Kapolei 96707 (808) 593-9934 info@hanabusa2010.com   www.hanabusa2010.com

District 2

BROCK, Pat (L) P.O. Box 1866, Kihei 96753 (808) 879-0250 pbrock@hawaii.rr.com  

Government is crushing our economy. A 1 year tax vacation for all Americans would have been much cheaper than the stimulus program.

Passing the health care bill & the financial reform act was exactly the wrong thing to do to during a financial downturn. When people are looking for a way to make the economy work for them, changing the rules of the economic game only adds uncertainty.

Maintaining a world-wide military presence is costing us dearly. The United States should have the most sophisticated military defenses & they should be deployed in America to defend America.

Individual income taxes are a fundamental breach of freedom & should be eliminated.

Millions of people are being jailed for hurting no one & we are rapidly running out of places to imprison dangerous criminals. Drug prohibition has created a huge underground industry that law enforcement is spending billions to stop with no progress.

Government should be simple, so every citizen can understand it. As it is, the United States has so many laws that even lawyers, who create the laws, cannot be aware of them all. Police must ignore most laws & select only some to enforce.

If government took the pressure off, by repealing many laws & regulations, & by lowering taxes, people could relax, & enjoy their lives rather than resorting to drugs to anesthetize themselves to a harsh reality.

I, & the Libertarian Party, seek to uphold the sanctity of every person. Freedom can be restored.

HIRONO, Mazie (D) P.O. Box 677, Honolulu 96809 (808) 550-2006   mazieforcongress.com

VON SONN, Andrew Vsevolod (N) P.O. Box 791538, Paia 96779 (808) 579-8222 andy@mayflowerunlimited.com   www.mayflowerunlimited.com

WILLOUGHBY, John W. (R) 3054 Ala Poha Pl., #1811, Honolulu 96818 (808) 372-4138 info@johnforhawaii.com   www.willoughbyforcongress.com

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

ABERCROMBIE, Neil (D) 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., #2150, Honolulu 96814 (808) 589-2237 info@neilabercrombie.com   www.neilabercrombie.com

I have had the honor of serving the people of Hawaii as a college lecturer, State Representative and Senator, Honolulu City Council member and 19 years as a U.S. Congressman. Prior to that, I worked as a waiter at Chuck’s Steak House in Waikiki, a locker desk clerk at the Central YMCA, a custodian and an elementary school teacher. I have always believed that everyone, no matter what their background, is worthy of their labor.

Over the last 18 months, I have been having conversations all across our islands to better understand the challenges people face and the opportunities we can create. This campaign is not about me forcing ideas on the public. This campaign is not about me. This campaign is about the kind of future we want for Hawaii. It is about learning from each other and understanding the kind of leadership we need to break away from the status quo.

And we have a tremendous opportunity with President Barack Obama in the White House. As Governor, I will utilize my relationships with the President and the Congress to benefit our state. The Office of Governor, for me, will be the culmination of a lifetime of public service. The people want leadership that listens, that makes decisions based on our common values, and that will always stand up for the public interest.

Above all, we will end the atmosphere of fear and intimidation that has prevailed in the City and County of Honolulu. Fairness and transparency will be the order of the day.

SCHATZ, Brian (D) P.O. Box 3828, Honolulu 96812 (808) 589-2270 Kim@BrianSchatz.com   brianschatz.com

AIONA, Duke (R) 1130 N. Nimitz Hwy., #A-151, Honolulu 96817 (808) 596-4774 TeamAiona@DukeAiona.com   www.dukeaiona.com

I have spent my career serving the public as a city prosecutor, city attorney, state judge and for nearly eight years as Lieutenant Governor of Hawai‘i.

I'm running for Governor to ensure balance, integrity and good judgment in state government while reducing the financial burden on our working families and small businesses, creating jobs and investing in the quality of our education system.

As Governor, my most important job will be jobs. To achieve this goal, I will focus on cultivating a business-friendly environment by minimizing government-created delays, investing in naturally competitive industries, creating a competitive tax system and investing in Hawai`i's human capital.

I'm also calling for a comprehensive, independent audit of the Hawai‘i Department of Education, which hasn't been conducted since 1973, because it is important to know how our education dollars are spent and ensure we get the most out of every dollar we invest. In addition, I'll support "Race to the Top" educational reforms, direct more money to the classroom, expand STEM programs in all schools by 2012, expand pre-kindergarten opportunities and strive for a world-class University system.

As Governor, I will also continue to work to make Hawaii the greenest place in the world through the Hawai‘i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI), which is helping our state to generate 70 percent of our energy from clean energy by 2030.

My vision is for all of our residents to have the opportunity to live, work and raise a family in a Hawai‘i they can afford and enjoy.

FINNEGAN, Lynn Berbano (R) 99-195 Ohekani Lp., Aiea 96701 (808) 741-5966 lynn@lynnfinnegan.com   www.lynnfinnegan.com

As the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants from the Philippines, I know what sacrifice means. And the lessons my family taught me have shaped my perspective on public service. Now, after serving eight years as the State Representative for District 32 and five years as Republican leader for the House, I am running for Lt. Governor of the great State of Hawai‘i.

I can sum up my reasons for this next step in one word: BALANCE.

As Minority Leader in our State House of Representatives, I saw first hand that a lack of balance in government leads to back room deals and decisions that don’t put the general public interest first. I’m running for Lt. Governor because I believe we must keep Republican leadership in the Executive Branch to have a balanced and honest government.

With 8 years in the House Chamber, I have the experience to be an effective Lieutenant Governor.

If elected, I will work toward:

  • State government that places Hawai‘i residents ahead of bureaucracy
  • A public education system that puts students and families first
  • An accelerated transition to Hawaii’s clean energy economy
  • A lower the cost of living for families, individuals and businesses
  • Business that not just survives, but thrives

My experience and vision will allow me to be an effective, direct liaison from the 5th floor to the legislators and to all the people of Hawaii.

I urge you to learn more by visiting my website: www.lynnfinnegan.com

CUNNINGHAM, Daniel H. (F) P.O. Box 6311, Hilo 96720 (808) 349-0649  

SPENCE, Deborah (Jo B) (F) P.O. Box 6311, Hilo 96720 (808) 349-0649  

POLLARD, Thomas (Tom) (N) 1115 Mokapu Blvd., Kailua 96734 (808) 486-0600 tompollardforgovernor@gmail.com   tompollard4governor.com

The main concerns in Hawaii today are the high cost of housing, agriculture, education, the economy, and traffic. By increasing the tax on a barrel of oil, our legislature has increased the cost of everything in Hawaii.

The cost of food is too high and one solution I have is for the state to provide more support to our farmers and to support diversified agriculture. I believe that that only truly sustainable economy should be based on diversified agriculture.

The cost of buying a home is too high and the availability of affordable housing is poor. I find many people living with their parents into their 40s because they cannot afford to buy a home. In most states the builders of housing subdivisions must build affordable housing and provide funds for schools, roads, and parks and create the infrastructure before building the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

Hawaii is well known is as the easiest place in the United States to get welfare benefits. It is well known that significant amounts of people in our homeless shelters are people from the mainland that have been in Hawaii for less than 3 months. We would decrease the problem by passing a residency requirement of 6 months to a year before eligibility for welfare benefits. Of course there would be continued provisions for patients that need emergency services.

KAMA, Leonard Leo I (N) 91-205 Leimao Pl., Kapolei 96707 (808) 520-2977  

State Senator
District 02

HALE, Michael W. (R) 13-3385 Hookupu St., Pahoa 96778 (808) 936-6347 mik3hal3@gmail.com   www.michaelwhale.com

The People of Puna and Kau have been looked over, passed by, and otherwise ignored! Someone needs to Step up

I’m motivated by recent local and world events & feel the time is NOW. I have passion to do the right thing. I’m not afraid. I have creative solutions to our problems. I communicate well. I am skilled in financial planning, business planning, negotiation, & public speaking. I believe violence & prejudice is wrong. I believe the universe & people are good. We CAN find common ground.

We must make our decisions with LOVE not fear.

Current representation is docile & content. I’ll Ensure our Government doesn’t forget our Rights: To ensure the citizens Breathe clean air, Drink Clean Water, Eat Healthy Foods, have adequate Shelter, are provided freedom to prosper & pursue Happiness, & Educate all to their fullest potential. This is the government’s role. Lacking these is government failure. www.michaelwhale.com

I have every intention of winning this race and fighting for the people of State Senate District 2 . I’m passionate about:

and the key to it all is EDUCATION. Using the rapid advances in technology and breakthroughs with charter schools we can really make a difference but we’ve got to be willing Vote don’t be ignored.

Vote Michael Hale Senate District 2

KOKUBUN, Russell S. (D) P.O. Box 357, Volcano 96785 (808) 967-7292 senkokubun@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/site1/senate/members/sen2.asp

District 04

SEIBERT, Eric (R) P.O. Box 959, Kihei 96753 (808) 243-9010 Eric@SeibertForSenate.com   www.SeibertForSenate.com

TSUTSUI, Shan S. (D) P.O. Box 2578, Wailuku 96793 (808) 242-7719 shantsutsui@gmail.com   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/site1/senate/members/sen4.asp

District 07

DARLING, Alfred (N) P.O. Box 510214, Kealia 96751 (808) 822-7232 adarling@hawaiiantel.net  

HAMMAN, David R. (R) 4840 Moli Pl., Princeville 96722 (808) 635-5111 dave@hammankauai.com   hammankauai.com

KOUCHI, Ronald D. (D) 3391 Eono St., Lihue 96766 (808) 639-2724  

District 08

PRICE, Larry (D) 6202 Keokea Pl., #A101, Honolulu 96825 (808) 393-2375 larry@larryprice.info   www.larryprice.info

SLOM, Sam (R) 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy., #212, Honolulu 96825 (808) 349-5438 campaign@SamSlom.com   www.SamSlom.com

District 09

IHARA, Les S., Jr. (D) 719 12th Avenue, Honolulu 96816 (808) 737-2246 lesiharajr@hotmail.com   www.lesiharajr.org

In 1986, I decided to become a legislator to make democracy work as it should and walk a path of integrity. Twenty-four years later, I’m still on this path as I seek another term in the state senate.

I believe democracy works when people make choices about their common future through elections and public policy-making processes. I support competition in elections, and encourage voters to learn about my opponent, Lisa Shorba, and myself before choosing their next senator. As a legislator, I developed the Legislative Broadcast Program and Public Access Room, and led efforts for open voting in House, Senate, and conference committees.

My community work includes co-founding the New Kapahulu Business Association, Kaimuki/Kapahulu Neighborhood Security Watch Program, and Friends for Diamond Head; membership in the Kaimuki Lions Club, Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA, and Kaimuki Business & Professional Association; and service as Palolo Neighborhood Board vice chair, Palolo Community Council treasurer, and Kapahulu Jaycees director.

I’ve served 16 years in the Senate, as majority leader, policy leader, and co-chair of the Legislative Committee on Aging in Place. I also served eight years in the House, as majority floor leader and Intergovernmental Relations Committee chair. My legislative interests include senior citizen issues, environmental protection, economic development, legislative access, campaign finance and ethics reforms.

I’ve been recognized by: Common Cause Hawaii, Hawaii Pro-Democracy Initiative, Hawaii Technology Trade Association, Small Business Hawaii, Hawaii Alliance for Retired Americans, AARP, Hawaii Sierra Club, and Hawaii’s Thousand Friends.

For more information, check out my website at www.lesiharajr.org.

SHORBA, Lisa Leialoha (R) P.O. Box 8302, Honolulu 96830 (808) 551-2757 lisa@lisashorbaforsenate.com   www.LisaShorbaForSenate.com

District 10

MARSHALL, Eric B. (R) 527 Lauiki St., F, Honolulu 96826 (808) 354-0463 eric4senate@gmail.com   www.eric4senate.com

Who is Eric Marshall? I‘m your everyday 36 year old local yon-sei Japanese Hapa-haole raised on Oahu and attended Manoa School. Manoa is a special place for me, although my father passed away here, it holds many of my greatest memories. I attended UH Manoa and was twice elected as ASUH Senator and appointed Chairman of the Academic Affairs committee. I also married my wonderful wife Yuri (from Osaka) at the Waioli Team Room and even lived in President Obama’s old house on University Ave. If elected I will work to protect its beauty, history and significance as the heart of Hawaii’s higher education and University Athletics.

As the IT/Compliance Officer at Hawaiian Electric EFCU I have seen how laws have impacted everyone’s bottom line during these difficult economic times. The current fiscal mismanagement of funds today is not only killing the future of our Keiki but our Kupuna as well. Sadly, Mr. Taniguchi a career politician since I was 6 years old has often run uncontested. Many had asked me to run as a Democrat, if I did I would have been one of those that Democrats tried to sue to get off of the ballot. As much as we all have voted Democrat, democracy requires at least 2 parties. Imagine the excitement for change you can create if you help a David like me beat a Goliath. Partner with me as young independent voice to bring new energy and vision to Manoa, Mo’ili’ili and McCully. Mahalo, Go Bows!!!

TANIGUCHI, Brian T. (D) 2140 Armstrong St., Honolulu 96822 (808) 947-4618 sentaniguchi@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/site1/senate/members/sen10.asp

District 11

FUKUNAGA, Carol (D) 1571 Piikoi St., #402, Honolulu 96822 (808) 536-8288 carol@carolfukunaga.com   www.carolfukunaga.com

District 13

CHUN OAKLAND, Suzanne N.J. (D) 603-E Kunawai Ln., Honolulu 96817 (808) 550-4735 chunoakland@yahoo.com   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/site1/senate/members/sen13.asp

My commitment to public service is life long and I have been honored to serve you in the Legislature for 20 years. I have been consistently supportive of issues that have been a priority of the League of Women Voters. Thank you for being an important community partner working towards fairness and justice, care for our families, and promoting civic responsibility and good government.

There is great transition taking place, with wonderful opportunities to build our economy, strengthen our families and work towards a more prosperous and sustainable Hawaii. Mahalo for your faith and trust in me. Much aloha to you.

FRANKLIN, Judy C. (R) 1263 Alewa Dr., #7, Honolulu 96817 (808) 595-7341 drjudy.franklin@gmail.com   www.JudyFranklin.com

District 14

DUDEK, Peter (R) 1891 Ala Mahamoe, Honolulu 96819 (808) 557-6646  

KIM, Donna Mercado (D) 1528 Onipaa St., Honolulu 96819 (808) 833-8921 senkim@capitol.hawaii.gov   www.pixi.com/~dmkim

District 15

PASCUA, Ben (R) P.O. Box 817, Aiea 96701 (808) 391-0797 info@benpascua.com   www.benpascua.com

WAKAI, Glenn (D) 3054 Ala Poha Pl., #2009, Honolulu 96818 (808) 429-8683 glenn@glennwakai.com   glennwakai.com

District 19

BONAR, Aaron Toa (R) 92-469 Akaula St., Kapolei 96707 (808) 699-6662 electaaronbonar@gmail.com   aaronbonar.com

GABBARD, Mike (D) P.O. Box 75457, Kapolei 96707 (808) 682-0676 mike@mikegabbard.com   www.mikegabbard.com

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been working as your state senator to bring about positive changes in our community and state.

You’ve waited over 30 years for Kualaka’i Parkway and the UH West Oahu campus. I’m as happy as you are that the Kualaka’i Parkway opened on February 11th and is making our daily commute much easier. I’m also very excited about UH West Oahu’s new campus opening its doors, fall 2012.

Some highlights I’m proud that we’ve been able to work together to accomplish are: working to help secure almost $500 million in state construction funding for our district and also authoring 12 bills that became law – including legislation related to public safety, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental protection.

As chairman of the Energy/Environment Committee, I’m committed to doing everything we can to kick our addiction to foreign oil. The sad truth is: we import roughly 40 million barrels of oil each year, sending $5-7 billion annually overseas to countries who hate us. We can and should be the world leader for renewable energy.

Through my monthly “Listen Story” meetings, I’ve enjoyed spending time with you, and hearing your concerns and ideas on how to improve government.

It’s been a privilege representing you these past four years. But our work is not over. As West Oahu continues to blossom, I would appreciate the honor of again serving as your state senator. I humbly ask for your vote.

District 20

ESPERO, Will (D) 91-944 Waihua Pl., Ewa Beach 96706 (808) 685-5628 senespero@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.esperowill.com

MONTES, Anel A. (Tito) (R) 91-1075 Kailike St., Ewa Beach 96706 (808) 366-3014 tito@titoforsenate.com   www.titoforsenate.com

District 22

AKI, Charles (Bo) (R) 95-924 Kuaoa St., Mililani 96789 (808) 626-7060 boaki@hawaiiantel.net  

DELA CRUZ, Donovan (D) 1125 Neal Ave., Wahiawa 96786 (808) 622-2000  

District 24

BEAN, Tracy Nakano (R) 45-208 Pahikaua St., Kaneohe 96744 (808) 561-2969 beanhawaii@gmail.com   www.beanhawaii.com

As a wife, a mother of two daughters and a woman who is deeply concerned about the future of my family and nation, I have made the decision to seek the office of State Senator.

I believe that people have a right to expect only the highest caliber of excellence from those they entrust the mantle of “public servant” upon, and I believe that our current elected establishment has shown by their deeds to be unworthy of a people so great as the Hawaii voters.

If elected to office, I will seek to spark a new era of trust, integrity, excellence, community unity and respect for our fellow man. I believe as Eleanor Roosevelt said that “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and I believe that the dreams of Hawaii have been put on hold for far too long.

The time is now for Hawaii to know that her brightest and best days are ahead and that all it takes is knowing what must be done and courage to act. I humbly ask the people to grant me the opportunity to serve and honor them.

TOKUDA, Jill N. (D) 45-208 Wena St., Kaneohe 96744 (808) 383-8690 sentokuda@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.jilltokuda.com

District 25

ENOS, Virginia (R) P.O. Box 1746, Kailua 96734 (808) 349-7231 Senate25@gmail.com   www.virginiaenos.com

Virginia is a 30 year resident of Hawaii and a proven leader due to a variety of real life of experiences. Upon graduating from the California Maritime Academy she climbed the ranks to become a chief officer aboard the largest ships in the US merchant fleet. In time she and her husband, Captain Ed Enos, built a home in Kailua. Soon after, her daughter Nina was born. With her daughter in St. Anthony School she returned to work as a co-founder of the first offshore aquaculture farm in the US. Working directly with state and federal EPA to develop the framework for the new industry, she was ultimately invited to give a briefing on ocean leasing to a congressional delegation in Washington DC. She has served as a Kailua Neighborhood Board member for seven years, championing drug house eradication and residential zoning enforcement. All of her experiences have been gained while living here in Hawaii. Virginia will be a conservative “voice of balance” in maintaining a two party system and she believes that economic recovery will come from more tax payers, not more taxes. She wants to use tax relief incentives to boost small business and attract investment. She understands from experience what it takes for businesses to create jobs and prosper in Hawaii. She supports tax incentives to retain physicians, an audit of the DOE, the preservation of Hawaiian culture, family values, open spaces, and residential community.

RYAN, Pohai (D) 150 Hamakua Dr., PMB #824, Kailua 96734 (808) 230-3654  

State Representative
District 01

D'ALMEIDA, Eric Paul (R) P.O. Box 1782, Hilo 96721 (808) 315-9813   www.myspace.com/hiloboy1_98

NAKASHIMA, Mark M. (D) P.O. Box 438, Honokaa 96727 (808) 775-9170 nakashima08@hawaii.rr.com   marknakashima.blogspot.com

District 02

CHANG, Jerry Leslie (D) 218 S. Wilder Rd., Hilo 96720 (808) 969-3639 jerry@jerrychang.net  

VANNATTA, Sharon (DeMello) (R) 274 Kaiulani St., Hilo 96720 (808) 935-1820  

District 03

CORTEZ-CAMERO, Tania Kehau (R) 1483 Pukana Pl., Hilo 96720 (808) 989-7208 cortezcamero@gmail.com  

Tania Kēhau Cortez-Camero, 25 is the daughter of an Army Veteran Rudy Camero and Hilo Native Bernadette Cortez-Camero. Tania graduated from Waiākea High School in 2003 and continued her education at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and later at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa earning her BA in Political Science and Hawaiian Studies and a Minor in Communications. At the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, Tania was elected as the Senator of Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani and later as the Treasurer of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Association (UHHSA). While at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Tania got to experience first hand the inner workings of the Legislature, serving as a Legislative Aide in the House of Representatives. She pledges to be an a voice for her constituents in the State House of Representatives District 3. Born and raised in Waiākea Uka, Tania Kēhau Cortez-Camero is a product of her community. Educated at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Waiākea High School, Intermediate, and Elementary, she is devoted to giving back to the community that has shaped and molded her. She operates a business Kehauakahanu Kreativity and resides in Waiākea, Hawaiʻi.

TSUJI, Clifton K. (Clift) (D) 1382 Auahi Pl., Hilo 96720 (808) 959-7576 cliftsuji@yahoo.com  

District 04

HANOHANO, Faye P. (D) P.O. Box 205, Pahoa 96778 (808) 937-8173 fhanohano@yahoo.com  

HAPAI, Marlene (Nachbar) (R) P.O. Box 413, Kurtistown 96760 (808) 966-9894 mhapai@aol.com   www.marlenehapai.com

My platform addresses today’s urgency to reform the Legislature, economy and education with a reduction in legislature size thereby improving efficiency and reducing cost; establishing term limits allowing fresh ideas to surface; and regaining trust in government by eliminating closed-door meetings through applying the Sunshine Law. Economically, I support adopting a balanced needs-based/growth-related budget for more equitable distribution and support legislation that reduces health care costs. Educationally, I support development of a collaborative DOE public, charter and private school model incorporating strengths of each to meet all Hawaii’s student needs.

It is time for those who have worked within the State system in critical positions benefiting from its strengths and struggling with its weaknesses, to step forward and help get it back on track. My 35-year career in Hawaii’s public education system as a middle/high school teacher, university professor and administrator, and University of Hawaii regent has provided me with valuable experience. Education uses one third of our $10 billion state operating budget making this experience vital to efficient budgeting. Also, my background and work in the sciences (see website: www.marlenehapai.com), including directing the building of the Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii and 25 years of Science Fair involvement has prepared me for important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) initiative decisions needed to move our state technologically forward. With additional experience in facilities and resource management, agriculture, small business and as a regent helping to manage 10% of the State’s budget, I am ready to effectively represent all Hawaii’s people.

SINGER, Solomon (N) P.O. Box 1880, Pahoa 96778 (808) 443-4750 voteforsolomonsinger@gmail.com   www.voteforsinger.com

District 05

ABLE, Johnathan (N) P.O. Box 181, Kealakekua 96750 (808) 936-5434  

FOGEL, Fred (L) P.O. Box 1071, Volcano 96785 (808) 265-1659 trifox3@gmail.com   www.fredfogel.net

Aloha! I’m Fred Fogel, running as a Libertarian for State House in District 5 (W. Puna, Ka`u and S. Kona.) Although my political views align nicely with the Libertarian party (smaller government, more personal freedom), I’m actually an independent thinker. My views run the gamut, depending on the issue. Here are a few thoughts…

Reduce Hawaii’s bloated state government 30%. Streamline processes.

Extend the legislative session from five months to ten (with no increase in salary.) Voter-approved pay raises and term limits for all politicians. Online voting. State supported general election only. Political parties vet candidates. Stop the raiding of funds designated for another purpose. Eliminate riders not related to a bill. Set limits for personal liability (tort reform.) Fire the Board of Education. Principals on county-based boards. Student vouchers. Fully embrace charter schools. Flat state income tax. Reduce taxes and fees for businesses. Require electric companies to purchase alternate energy at a reasonable price. Zone land properly, then reduce the taxes/fees for real agricultural enterprises. Eliminate sales tax on food and medicine. Require labeling of food containing genetic modifications and point-of-origin for all produce. No private construction on conservation land. More emphasis on invasive species control, both import and export. Stiffer penalties for drunk driving and domestic abuse. Publish all court results. Legalize gay unions. Legalize/regulate cannabis. Release all prisoners incarcerated solely for drug use. Make it easier to legally carry a gun. More county autonomy. Let counties decide if they want to legalize gambling (keeping proceeds) and prostitution.

HERKES, Robert (Bob) (D) P.O. Box 313, Volcano 96785 (808) 985-8901 robertherkes@hawaiiantel.net  

Aloha, I am Robert (Bob) Herkes a candidate for the State House of Representatives.. I am a third generation resident of Hawaii Island and have served this community in a number of ways for decades. I was raised in Hilo and worked for many years in Kona. I currently reside in Volcano. I have served as a Hawaii County Police Commissioner representing Kona, an elected member of the Hawaii County Council, served as a member of the Hawaii State Senate and for many years a member of the State House. I have a proven record of accomplishment for my district and the State of Hawaii.

District 06

COFFMAN, Denny (D) 77-258 Hookaana St., Kailua-Kona 96740 (808) 443-3633 DennyCoffman@HawaiianTel.Net   www.DennyCoffman.org

LEAU, Rebecca N. (Becky) (R) 75-6025 Alii Dr., #L201, Kailua-Kona 96740 (808) 960-7396 info@beckyleau.com   www.beckyleau.com

Becky Leau has lived in Hawaii for over 30 years. She has built a reputation as a vibrant, can-do entrepreneur in the tourist industry and as one of the state’s few female general contractors. She also co-founded “Back to School” a church-based program providing school supplies to needy local kids.

Becky was born in Brazil, and adopted by a family from California, both teachers. After high school, she continued her college education in California and Hawaii. She later married and had three sons in Kona. She also co-founded Island Breeze Productions, a luau and dance company that has performed at Hawaii hotels for over 20 years. After becoming a single mother, Becky pursued a new dream. She obtained a general contractors license and founded Grace Enterprises LLC, which builds single dwelling homes in West Hawaii.

Key Issues

Economy -- The stagnant economy has closed down dozens of Kona businesses and cost us hundreds of jobs. My top priority is to support small businesses and entrepreneurship through lower taxes, responsive rather than obstructive government services, promotion of Kona products and pursuit of eco-friendly companies in the fields of technology, tourism and agriculture/aquaculture.

Education – I support establishing local school boards, an audit of the DOE, expanding charter schools, and mandate that 90% of funding reach the classroom.

My values – I support fiscal accountability in government, individual responsibility, equal opportunity, traditional marriage, open government meetings, term limits on elected officials and true aloha spirit.

District 07

EVANS, Cindy (D) P.O. Box 384255, Waikoloa 96738 (808) 345-5810 cynthiaevans@aol.com   www.repcindyevans.com

My commitment to improvements in our community is as strong as ever. We need to do more to improve our educational institutions and economy. We need more than ever collaboration to incorporate innovation and technology in the areas of health, energy, agriculture and delivery of government services. We need to continue the work on aging in place and on prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. I will work hard to achieve improvements.

I value common sense, integrity, accountability, and hard work. My previous work experience includes work in the private sector at AT&T, in the public sector at Washington State Department’s of Land and Natural Resources, Ecology, and General Services, and in the non-profit sector at Waikoloa Village Outdoor Circle and Historic Hawai’i Foundation. These experiences have taught me another value, that balance and moderation are keys to success.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve in our State House of Representatives. In November I will complete my fourth term as the State Representative for District 7. I am enthusiastic about continuing to work as a legislator. I believe that the efforts I have made to develop businesslike working relationships with members of the Legislature, as well as with leaders of our local community, have been instrumental in my efforts to effectuate changes that are needed in our state.

Respectfully I ask for your vote. Thank you for your consideration.

HENDERSON, Scott W. (Hendo) (R) PO Box 2500, Kamuela 96743 (808) 756-1055 Hendo@Hendo4House.com   Hendo4House.com

Aloha, I am a retired, 26-year veteran, FBI Agent with a BA in Economics and prior experience as a small business manager and police officer. I am once again answering the call to public service, as I am deeply concerned for our state and its future.

Our state government has forgotten that it serves the people. Our family members and friends are losing jobs, families are losing their homes, businesses are failing, farms and ranches are closing operations. Yet, in the face of such a dire economy, our state legislature continues to raises taxes and government agencies continue to raise fees on business.

Hawaii has the highest tax burden per-capita in the United States. Hawaii is the 3rd most indebted state. We in Hawaii pay the highest taxes on gasoline. Hawaii has one of the costliest, yet least effective public education systems. Hawaii is ranked 48th in business friendliness. And, despite having an over-abundance of renewable energy sources, Hawaii has the highest cost of electricity.

It is time for new leadership. We must elect true public servants who will keep the best interest of the people at heart.

As your state representative, I will fight to:

  • Establish term limits
  • Lower taxes, including eliminating the GE tax on medical care, food, and housing rent
  • Reduce government burden on business
  • Strengthen agriculture
  • Overhaul our education system
  • Enact medical tort reform
  • Greatly increase the use of geothermal and photovoltaic energy sources.

I humbly ask for your vote. Mahalo for the opportunity to serve!

District 08

SCHMUCKER, Dean (R) 183 Ini`iniki St., Wailuku 96793 (808) 264-3435 hawaiihd8@aol.com  

SOUKI, Joe (D) P.O. Box 632, Wailuku 96793 (808) 283-8661 Joesouki@msn.com   JoeSouki.com

District 09

HOYLMAN, Jeff (R) 21 Pahe`e Pl., Kahului 96732 (808) 344-8094 jhoylman@jeffhoylman.net   www.jeffhoylman.net

KEITH-AGARAN, Gil S. Coloma (D) 24 N. Church St., #409, Wailuku 96793 (808) 242-4049 GilKeithAgaran2010@gmail.com   www.GilKeithAgaran.Com

I’ve been honored to represent Paia, Spreckelsville, Puunene, Kahului and Wailuku for the last two years.

Growing up on Maui, I learned some simple values: hard work, education, and fair treatment. Community meant serving others and maintaining connections: being involved in our schools and churches, kids’ soccer and little league, the county fair. Basically, “you look out for others because they look out for you.”

I apply those values when working on our challenges: whether it's jobs, schools or housing: considering how people are affected—not just today but in the future.

My family, like other immigrants, arrived at different times but shared the simple dream of a better life, perhaps not for themselves, but certainly for their children and grandchildren. Whether we were born on Maui, or moved here, or moved back after seeing America, we all have more choices and opportunities today -- thanks to the courage, dedication and sacrifice of prior generations.

We have the same responsibility and we need the same kind of work ethic and courage. We should move forward together in continually making Maui a better place to live, work, play, and raise our families.

We owe it to our parents and our children to try and sustain a strong sense of community. We can start by finding value in our children and neighbors’ children, taking interest in our schools and activities, and getting to know the other families in our neighborhoods. And hopefully, we’ll look out for them because they look out for us.

District 10

MADDEN, Ramon Kitaichi (R) 2580 Kekaa Dr., #149, Lahaina 96761 (808) 385-1649 madden@votemaui.com   VoteMaui.com

MCKELVEY, Angus L.K. (D) 537 Kai Hele Ku St., Lahaina 96761 (808) 870-8674 repmckelvey@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Members/House/rep10.asp

District 11

BERTRAM, Joseph III (D) PMB 131, P.O. Box 959, Kihei 96753 (808) 264-0985 joebiii@juno.com   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Members/House/rep11.asp

FONTAINE, George R. (R) 3157 Waakea Pl., Kihei 96753 (808) 269-2968 george@fontaine.pro   www.fontaine4maui.com

Aloha. My name is George Fontaine, candidate for State House District 11-Kihei, and I humbly ask for your support.

As co-founder of Maui Gateway Internet service provider, I know the unfair tax and regulatory burden business carries. We need to diversify our economy. I will oppose new taxes, instead working to eliminate inefficient and wasteful State spending.

As a Maui Police captain, I created the South Maui Citizens Patrol. As a legislator I will support expanding drug courts as an alternative to incarceration. While diverting petty drug crimes from the prison system, we need real time for violent repeat offenders.

I support traditional marriage.

I support charter schools. Education dollars must be spent in the classroom, not on bureaucracy. The Department of Education needs accountability.

With the Catholic Task Force on Homelessness, I help get the homeless off of our beaches and into shelters.

With Na Hale o Maui, I work to bring affordable housing to Maui.

As a certified dive master, I understand the importance of protecting our waters and the aina.

I support charitable foundations seeking to build a state-of-the-art non-profit hospital here in Kihei. I support tort reform. We need to bring doctors to Maui, not drive them out.

As a Kihei community leader, I can forge the consensus needed to make progress for our community, island, and state.

More information: www.Fontaine4Maui.com .

District 12

RINALDI, Laurie (R) 252 Hololani St., Pukalani 96768 (808) 205-4742 laurierinaldi@hawaii.rr.com   www.laurierinaldi.com

YAMASHITA, Kyle (D) P.O. Box 880989, Pukalani 96788 (808) 870-5874 repyamashita@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Members/House/rep12.asp

District 13

AKUNA, Meiling K. (R) HC1, Box 73 Keanae, Haiku 96708 (808) 250-2461 meiling.akuna175@gmail.com  

CARROLL, Mele (D) 1449 W. Kuiaha Rd., Haiku 96708 (808) 280-1325 epcarroll@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Members/House/rep13.asp

District 14

MORITA, Hermina (Mina) (D) P.O. Box 791, Hanalei 96714 (808) 256-5076 repmorita@hotmail.com   repmorita.wordpress.com

WILLIAMS, Harry E. (R) P.O. Box 1145, Kapaa 96746 (808) 639-3380  

District 15

FILLHART, Larry (R) 334 Aina Loli Pl., Kapaa 96746 (808) 651-9111 lfillhart@hawaii.rr.com   www.fillhartkauai.com

I have an AA, a BA, 30 Units of Education, California Contractors license #367077, International Code Conference Certification/Building Inspector #5032298-B5, Chairman for Advirsory Board, Friendship House, a Charitable Clubhouse atmosphere, helping the Mentally challenged. Finally, a California Teachers Credential.I first moved to Kauai in 1974, working as a Journeyman Carpenter at Sea Lodge, Princeville.

Our greatest resource, water, is being wasted, there's a complete survey set up. I believe Kahuku, on Oahu, obtained 70 million dollars to build wind farms. We already have 7 ACTIVE HYDRO-ELECTRIC plants on Kauai that can be revamped for maybe, 50 million.

We can build low income houses, built by union workers, putting hundreds to work and giving homes to our people, at 200,000 or so

We can make small changes to the DOE and obtain large results. Check my web-site. www.fillhartkauai.com for an overview.

The more we work together, with a common goal, the more we can snap out of this recession and charge on the 21st century. Read about me. Write me, Call me Text me. I will try and respond as soon as possible. If I don't, write me and chastise me for there is no excuse for not keeping in touch with those who are interested in fixing our economy and society. I WILL DO SOMETHING. WILL FOLLOW MY PLAN. ALOO-O-O-O--O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OO-OOO-O-O-O-HA LARRY FILLHART

TOKIOKA, James Kunane (D) 2512 Kanio St., Lihue 96766 (808) 652-7272 jtokioka@hotmail.com  

District 16

MORIKAWA, Daynette (Dee) (D) P.O. Box 92, LIhue 96766 (808) 651-8855 dmorikawa@hawaiilink.net   www.daynettemorikawa.com

STERKER, Phil (R) 4460 Ikena Pl., #68, Kalaheo 96741 (808) 639-9631 friendsofphil@yahoo.com  

Why Elect Me

I am the son of German/Hungarian immigrants and grew up during the Depression. I learned not to spend what I did not have and feel that our Government should do the same. I am a fiscal conservative and believe in smaller Government and individual liberties. As Norman Rockwell said, “The Government cannot give to anybody anything that the Government does not first take away from somebody else.” I have had many varied experiences both for work and play. I was always self-employed and understand the difficulties of our small businesses who are trying to operate within the confines of the high taxation and stifling regulations being imposed on them. We need more sustainable local economy by utilizing renewable energy and offering encouragement to our farmers. Many of our homeless are families that have fallen on hard times and need support to again become productive families with incentive programs. We need to stress to our young people the importance of an education and to become actively involved in volunteerism. I am not a “career” politician but rather a concerned citizen that feels something has to be done to change the course of action that has been going on for so many years. We cannot continue on the same path that we have been on and expect anything different to come from it. My common sense and conservative values will help me to listen and represent the people of my District.

District 17

WARD, Gene (R) 875 Puuomao St., Honolulu 96825 (808) 781-9931 REPWARD@cs.com   gene-ward.com

Why Should Rep. Gene Ward Be Reelected?

I am running for reelection for the same reason I joined the Peace Corps - to make a difference by serving the community. While representing Hawaii Kai to Kalama Valley, I worked with many people on a number of projects that I want to see to the end, such as keeping cabins off of our pristine Ka Iwi coastline and keeping our farmers in Kamilonui Valley. I am also working to make sure the horse stables remain in Kalama Valley and that Maunalua Bay remains a safe and healthy waterway free of shark tour boats and invasive species. At the state level job creation, educational reform, and government transparency are my priorities.

My governance experience includes six terms in the Hawaii House of Representatives, where I now serve as the Minority Policy Leader and Co-Chair of the Small Business Caucus. Prior to this I have served on the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board.

My private sector experience includes being a retailer in Waikiki with my wife, Faredah, as well as my founding of a non-profit company that has trained over 3,000 small businesses in 10 countries.

My international experience includes serving in the Peace Corps in North Borneo, serving in Malawi Africa with the United Nations, and most recently I was the Peace Corps Country Director in East Timor. I am also a Vietnam Veteran.

I earned a BA, MA, and Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and was an East-West Center degree scholar and now serve on its Board of Governors.

District 18

BARON, Chris (Pei-Ji) (R) 430 Haleloa Pl., #E, Honolulu 96821 (808) 255-1157 info@votechrisbaron.com   www.votechrisbaron.com

HASHEM, Mark Jun (D) P.O. Box 240965, Honolulu 96824 (808) 388-7693 mark@markhashem.com   markhashem.com

District 19

MARUMOTO, Barbara C. (R) P.O. Box 2274, Honolulu 96804 (808) 373-4535 repmarumoto@gmail.com   www.barbaramarumotocampaign.com

Rep. Barbara Marumoto’s record is as clear as ABC. Her bills include one that requires DNA samples to be taken from all convicted felons for submission to the FBI data base. Another on HIV allows sex abuse victims to ask a judge to order an HIV test of the suspected perpetrator. A victim often has to take medicine to counteract HIV if the victim does not know the medical status of the perpetrator.

Marumoto led the Women’s Caucus to introduce legislation and form a Speakers’ Bureau to promote HPV tests to reveal the presence of Human Papilloma Virus that is a precursor to cervical cancer.

Another of her bills prohibits the manufacture of items made of PBDE - Poly-Brominated Diphenyl Ethers. American mothers’ breast milk show high incidences of this chemical from which one type of plastic is made. Her IRA bill protects Roth IRAs from seizure by the state in the event of bankruptcy. She is best known for the law that keeps children under 13 years from riding in Pick-Up beds,

Barbara acquired the following CIP - Capitol Improvement Projects – Kalani High School security gates for stairs, gym improvements, Administration Building A/C, elevator to the Library, Kahala Elementary School fencing, Liliuokalani School dumbwaiter, Wilson School cafeteria improvements and playground equipment,, Waialae Charter School classrooms, renovation funds for the Chapel on the KCC Campus, and finally, various Kalanianaole Highway landscaping projects.

District 20

ALLEN, Julia E. (R) P.O. Box 2805, Honolulu 96803 (808) 255-8915 julia-allen@hawaii.rr.com   julia-allen.com

SAY, Calvin K.Y. (D) 1822 10th Ave., Honolulu 96816 (808) 732-0221 calvinsay@hotmail.com   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Members/House/rep20.asp

My name is Calvin K.Y. Say, and I am running for the House of Representatives, District 20. I have served in the House since 1976 and as Speaker since 1999.

The Hawaii economy is recovering, but the recovery is still fragile.

My first priority is to maintain this economic recovery and job growth. I will work to attract private capital from out-of-state and reduce the export of dollars so that more remains circulating within the State. I will also work to avoid layoffs in the public sector and fund more capital improvement projects that result in needed public infrastructure and private sector jobs.

My second priority is to pass a balanced state budget that funds essential public health, safety, and education services without a broad-based tax increase. During the Great Recession of the past two years, the Legislature accomplished this. The Legislature passed a responsible balanced budget without increasing the general excise tax, without increasing income taxes on low- and moderate-income families and persons, and without taking the counties’ hotel tax share. By not taking the hotel tax, the Legislature probably prevented county real property tax increases or county service cuts.

In sum, the Legislature acted responsibly, reliably, and effectively during the Great Recession. I feel that my experience, knowledge, and empathy will contribute towards maintaining the current economic recovery and job growth.

District 21

LEMBECK, Jay (R) P.O.Box 1232, Honolulu 96807 (808) 593-8180 jaylembeck@yahoo.com  

NISHIMOTO, Scott Y. (D) 3191 Charles St., Honolulu 96816 (808) 779-7845 repnishimoto@yahoo.com  

District 22

CUADRA, Gregory (Greg) (R) 748 Isenberg St., Honolulu 96826 (808) 497-5212 greg.cuadra@hawaii.usa.com   itscuadratime.webs.com

Greg Cuadra moved to Hawaii in 1978. One year later he married his wife of 31 years Kisun Park. He has one daughter Christal who graduated from Vermont School of Law in May 2010.

Greg born and raised in Northern California joined the army in 1976. He worked his way through the ranks and became an officer, and retired 15 years ago. He went to work for AMSEC LLC one of the largest government contractors in the world at the time and became the manager for all Hawaii operations. Greg held this position for 8 years until he decided to give his own business a go.

Greg was the Head Coach for PAC-5 Cross Country for 8 years, and Head Distance Running Coach for PAC-5 Track and Field for 6 years.

Greg got his real estate license 4 years ago and has been a realtor ever since. He recently finished a position as Assistant Manager for Field Operations for the US Census. Greg says it is his civic duty to do all he can to ensure the count is accurate and to bring all the federal dollars to the state they should be allotted

Greg has been a member of the McCully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board for the last two years. And is the head of “Pride in Moiliili” clean-up group. He is active in T.A.G and is the patrol leader for a citizen’s patrol group.

Greg sees this candidacy as an opportunity to get more communities involved in government.

SAIKI, Scott K. (D) P.O. Box 12022, Honolulu 96828 (808) 597-1400 scottsaiki@gmail.com  

District 23

BROWER, Tom (D) 469 Ena Rd., #2701, Honolulu 96815 (808) 941-4681 tom.brower@gmail.com   www.TomBrower.com

WHITE, Thomas E. (R) 1888 Kalakaua Ave., #905, Honolulu 96815 (808) 954-3069  

District 24

CHOY, Isaac W. (D) 3313 Keahi St., Honolulu 96822 (808) 551-7140 iwc@hawaii.rr.com   friendsforisaacchoy.com

THOMSON, Zach (R) 2954 E. Manoa Rd., Honolulu 96822 (808) 223-4883 thomsonhd24@gmail.com   www.zachthomson.com

Our Government was set up for all types of professionals from all walks of life to give of their time to make laws and go back to their profession. Our founding fathers never intended on career politicians. "Get in, Serve the people, and Get out" The time has come to replace those who have been in office too long. I am here to restore honor and integrity and to fix the problems we face. I am here to represent and serve the people of Manoa.

Team Thomson, P.O. Box 12020, Honolulu HI 96828, 800-809-9710

District 25

BELATTI, Della Au (D) P.O. Box 900, Honolulu 96808 (808) 393-0594 della@dellaaubelatti.com   www.dellaaubelatti.com

SABEY, Isaiah Kauka (R) 1216 Wilder Ave., #104, Honolulu 96822 (808) 550-0018 info@Vote4sabey.com   www.vote4sabey.com

District 26

KATZ, Norm (R) 999 Wilder Ave., #203, Honolulu 96822 (808) 744-2964 NormKatz@Hawaii.rr.com   www.Katz4Hawaii.com

LUKE, Sylvia (D) P.O. Box 2804, Honolulu 96803 (808) 595-2481 repluke00@gmail.com  

District 27

CHING, Corinne Wei Lan (R) 2040 Nuuanu Ave., #1401, Honolulu 96817 (808) 545-3080 cwlc@msn.com   www.corinneching.com

VASQUEZ, Lynn (D) 1333-A Ahiahi St., Honolulu 96817 (808) 847-2221 lynn.vasquez@gmail.com   www.lynnvasquez.com

Lynn Vasquez is the daughter of the late Mauro Asuncion (Batac) and Hortense Herosa (Kaleheo, Kauai). She has six siblings. She was married to the late Conrado "Boy" Vasquez, Former Bantam Weight Champion of The Philippines and Super Bantam Champion of California twenty years. They have three children and four grandchildren. Lynn married P.K. Dela Cerna on June 15, 2008.

Lynn is Co-Founder for The Slippah Foundation which gives Slippers, Clothes, Toys and Food to the Public Housing and Homeless Keiki in Hawaii. She is active in the City and County Weed and Seed Adopt-A-Block Program and has served as Treasurer on the Kalihi/Palama Neighborhood Board. She recently was elected Treasurer for the Liliha Neighborhood Board.

Lynn sees this candidacy as an opportunity to get more communities involved in government. She is against The National Heritage Area. * More permitting steps and restrictions, more regulations, and even condemnations.


District 28

CHANG, David S.Y. (R) 1188 Bishop St., #2710, Honolulu 96813 (808) 383-7755 david@forDavidChang.com   www.forDavidChang.com

Aloha! As a resident of this special district, I am asking for your support to make Hawaii a better place to live and to take action to raise the quality of life for the citizens in our community! As a son of immigrant parents, I understand the meaning of hard work and sacrifice. It is with this gratitude that I attended West Point, served as a combat veteran and currently serve in the Hawaii National Guard. This year I am grateful to have been recognized as the 2010 Young Business Leader of the Year by Pacific Business News. I would like to bring those business skills to serve the residents of our community. I was selected as an East-West Center Fellow and I received my graduate degree from UH and also a Master’s of Art in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary. I know through experience the important role education plays for the future of Hawaii.

Thinking about what our beloved Hawaii will become is important to me. What kind of Hawaii do we want to leave our children and their children? We need a strong economy, quality education, clean environment, cultural appreciation, and a safe, secure, and peaceful community. The critical question is, are our current elected officials leading us there? Do we have a system where everyone is represented at the table? I believe that what we do now will determine the future of all aspects of our community. And I believe that the answer lies in a new approach, one of action and accountability. I would like to provide that commitment and that vision, that purpose for action, and a better plan to lead us to a better, more prosperous Hawaii for all.

RHOADS, Karl (D) 60 N. Beretania St., #2704, Honolulu 96817 (808) 271-5995 karl@karlrhoads.org   www.karlrhoads.org

District 29

HARDING, Ken (R) 1443-B Kamehameha IV Rd., Honolulu 96819 (808) 843-1841 krharding@mac.com  

MANAHAN, Joey (D) 1250 Richard Ln., #A408, Honolulu 96819 (808) 386-9240 manahanjoey@yahoo.com  

District 30

KAAPU, Carole Kauhiwai (R) P.O. Box 30283, Honolulu 96820 (808) 841-7050 Carole.Kaapu@gmail.com   www.CaroleKaapu.org

MIZUNO, John (D) P.O. Box 215, Honolulu 96810 (808) 741-4503 xterra_ko2002@yahoo.com   www.JohnMizuno.com

District 31

ICHIYAMA, Linda E. (D) P.O. Box 1707, Aiea 96701 (808) 392-4547 lindaichiyama@gmail.com   www.lindaichiyama.com
Aloha! My name is Linda Ichiyama and I am a candidate for State House of Representatives, District 31 (Salt Lake, Moanalua, Aliamanu). I was born and raised in Salt Lake and I am a proud graduate of Moanalua High School. I am running for State House because for years I have benefited from our community, its resources and especially its schools – this is my opportunity to give back. To learn more about me, please visit my website at www.lindaichiyama.com. If there is any way that I can be of service or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 392-4547 or lindaichiyama@gmail.com. Thank you very much!

SHIMIZU, Garner Musashi (R) 1734 Ala Aolani Pl., Honolulu 96819 (808) 839-1790 voteshimizu@gmail.com   www.voteshimizu.com

District 32

JOHANSON, Aaron Ling (R) P.O. Box 30388, Honolulu 96820 (808) 398-4671 elect.aaron@gmail.com   www.votejohanson.com

SHARSH, Lei (D) 98-450 Koauka Lp., #206, Aiea 96701 (808) 779-4241 nahoapilioflei@gmail.com   tinyurl.com/leisharsh

District 33

KONG, Sam (R) 98-818 Kaonohi St., #F, Aiea 96701 (808) 699-0222 samkong@hawaii.rr.com   tinyurl.com/samkong

OSHIRO, Blake K. (D) P.O. Box 1152, Aiea 96701 (808) 347-3222 boshiro@ahfi.com   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2010/members/house/rep33.asp

District 34

TAKAI, K. Mark (D) P.O. Box 2267, Pearl City 96782 (808) 330-6275 reptakai@hotmail.com   www.marktakai.com

WONG, William G.K. (R) 98-1418 Kaahumanu St., D, Pearl City 96782 (808) 454-8654 geekongwong@hawaii.rr.com   geekongwong@hawaii.rr.com

District 35

AQUINO, Henry J.C. (D) 94-1074 Hoomakoa St., Waipahu 96797 (808) 780-9157 FriendsofHenryAquino@gmail.com  

YAGO, Reginald A. (R) P.O. Box 971327, Waipahu 96797 (808) 368-3808 vote2010@reginaldyago.com   www.reginaldyago.com

District 36

SHIRAKI, Reed S. (R) 2013 Aamomi St., Pearl City 96782 (808) 234-3171 ReedShiraki@gmail.com   www.ReedShiraki.com

TAKUMI, Roy M. (D) 1001 Luehu St., Pearl City 96782 (808) 597-1441 reptakumi@hotmail.com   reptakumi.com

District 37

FUKUMOTO, Beth (R) 94-1221 Ka Uka Blvd., #B202, Waipahu 96797 (808) 286-2810 beth@bethfukumoto.com   www.bethfukumoto.com

YAMANE, Ryan I. (D) 94-1466 Okupu St., Waipahu 96797 (808) 551-2093 friendsyamane@hawaii.rr.com   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/Members/House/rep37.asp

District 38

KAWAKAMI, Shaun Hayato (R) P.O.Box 892725, Mililani 96789 (808) 382-9500 shaun@shaunkawakami.com   www.shaunkawakami.com

LEE, Marilyn B. (D) 95-170 Newe Pl., Mililani 96789 (808) 623-6707 marilynlee@hawaii.rr.com   www.leemarilynb.com

I am happy to submit a response on this special day. Woman’s Equality Day commemorates the 90th Anniversary of the 19th amendment-giving women the right to vote. We need women in the Hawaii State Legislature to continue the work that is vital to women and families.

My community faces many challenges, not the least of which is the aging of our population. As the Co-Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Aging in Place, I have invested many hours working on solutions to the long-term care puzzle, and the myriad issues surrounding our aging society. I intend to continue the work and would be honored by a vote of confidence from my constituents. In addition, many important fiscal issues face us in the coming Legislative session. I believe my experience as Vice Chair of House Finance has given me good insight into budget issues. My long experience in health care is another area of expertise I bring to the job. Each year, the health care agenda becomes more complex. For these reasons, I believe I am the candidate best qualified to represent Mililani.

District 39

CURTIS, Sam (R) 1898 Kie Kie Pl., Wahiawa 96786 (808) 623-5433 godsphoneman@aol.com   www.samcurtis.org

OSHIRO, Marcus R. (D) 2315-C California Ave., Wahiawa 96786 (808) 622-9013 repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov   www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2010/members/house/rep39.asp

District 40

CAPELOUTO, Marissa (R) 92-809 Ahikoe St., Kapolei 96707 (808) 748-9131 marissa@marissaforhouse.com   www.marissaforhouse.com

HAR, Sharon E. (D) Box 101, 590 Farrington Hwy., #210, Kapolei 96707 (808) 258-0313 rephar@gmail.com   www.rephar.com

District 41

CULLEN, Ty (D) 94-171 Kehela Pl., Waipahu 96797 (808) 479-9772 tycullenhouse41@gmail.com  

WONG, Carl J. (R) 94-443 Kupuna Lp., Waipahu 96797 (808) 671-0604  

District 42

BERG, Tom (R) 91-203 Hanapouli Cir., #39U, Ewa Beach 96706 (808) 753-7324 tom@bergforhouse.com   www.bergforhouse.com

CABANILLA ARAKAWA, Rida (D) 91-983 Waihua Pl., Ewa Beach 96706 (808) 779-3655 majorcabanilla@aol.com  

District 43

BRADSHAW, Jason W. (D) 91-1029 Kaipalaoa St., #5302, Ewa Beach 96706 (808) 253-1892 jasonbradshaw2010@gmail.com   jasonbradshawforewa.com

PINE, Kymberly (Marcos) (R) P.O. Box 2635, Ewa Beach 96706 (808) 689-1713 kymberly@kymberlypine.org   www.kymberlypine.org

District 44

AWANA, Karen Leinani (D) 89-1110 Pikaiolena St., Nanakuli 96792 (808) 383-8218 karenawana@gmail.com  

District 45

MEYERS, Jadeen (R) 85-1311 Kapaekahi St., Waianae 96792 (808) 352-3014 teammeyers@jadeenmeyers.com   www.jadeenmeyers.com

SHIMABUKURO, Maile S.L. (D) 86-024 Glenmonger St., Waianae 96792 (808) 349-3075 maileshimabukuro@yahoo.com   electmaile.blogspot.com

District 46

RIVIERE, Gil (R) 65-137 Hukilau Lp., Waialua 96791 (808) 220-2280 Gil@GilRiviere.com   GilRiviere.com

My name is Gil Riviere and I ask you to support my campaign to represent Oahu's North Shore in House of Representatives District 46.

Foremost on everyone's mind is the weak economy and the inability of government to provide essential services like a complete educational year for our public school children. Systemic problems have finally caught up to us, and we now have a rare opportunity to make difficult, but critical changes that have eluded us for too long.

New agencies and departments created by the Legislature often duplicate services already provided by other agencies and departments. Each of these incremental additions to the size of government adds to our high cost of living, inefficient government and lack of a diversified, sustainable economy.

The North Shore has many on-going challenges such as fallow agricultural lands and pressure to develop them, limited housing and inadequate infrastructure. Our district needs a strong and clear voice in support of local agriculture and better paying jobs in alternative energy research and production. Statewide, we need leaders committed to reducing the unnecessarily high cost of living from government inefficiency, and who are serious about getting the public education system out of its current mess.

I have provided a strong and clear voice for the North Shore on several important issues. I am President of Keep the North Shore Country, President of Waialua Little League, Chairman of the Neighborhood Board Traffic Committee and I serve on several other organizations.

More information is at GilRiviere.com . Mahalo.

SAGAYSAY, Larry (D) 67-155 Kuhi St., Waialua 96791 (808) 352-6571 lawrence_sagaysay@yahoo.com   www.lsagaysay.com

District 47

FALE, Richard (R) P.O. Box 316, Hauula 96717 (808) 772-0968 richard.fale@gmail.com   www.richardfale.com

WOOLEY, Jessica E. (D) P.O. Box 4001, Kaneohe 96744 (808) 864-0400 repwooley@gmail.com   JessicaWooley.com

District 48

ITO, Ken (D) 45-372 Kanaka St., Kaneohe 96744 (808) 235-5145 repkenito@yahoo.com  

RADKE, Mo (R) 45-674 Apuakea St., Kaneohe 96744 (808) 386-3500 mo@moradke.com   moradke.com

District 49

AIONA, Joseph (R) 813 Pomahina Pl., Kailua 96734 (808) 261-6552 josephawaii@gmail.com  

CHONG, Pono (D) P.O. Box 6602, Kaneohe 96744 (808) 227-6456 ponochong@gmail.com   www.ponochong.com

District 50

THIELEN, Cynthia (R) P.O. Box 996, Kailua 96734 (808) 261-5608 repthielen@capitol.hawaii.gov   www.cynthiathielen.com

Aloha to constituents in the 50th House District. I am running for re-election to continue my work on improving Hawaii’s economy, to create jobs in the renewable energy industry, and increase instructional days/hours in our public schools.

I have co-sponsored bills to reduce the tax burden on Hawaii’s Senior Citizens and working families, and successfully prevented an increase in the General Excise Tax. Small businesses, the backbone of our economy, need tax relief and a government that helps them thrive, and I will continue to advocate for them.

As Ranking Member on the Energy and Environmental Protection Committee, I sponsored legislation to create new jobs through using our natural energy sources to power our Islands. Instead of shipping Seven Billion Dollars a year out of state to buy foreign oil, we can and must keep much of that money here through developing a renewable energy industry.

During my annual Legislative Road Show at local schools, students said they wanted to end Furlough Fridays. Those were a bad mistake, and I worked on legislation to prevent this from happening again. I will continue to advocate for additional instructional hours/days, to make Hawaii one of the leaders in education.

As I go door-to-door to talk with constituents about these and other issues, I want to hear your concerns. Your ideas are important to me, as we work together to restart our economy and our future.

With warm aloha, Cynthia Thielen District 50 (Kailua/Kaneohe Bay)

District 51

LEE, Chris (D) 111 Hekili St., Kailua 96734 (808) 261-3088 chrisleeforhawaii@gmail.com   www.chrisleeforhawaii.com

WOLFGRAMM, Maka (R) 41-279 Huli St., Waimanalo 96795 (808) 778-0758  

Honolulu Mayor

CARLISLE, Peter (NS) 1165 Kaluanui Rd., Honolulu 96825 808-221-6804   www.petercarlisle.com

Honolulu Prosecutor

KANESHIRO, Keith (N) 3138 Waialae Ave., 707, Honolulu 96816 808-864-1586 campaign@keithkaneshiroprosecutor.com   keithkaneshiroprosecutor.com

The job of a Prosecuting Attorney is to be much more than a trial attorney. It is to be a leader within the law enforcement community to combat drugs and crime in our city. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement issues, I believe that I have the experience, knowledge and vision to be the city's Prosecutor. I have previously served as Honolulu's Prosecuting Attorney where I introduced innovative management ideas into the office. I created specialized units in sexual assault and domestic violence, and established international relationships in order to stop drugs at its source. I also served as State Public Safety Director where I supervised all prisons across the state. I introduced cost effective ways to increase bed spaces and started treatment programs for inmates.

As Prosecuting Attorney, my number one priority will be to attack the ice epidemic through a comprehensive strategy. I will focus on enforcement, treatment, prevention and education and work with all branches of government and social service agencies to reduce drugs in our community. In addition, I will reestablish specialized units for sexual assault and domestic violence cases and create additional units in juvenile and financial crime.

I have had the honor and privilege of serving our community for over 30 years. I wish to continue serving you and your family and hope that you vote for me, Keith Kaneshiro, as the next Prosecuting Attorney for the City and County of Honolulu. Mahalo.

Honolulu Council
Dist. 2

MARTIN, Ernie Yorihiko (NS) P.O. Box 235354, Honolulu 96823 (808) 228-7739 Martin4CityCouncil@gmail.com   Martin4CityCouncil.com


Over the past 20 years, I have seen many changes in the district as my wife and I raised our children. I have also learned many things about government operations in the many positions I have held for the last 23 years with the City & County of Honolulu. These, along with the discussions I have had with residents throughout the district, have provided me with a unique understanding of the district & how to make it better for all of us.

Our district is diverse with competing needs, but retaining its rural character and quality of life is important to all of us. We need to focus on the pressing issues of today while keeping an eye on and building towards our future:

  • A balanced budget can be achieved by reducing administrative costs (e.g., implementing energy efficient cost savings) while enhancing our revenues;
  • Redeveloping brown space instead of developing over our green space can create jobs without overtaxing our infrastructure;
  • Providing safe neighborhoods for all residents so that future generations can grow to thrive in our unique and rural district.

I am committed to working hard for our district and for each of our futures. I humbly ask for your vote. If you have any questions or comments please contact me through www.martin4citycouncil.com or 808-621-7077.

Mahalo for your consideration! Ernie Martin

WHITE, John D. (NS) P.O. Box 879, Kaneohe 96744 (808) 228-8339 john@johnwhite2010.com   www.johnwhite2010.com

Dist. 4

CHANG, Stanley (NS) 637 Ulumaika St., Honolulu 96816 (808) 778-5783 stanley@votestanleychang.com   www.votestanleychang.com

TURBIN, Rich (NS) 4817 Kahala Ave., Honolulu 96816 (808) 528-4000 rich@richturbin.com   www.richturbin.com

These extraordinary times require bold leadership. Honolulu faces serious problems – a fiscal crisis, a transportation crisis, infrastructure problems, and a seemingly intractable homeless problem - just to name a few.

The City Council has responsibilities to make our city livable, beautiful, and vibrant. Honolulu is where I established my law practice; where I met my wife, Rai Saint Chu; where we raised our two children, Laurel and Derek.

As Chair of the Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board for 15 years, and a member for 27 years, I worked on issues of limiting taxes, school and traffic safety, property upkeep to maintain our neighborhoods and beach vegetation encroachment. Elected by my peers as President of the Hawaii State Bar Association in 2005, I was also appointed to the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission.

My passion for public service is important. After graduating Harvard Law School, I went into the Peace Corps in Samoa. Then, I was a Deputy Public Defender and a Legal Aid lawyer.

In my own private law practice for the last 35 years, I have represented ordinary people that are victims of careless driving, negligent services and defective products. Of interest to women voters, I represented a woman whose delayed mammogram for breast cancer, resulted in her death, thus redefining the standard of care among the medical community.

By serving as a City Council member, I can affect the lives of more people. I have the breadth of experience in the legal & business sphere to move Honolulu into the 21st Century.

Dist. 6

MOEPONO, Sesnita Der-Ling (NS) P.O. Box 17638, Honolulu 96817 (808) 595-3137 votemoepono@gmail.com   votesesmoepono.com

TAMAYO, Tulsi Gabbard (NS) 55 S Kukui St, #2510, Honolulu 96813 (808) 383-5941 tulsi@votetulsi.com   www.VoteTulsi.com

Dist. 8

HARIMOTO, Breene Y. (NS) 1983 Hoomalolo St., Pearl City 96782 (808) 225-0368  

Hawaii County Council
Dist. 1

YAGONG, Dominic (NS) P.O. Box 875, Honokaa 96727 (808) 775-7122 dyagong@co.hawaii.hi.us  

Dist. 2

IKEDA, Donald (NS) 966 Kaumana Dr., #C, Hilo 96720 (808) 987-4208 dikeda@co.hawaii.hi.us  

Dist. 3

YOSHIMOTO, J. (NS) 1097 Pukana St., Hilo 96720 (808) 895-0240 jyoshimoto@co.hawaii.hi.us  

Dist. 4

ONISHI, Dennis (Fresh) (NS) 99 W. Kahaopea St., Hilo 96720 (808) 443-9282 donishi@co.hawaii.hi.us  

Dist. 5

BLAS, Fred (NS) 15-121 Kuna St., Pahoa 96778 (808) 965-6339  

NAEOLE-BEASON, Emily I. (NS) 15-2237 Kaohuwalu St., Pahoa 96778 (808) 936-8212   www.co.hawaii.hi.us/council/district05.htm

Dist. 6

ENRIQUES, Guy (NS) P.O. Box 355, Pahala 96777 (808) 217-2253   www.hawaii-county.com/council/district06.htm

SMART, Brittany (NS) P.O. Box 7151, Hilo 96720 (808) 989-6110 SmartForCouncil@gmail.com   smartforcouncil.org

I believe our County Council is failing at it’s most basic service of representing the people of the Big Island. There are a number of examples of this - the Council re-organization, 2% land fund, and Ballot Initiative #1 to name a few. The County Council is established with 9 spokespeople from around our island to help address problems and issues that face us today. I believe these are our most pressing problems, followed by how I plan to help find a solution:

Government transparency

  • Bring a county councilperson's office to the district
  • Provide county council testimony area within the office
  • Propose live streaming County Council meetings via web
  • Monthly talk stories in each area of district
  • Interactive website providing forums page & poll widgets


  • Address Ocean View well project delays
  • No water filling limits at free water spigots
  • Introduce a grey water initiative


  • Support local agriculture
  • Support alternative energy - explore all possible forms & their best application for efficient use
  • Support "buy local" marking system for products
  • Support Ag tourism

Solid Waste problems

  • Support Zero Waste Plan
  • Ensure Ocean View receives their transfer station
  • Promote recycling programs, increased recycling efforts, & public education
  • Work towards a viable solution to the Hilo Landfill

Mahalo for your interest and support in my candidacy. Please feel free to concact me via: website - SmartForCouncil.org , email - SmartForCouncil@gmail.com , Facebook and/or Twitter - Smart ForCouncil, phone - 989-6110

Dist. 7

FORD, Brenda (NS) 81-950 Makahiki Ln., Capt. Cook 96704 (808) 323-2323 labford@turquoise.net   fordforkona.org

Dist. 8

PILAGO, K. Angel (NS) 73-1224 Kaiminani Dr., Kailua-Kona 96740 (808) 325-7760 apilago@hawaii.rr.com   www.angelforcouncil.org

Candidate for Hawaii County Council District 8 North Kona - 65 years old, married to Nita Pilago - 4 years Hawaii County Council 2004-2008 - Retired State Counselor - I strongly support Clean Elections Legislation, Open-government with Transparency, and Public Funded Elections.


Bring FAIR & EQUAL politics to our government & FACILITATE strong citizens’participation. INTEGRATE the Community Development Plans into our Planning processes so ALL OUR FAMILIES have a HEALTHY & SECURE quality of life. STRONGLY SUPPORT our Police, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Personnel, so WE CAN ENFORCE our PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY LAWS. LEGISLATE for our working families to have AFFORDABLE HOUSING, SAFE TRANSPORTATION, and GOOD JOBS WITH DECENT WAGES. I PROMISE TO WORK HARD to build a GOOD COMMUNITY and a RESPECTFUL and JUST SOCIETY.


Vietnam Veteran-Silver Star for Heroism - Vice-Chair County Council 2006-2008 - 2006 Public Policy Advocate Award - 2002 Environmental Law Institute Award - 1997 and 2000 Landmark Supreme Court Wins protecting Cultural and Environmental Resources


Sunshine Law and Open Government-Conduct Equal number of Council Meetings between East and West Hawaii - Transparency-establish Video-Conferencing of Council meetings between Hilo-Waimea-Kona - Move and Approve West Hawaii Civic Center - Created West Hawaii Planning Commission - Established Kailua Village Business Improvement District - Promoted Community Development Plans - Secured land for Makalei Fire Station - Assist with “Safe Routes To School” - Completed Coastview-Wonderview Water Improvement District - Initiated Pu’ukala Water Improvement District - Secured Honl’s-Waiaha and Kohanaiki County Parks - Created Kuleana Tax Exemption for Hawaii Island - Enacted ban on GMO Coffee and Taro

Dist. 9

HOFFMANN, Pete (NS) 68-1783 Lua Kula Pl., Waikoloa 96738 (808) 883-8547 petehoffmann@hawaii.rr.com  

I believe I am the best candidate for County Councilman in the 9th District because of my six years experience on the Council, two of which were served as Council Chair. I have a better grasp of the issues that affect our district and County, and have a proven record of positive, effective legislation. My door-to-door campaign efforts, frequent attendance at and hosting of town meetings, as well as the preparation of constituent surveys provide me with valuable insights into the needs of my district and resident opinions. My voting record reflects my primary objective as a public representative: to support in a positive manner issues that my constituents support, void of any hint of political 'correctness'. I seek another term to continue to speak out forcefully on such diverse issues as land use reform, energy and agricultural self-sufficiency, budgetary common sense, affordable housing and environmental protection. The recent crafting of a comprehensive resolution to promote regulation of the aquarium industry reflects my ability to work in a pro-active manner with my Council colleagues as well as private groups and organizations to resolve a most contentious issue. My record demonstrates honest representation and qualifies me for another term on the County Council.

Maui Mayor

ARAKAWA, Alan M. (NS) 407 Kamehameha Ave., Kahului 96732 (808) 871-4301 keith@arakawa2010.com   www.arakawa2010.com

I humbly ask for your consideration and vote on September 18th. We need an experienced leader who understands our needs and will work hard to get us back on track. My parents’ words of wisdom growing up were simple, but something I will always remember. They said, "When you are faced with a problem, you need to take action to fix it; otherwise, you are part of the problem." This is what drives me to be involved.

There is no doubt that the economy and job are the two top issues facing the people of Maui County. If provided the opportunity to serve, we will immediately focus on economic revitalization and job creation from day one. We will resolve the Upcountry water issues, push forward real sustainability initiatives and reinvigorate our housing industry.

We will return common sense back to government and ensure that government is there to help people and small businesses -- not hurt them. We will be accessible to our community and actively seek input in order to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

We will build a brighter future so that our keiki and kupuna may continue to call Maui Nui home.

Having served as Mayor, I will use my experience to get us back on track. The lessons learned and experience gained during my term as Mayor will allow us to move quickly, take corrective action and make our community strong again.

TAVARES, Charmaine (NS) P.O. Box 355, Wailuku 96793 (808) 283-2818   www.charmainetavares.org

Maui Council

NISHIKI, Kai (NS) P.O. Box 907, Haiku 96708 (808) 283-0566 kai.nishiki@gmail.com   www.kainishiki.com

Aloha, my name is Kai Nishiki, I was born and raised on Maui and deeply love these islands. As the mother of three children, I am committed to shaping a future for Maui that helps our families have an opportunity to both earn a living and enjoy life. I am the youngest candidate running for the Ha’iku-Makawao-Pa’ia seat, but have the longest experience with the Maui County Council. I grew up around the Council. I have spent many hours there advocating for our community and our people. Water. Land. Oceans. Parks. Agricultural self-sufficiency. Small-town businesses. These are areas where I currently endeavor to help shape sound policy.

I believe that to sit on the County Council, a candidate must be strong in many areas. Three of my strengths are a commitment for research, getting the facts about issues, and bringing diverse groups together to find solutions. As a longtime Maui small-businessperson, I will bring an energetic, independent, business and tech savvy voice to our county council. My knowledge of County procedures will allow me to go to work for you, from the first day on the job. We face important decisions ahead -shaping a new economy, protecting our irreplaceable natural and cultural resources, and improving our quality of life. If you believe we can do better than the business-as-usual approach to County government, I would be honored to serve as your representative. Like you, I believe a better future is possible if we make wise choices. Mahalo!

WHITE, Mike (NS) 1135 Olinda Rd., Makawao 96768 (808) 281-4905 mike@mikewhiteforcouncil.com   mikewhiteforcouncil.com

South Maui

COUCH, Don (NS) P.O. Box 1212, Kihei 96753 (808) 283-3605 don@doncouch.com   doncouch.com

NISHIKI, Wayne K. (NS) 2895 S. Kihei Rd., #302, Kihei 96753 (808) 268-9817 wayne.nishiki@mauicounty.us   www.co.maui.hi.us/index.aspx?nid=582

West Maui

COCHRAN, Elle (NS) 10 Halawai Dr., #1, Lahaina 96761 (808) 281-7709 ellecochran@gmail.com   electelle.com

FUKUYAMA, Alan (NS) 855 Kuialua St., Lahaina 96761 (808) 357-4566   www.lahainanews.com/page/content.detail/id/501170.html

Kauai Mayor

CARVALHO, Bernard P., Jr. (NS) 4650 Mailihuna Rd., Kapaa 96746 (808) 635-7489   bernardcarvalho.com

Kauai Council (7)

ASING, Bill (Kaipo) (NS) 4113 Palau Mahu St., Lihue 96766 (808) 245-5555 kasing@kauai.gov   www.kauai.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=188

BIEBER, Rolf H. (NS) 5015 Malie Rd., Kapaa 96746 (808) 821-2194 rolfhb2@yahoo.com  

BYNUM, Tim (NS) 5935 Kololia Pl., Kapaa 96746 (808) 822-1652 tim@timbynum.com   www.timbynum.com

CHANG, Dickie (Walaau) (NS) P.O. Box 3944, Lihue 96766 (808) 635-8800 votechang@dickiechang.com   dickiechang.com

DALIGDIG, Ted III (NS) 329 Kanae Pl., Kapaa 96746 (808) 639-6478  

FOWLER, Dennis M. (NS) P.O. Box 223554, Princeville 96722 (808) 826-0030  

FURFARO, Jay (NS) P.O. Box 223224, Princeville 96722 (808) 652-1550 jay@jayfurfaro.org   www.jayfurfaro.org

JUSTUS, Ed (NS) P.O. Box 770, Hanapepe 96716 (808) 335-6469 VotersForEdJustus@hotmail.com   www.VotersForEdJustus.com

KAWAKAMI, Derek S.K. (NS) 5077 Kawaihau Rd., Kapaa 96746 (808) 639-3790 derek.kawakami@hawaiiantel.net   derekkawakami.com

KUALII, KipuKai Les P. (NS) 4210 Rice St., #A-2, Lihue 96766 (808) 652-3684 kipukai.kualii@gmail.com   www.kualii.org

NAKAMURA, Nadine K. (NS) 4849 Iiwi Rd., Kapaa 96746 (808) 822-0388 nknplan@hawaii.rr.com   www.NadineNakamura.com

RAPOZO, Mel (NS) 3236 Inouye St., Lihue 96766 (808) 645-0243   www.melforcouncil.com

TAYLOR, Ken (NS) 1720A Makaleha Pl., Kapaa 96746 (808) 823-8527 taylork021@hawaii.rr.com  

YUKIMURA, JoAnn A. (NS) 2749 Kapena St., Lihue 96766 (808) 652-3988 jyukimura@gmail.com   www.JoAnnYukimura.com

School Board I
4th Dept/Central (1)

CLARKE, Eileen Ishihara (NS) 98-1661 Apala Lp., Aiea 96701 (808) 486-0888 eileen33clarke@yahoo.com   lilinote.k12.hi.us/STATE/BOE/HomePage.nsf/8525608c005e322585255d7c00545af7/c2abe486ad2498b70a25655b00004baa?OpenDocument

5th Dept/Leeward (1)

AROLA, James (NS)

KURSHALS, Maralyn A. (NS) maralynleewardboe@gmail.com   www.maralynkurshals.com

I have over 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, working with children and youth, people with disabilities, single parents, residents of housing shelters and the Native Hawaiian community. I have been involved in educational issues as a volunteer in my children’s schools when they were young. I was an elementary school substitute teacher, taught the C-Base curriculum, a high school equivalency program and living skills to teens at Waipahu and Wai`anae High School. As a job developer in several housing shelters, I instructed adults in resume writing, interview and employment research skills. My community service includes being on the Palolo Neighborhood Board and several terms on the Wai`anae Neighborhood Board as the education chair.

I believe responsive leadership and community building will help create successful schools. We need to provide our students with quality core curriculum as well as programs for the arts and cultural based learning so all of our students can succeed. We now have an AYP (adequate yearly progress) score of 51% in our schools, and I know we can do even better. A BOE representative needs to be responsive to the concerns and solutions offered by the professionals in education and most importantly from families and students as well as the community. Our job is to set policy and create an efficient and productive educational system in Hawai`i. I believe my diverse background and depth of experience will bring positive leadership to the Board of Education. Please visit my website: maralynkurshals.com

O'NEAL, David (NS) P.O. Box 971746, Waipahu 96797 (808) 294-3040 davidonealforboe@gmail.com   www.davidoneal4boe.com

I am married to Katherine Barcelona, a public school teacher born and raised in Hawaii, and I have three children. Two attend public school at Kalei'opu'u Elementary and one attends Kamehameha Schools.

We need to make education our top priority in Hawaii. That means our elected officials must place a premium on education, to ensure the proper funding is provided and our children are never again subjected to furloughs, or suffer due to politics. That means the Department of Education must budget wisely and creatively to minimize spending while providing necessary services and programs. That means principals must be strong leaders, to ensure the continued improvement of test scores and proficiency in real-life skills in the classrooms. That means teachers must be supported, rather than frustrated by ever-changing mandates. That means our schools must be properly maintained, and new schools must be built as new communities are developed. That means our parents must support their children and support their schools and teach our keiki the value of education.

As a member of the Board of Education, I will work hard to continue the progress that has been made. I will be accessible to the parents of public school children, I will be accessible to principals and teachers, I will visit schools, I will meet with Administrators, I will be an advocate for our keiki, and I will be your voice to make sure you are heard.

Please email me with any questions: davidonealforboe@gmail.com.

6th Dept/Windward (1)

FREITAS, Valzey (NS) 47-381 Ahuimanu Rd., Kaneohe 96744 (808) 781-3827  

I am the parent of two teenage children attending public schools. I feel the Board of Education should have true parental representation in its decision making processes. I am running for the Windward District BOE to do my part in ensuring Hawaii’s students receive the best public education possible, and to help prepare them for success in college and beyond.

I have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am the Owner and Manager of Oogles n Googles a Children’s “Education and Entertainment” Franchise and the Coordinator of the Parent Information and Resource Centers program. I am born and raised in Kaneohe, and have enjoyed serving my community as a Castle Complex Parent Leaders & Education Summit Planning Committee Member and PTA President and Vice President at Ahuimanu Elementary.

PENEBACKER, John R. (NS) 902 Maunawili Rd., Kailua 96734 (808) 263-4002  

Oahu-at-large (3)

BAILEY, Melanie (NS) 659 Mokapu Rd., Kailua 96734 (808) 277-5121 alohamelaniebailey@yahoo.com  

As the mother of a school age child, furloughs got me involved in public education. I believe in positive solutions, and began researching legislative requirements for instructional time throughout the country. I was instrumental in passing HB2486, mandating the minimum number of school days per year.

As a BOE member I want to:

  • make sure our children’s success is the basis for every decision.
  • be a fresh set of eyes looking for positive solutions.
  • be a supportive partner to the Department of Education.
  • focus on improvement, not just setting goals.

I have worked in management of successful multi-million dollar companies. I am comfortable working with numbers, analyzing data, and making fiscally sound business decisions. As a Human Resources Manager, I have experience evaluating effective employees, working with contracts (including labor contracts), and working with the complicated nuances of employment relationships to build consensus and achieve collaborative results.

As a volunteer, I have worked on crisis hotlines and with at risk individuals throughout my life. I have also been the Treasurer of Aikahi Elementary School PTSA, Lanikai Canoe Club and the International Hawaiian Canoe Association.

My work in the legislature and with the community this year will be a big advantage as the Board of Education works to reform and improve the quality of Hawaii’s public education. I want the people of Hawaii to speak with pride about our public schools. Please vote for me on Election Day!

alohamelaniebailey@yahoo.com , Facebook: Melanie BaileyCandidate

IWAMOTO, Kim Coco (NS) P.O.Box 235191, Honolulu 96823 (808) 373-0017 info@kimcoco.com   kimcoco.com

Thank you for caring about Hawaii’s public education system and keeping yourself informed about candidates for the Board of Education.

My priority has always been, and will continue to be, students first.

  • I spoke out against reducing student instructional days long before furlough Fridays became a reality.
  • I testified at the legislature and pleaded with our lawmakers to fully-fund our children’s education.
  • I met with the governor to ask her to stop putting politics before our students’ welfare.

The top three areas that will require the greatest focus are:

  1. Replicate models of instruction delivery that have already improved student achievement in similarly situated schools.
  2. Fortify DOE's data collection and analysis system so that each decision we make maximizes educational opportunities for every student;
  3. Leverage competitive salaries and professional development to recruit and retain highly-qualified, highly-effective teachers who can ensure our children are prepared for 21st Century challenges and expectations.

As an attorney, I am trained to think critically, analyze the data, and present well-reasoned solutions. I use these skills to do what is in the best interests of our students.

I look forward to working with a legislature that has the courage to do what it must to fully fund a high-performing public education system. And I look forward to working with a governor who has the wisdom to recognize that the long-term investment in our future begins with our children and their education.

To learn more, please visit my website: kimcoco.com . Thank you.

TAKABAYASHI, Roger Kiyoshi (NS) 1292 Ala Mahamoe St., Honolulu 96819 (808) 839-4770  

YAMANE, Brian Y. (NS) 939 19th Ave., Honolulu 96816 (808) 753-1615 yamaneb@gmail.com  

YEE, Randall M.L. (NS) 4017 Hoku Ave., Honolulu 96816 (808) 524-4501 rmly@hawaii.rr.com  

YOUNG, Pamela (NS) P.O. Box 4444, Honolulu 96812 (808) 626-0780 pamelayounghawaii@gmail.com  

All children deserve a quality education, consistent with their abilities. It is critical to a child’s success in life to acquire proficiency in the basic subjects and to receive a well-rounded education. I will focus on improving student proficiency and reducing dropout rates. For low-performing schools and students, we should provide additional resources. Unfortunately, the state’s budget crisis has had an adverse effect on education.

I was motivated to run for the Board of Education because I believe I can help resolve the budget crisis. I am a CPA, and have been the head of the accounting section of the City and County of Honolulu since 1992. Like the DOE, the City also has a multi-billion dollar budget.

A good board consists of a variety of individuals with different skills, knowledge and experience. Board members complement each other and work together toward accomplishing their mission and goals. In addition to being an accountant, I have extensive community service experience working with elected officials and labor leaders. I have served on the Neighborhood Board No. 35 for the past 13 years, and with the HGEA for the past 11 years. At the present time, I am the president of the HGEA Professional and Scientific Unit 13, which consists of 7,000 members.

Given the complexity of the issues facing the BOE, I believe my knowledge, experience and skills in the aforementioned areas would assist me in working effectively with the BOE, community, elected officials and union leaders in improving our educational system.

School Board II

Hawaii County LWV sent a questionnaire the School Board II candidates, requesting their positions on various issues. Their replies are posted here (www.lwv-hawaii.com/survey) .

Maui 2nd Dept (1)

HART, R. Ray (NS) 467 Kalalau Pl., Kihei 96753 (808) 264-2261 rrhart@aol.com   home.rr.com/rrayhart

I was a teacher for 40 years, working my last 12 years with the Hawaii State Public School System on Maui. My wife, Carla, has worked as a clerk for the Hawai'i State Public Library for 11 years. The youngest of our 3 children graduated from Baldwin High School.

In addition to a long teaching career, I served as union president on Maui and in Washington state. Currently I am the Maui district president of Hawaii State Teachers Association-Retired(HSTA-R) and treasurer for South Maui Learning Ohana(SMLO), an education nonprofit. I was a negotiator for the state teacher's union and am past chair of the Hawaii Special Education Advisory Council. I also worked with a group of dedicated Maui residents to create Maui's first public charter school. Previously I served as chair of the executive board University of Washington College of Education and chapter president of Phi Delta Kappa, a professional association for educators and education honorary. My graduate work is in curriculum.

It is very important to have an experienced public school teacher on the Hawaii BOE. Teachers work daily with students, parents, other teachers, and administrators prioritizing the student in all decision.

Education policy must always, first, consider the benefit for students and their education. Budget adjustments and program changes should always be made based on what is best for the students.

ROCHA-WILSON, Leona (NS) 192 Halau Pl., Kihei 96753 (808) 874-3077 lonarw1937@aol.com  

…Grandparents From Portugal arrived Hawaii late 1800’s to work sugar plantation. …Leona was born and reared in Hamakuapoko to Mary and Frank Rocha. …Graduated Baldwin High. …Joined the Army. First group of women to graduate Dental Technicial school, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. …Graduated Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Utilized the G.I.Bill. Studied 8 years at night. AAS Degree. …Continued education at Pace College, Marketing. …Formed Company called “Fashionetics, Inc.” New York. …Issued U.S. Patents…most notable “Fashion Ruler”. This product continues to be sold today. …First Woman President of “American Home Sewing Association”. A National organization comprised of Manufacturers and Producers of Fabrics, Notions, Sewing machines, How to books, etc. …Hosted a National T.V. show for Life Time Cable. “The Sewing Show”. …Spokesperson for Vogue/Butterick Company. Responsible for all Media. …Spokesperson for National program “Crafted with Pride, Made in USA”. Responsible for all Media. …Returning resident…full time since 2006. Part- time resident for the last twenty-one years. Returning twice a year for several months at a time. …Member of U.H. Maui College Chancellor’s Advisory Committee. …Member of Hawaii Community Foundation Advisory…Maui. …Hostess of Cable UHMaui T.V. show “Go School No Come Like Me”. A half hour T.V. show encouraging adults to nurture a child to stay in school. …Working Farmer …currently growing 300 Koa’ia trees on a five and a half acre farm on Maui. …Proud parent of one Son, Daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. All attended Public School. …Hobbies….play golf , love gardening, and enjoy cooking for family and friends. Also, enjoy speaking and promoting education when ever and where ever possible.

OHA Trustee

See the Special Election Section at the OHA website for more OHA information and additional OHA candidates' statements.

Island of Maui (1)

MOSSMAN, Boyd Poki (NS) 121 Ala Apapa Pl., Makawao 96768 (808) 250-7654  

Island of Oahu (1)

APO, Peter (NS) 98-021 Kamehameha Highway, #212, Aiea 96701 (808) 256-6191 peterapocompany@gmail.com   www.peterapocompany.com

Who am I? Why should you vote for me?

I am guided by a vision in which Hawaiian values are a unifying force in a multicultural Hawai’i where all cultures and ethnicities are respected and cherished. Hawaiians should be major stakeholders in a future that balances economic development, environmental sustainability and cultural integrity. Driven by this vision, I have been committed for the last 35 years to public and community service, elected and appointed to numerous public offices including the first board of trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in 1980. In 1982 I was elected to the Hawai'i State House of Representatives for Waianae, Makaha and North Kaua’i, where I served for 14 years. I later held positions in City & and County and State government, including Director of Culture & Arts for Honolulu, Special Assistant on Hawaiian Affairs to Governor Cayetano, and Director of Waikiki Development. In 2001 I started the Peter Apo Company, which works with developer clients in designing toward a Hawaiian sense of place for the tourism industry, government, and other institutions. I have been recognized with various awards, including the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce’s O’o Award in 2008 and a Nā Hoku Hanohano Music Award in 1989.

With this broad experience, I hope to serve the Hawaiian community as a trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, working toward a shared vision in which Hawaiian cultural values unify, rather then divide, all the people of Hawai’i. Where go Hawaiians, so goes Hawai’i.

BURKE, Jackie Kahookele (NS) 929 Hala Dr., Honolulu 96817 (808) 222-4428 kahookele13@yahoo.com  


Culturally based with academic training; a love for the `aina and people; a “Renaissance Thinker”.

”I lift, you lift, and together we rise! Hapai au, hapai `oe, I luna kakou! (SN)

EDUCATION: Kamehameha Schools 1970, UH - Manoa – Masters in Public Health & Masters in Urban & Regional Planning (C) 2000

EXPERIENCE: Travel Industry; Media – Radio, TV & Magazine/Newspaper; Small Business Owner: Insurance Agent; Publisher -The `O Files – Hawn Newspaper; Breakfast In Bed Catering; Consultant –Business/ Community Development; Non-Profit Boards as Member & Officer; Artist and Musician.

WHY RUNNING? At this time of transitions, there are opportunities for Hawaiians if we shift our perspectives in defining our connections to the greater community we live in. The Akaka Bill is not designed to offer that opportunity, because OHA excluded us in that course of action in their top down approach. My opponents have government experience, but at this time, I think it works against us, in that they are committed to one way of delivering policy. I offer a broader range of experience and knowledge having worked in grass roots, published an independent Hawaiian newspaper and returned to college as a single mother to empower and increase capacity for my family, my community and myself. The future is choosing leaders wisely, not on name recognition, and I humbly ask you to consider my background and the merits of my work as an independent thinker and doer.

HEEN, Walter Meheula (NS) 5088 Poola St., Honolulu 96821 (808) 223-2980   www.oha.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=636&Itemid=137

No Island Res. Req (3)

AKANA, Rowena M. N. (NS) 5562 Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu 96821 (808) 594-1860 rowenaa@oha.org   www.rowenaakana.org

HOPKINS, Kama (NS) 95-642 Hamumu St., #H208, Mililani 96789 (808) 927-2779 kamakane73@gmail.com   www.kamahopkins2010.org

Aloha kākou! ‘O au nō ‘o Kama Hopkins. I was raised in Kāne‘ohe, O‘ahu and I am the eldest of three children of Toni and Tim Hopkins. I am the father of three, Kamalani, Keahonui and Kamalia. My sweetheart, Kalehua, and I currently reside in Mililani, O‘ahu.

For the past 3 years, I have worked on the staff of Trustee Lindsey of OHA and I have seen that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs has made strides in trying to “better the conditions of Native Hawaiians”. OHA has expanded their loan programs to help our Hawaiian families and business owners. It has also partnered with other Hawaiian organizations to assist with the work in the areas of education, health, housing, legal action when needed and much, much more. However, more can be done.

For most of my professional career, I have been a teacher and teaching has also taught me a basic principle, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” In this new decade, I believe we need to communicate more with one another and work together to accomplish our goals. We need to grow our financial investments at OHA and in turn invest more in our Hawaiian people. These three goals, improving communication, growing our financial portfolio and investing more in our people are the things that I would like to accomplish as a Trustee for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

We need a good plan. We need to work together. I need your help. I need your vote. Aloha!

KALIMA, Leona Mapuana (NS) 41-218 Lupe St., Waimanalo 96795 (808) 426-1042  

LEWIS, Joseph Kuhio (NS) 91-1346 Kinoiki St., Kapolei 96707 (808) 389-2006   www.josephklewis.com/experience.html

MAKEKAU, Kealii J. (NS) P.O.Box 372071, Honolulu 96837 (808) 947-4343 info@kealiimakekau.com  

Kealii J. Makekau, affectionately know as “Makekau” is running for one of the three seats in the OHA Trustee at large election 2010 for the state of Hawaii. In a race that has no island residency required and nine candidates vying for three seats Kealii’s motivating philosophical quote is “Truth is not determined by majority vote ~Doug Gwyn”

Kealii was born august 20th 1970 on Oahu, residing his whole life just outside the Waikiki/Kapahulu Southside area.

Kealii graduated from Saint Louis high school and attended K.C.C but never earned a degree choosing rather to work and assist in care giving for his mother.

Kealii is single with no kids and is the youngest of five brothers and uncle to two nephews and one niece.


  • Sheraton Waikiki 12yrs banquets
  • Resident Manager for Lani Home Inc, 9yrs
  • Non Profits such as YMCA, Elks club, Native Hawaiian Collation

Political Philosophy:
Kealii describes himself as a “Independent” and defines that as one who defends and promotes liberty as a Heritage and a Destiny.

Why Kealii is running for office:
He said as a trustee, my hope is to bring new perspectives and values to the Office of Hawaiian affairs through my cultural and governmental experience. Love and respect for the Hawaiian people have inspired me to assist OHA navigate our complex modern world.

Most Important Issues:
The long-term sustainability of Native Hawaiian Assets that provide for all of OHA’s efforts, like education, land management, fiscal resilience, economic sustainability and youth awareness.

MEYERS, William (Willy) (NS) P.O. Box 491, Papaikou 96781 (808) 896-3422  

ODEGAARD, Michael Malulani (NS) 77-116 Laaloa Ave., Kailua-Kona 96740 (808) 673-6672   www.scribd.com/doc/31285592/Michael-E-Malulani-K-Odegaard-Bio

STENDER, Oswald (Oz) (NS) 1064 Maunawili Rd., Kailua 96734 (808) 262-9920   www.oha.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=642&Itemid=137

WAIHEE, John IV (NS) 733 Ulumaika St., Honolulu 96816 (808) 594-1856   www.oha.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=635&Itemid=137

The candidates list, addresses, and phone numbers, are based on the 7/23/10 Board of Elections "Candidate Report".
Photos, email and web addresses were found on the web, in the newspaper, or supplied by the candidate.







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