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Updated: 11/10/2016

Election 2016

Data from: Office of Elections Primary Election Final Summary Report (8/13/16)

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U.S. Senator

Schatz, Brian (D) *
P.O. Box 3828, Honolulu 96812. (808) 664-0062 info@brianschatz.com   brianschatz.com

I have had the privilege of serving in the U.S. Senate since December 2012. Since then, I have obtained a seat on the Appropriations Committee, and I currently serve as the lead Democrat on the Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet.

In my position as an appropriator, I have helped obtain millions in federal funding for Hawaii’s priorities including transportation, housing, clean energy research, defense, and military and VA construction. In my role on the communications subcommittee, I have introduced legislation to promote tele-health, to protect Wi-Fi access to the internet, and to open up government data to improve services to support new discoveries in the private sector.

Before entering the U.S. Senate, I served as the Lieutenant Governor and for eight years in the Hawaii State House of Representatives. These positions helped provide me with insights on Hawaii’s priorities and how to effectively work with federal, state, and county officials and stakeholders to achieve meaningful results.

I believe that all of us have a responsibility to leave Hawaii a better place for our children and grandchildren, and that I have an opportunity to do that by serving in the U.S. Senate. In particular, I am focused on opportunities to bring more federal resources to Hawaii for priorities like education, transportation and clean energy.

Having served in the U.S. Senate for over three years, I am well positioned to continue addressing Hawaii’s long term needs and to help bring Hawaii’s values of service and mutual respect to the work I do in Washington.

Dec. 26, 2012: Governor Neil Abercrombie appointed then Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz to replace the late Senator Inouye, in response to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's request that Abercrombie choose Inouye's successor quickly for any possible 'fiscal cliff' vote in the days ahead.]

U.S. Representative

U.S. Representative
District 01 - southeastern parts of the City & County of Honolulu, including downtown Honolulu, and the towns of Aiea, Mililani, Pearl City, Waipahu and Waimalu

Hanabusa, Colleen Wakako (D)
3660 Waokanaka St., Honolulu 96817. (808) 428-3599 info@hanabusaforhawaii.com   www.hanabusaforhawaii.com

I am running for Congress, to represent the First Congressional District of Hawaii, because it is critically important for Hawaii to have a Representative who understands the legislative process, can work across the aisle, and has the experience to deliver.

Having held this seat for two terms, I am familiar with the critical issues facing our district, our state, and our country. While I wish I was running under different circumstances, the untimely passing of Congressman Mark Takai has created the need for someone who can hit the ground running. I appreciate and admire all of Mark's hard work and I would be honored to once again represent this district.

Having a wealth of knowledge from being born and raised in Hawaii, working as a labor attorney for over three decades, serving in the Hawaii State Senate, the US House of Representatives, and serving on the HART Board, I believe I have the knowledge and skills to represent Hawaii with Aloha. I am humbled to have the opportunity to return to Washington and I would be privileged and honored to represent Hawaii again.

[2012: candidate for U.S. Representative, Dist. 01. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

U.S. Representative
District 02 - northern and western Oahu, along with the entirety of the state's other islands, the district includes Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii counties, along with part of Honolulu County

Gabbard, Tulsi (D) *
P.O. Box 75561, Kapolei 96707. (808) 861-0793 aloha@votetulsi.com   votetulsi.com

From a young age, I learned the importance of living “aloha” and grew to understand that true happiness is found in serving others. I’ve held this close to my heart and have tried to apply the principles of servant-leadership throughout my life, whether through my non-profit organization educating our keiki about environmental stewardship, my service with the Hawai‘i Army National Guard, or representing the people of Hawai‘i in the State Legislature, Honolulu City Council, or now in the United States Congress. In my life, I’ve found that the most effective way to work toward true progress and solutions is with aloha, a servant attitude, and a commitment to bringing people together around how best to be of service. Every day, I strive to work with this mindset.

Having served at all three levels of government, in the non-profit sector, and in our National Guard on two Middle East deployments, I bring a well-rounded wealth of experience to Congress. As one of the few combat veterans to serve in Congress, I bring a unique voice of leadership based on firsthand experience to the decisions that Congress is charged to make with respect to deciding when and where our troops are sent into harm’s way.

I love Hawaiʻi, and appreciate the specialness of the people and place we are so fortunate to call home. I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to serve the people of Hawaiʻi these last 4 years, and am hopeful for the opportunity to continue that service.

[2012: candidate for U.S. Representative, Dist. 02. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator

State Senator
District 01 - Hilo

Kahele, Kaiall'i (D) *
21A Kanoelehua Avenue, Hilo 96720. (808) 498-6338 senatorkaikahele@gmail.com   www.senatorkahele.com

Senator Kaialiʻi Kahele (Kai) is a native Hawaiian from Hilo, Hawaiʻi. The son of the late Senator Gilbert Kahele, Kai was appointed to the 1st Senatorial District representing Hilo on February 17th 2016 by Governor David Ige. A 1992 graduate of Hilo High School, Kai pursued his higher education at Hawaiʻi Community College, the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and received his BS in Education from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in 1998. He is a commercial airline pilot with Hawaiian Airlines and a Major in the Hawaiʻi Air National Guard. A combat veteran, Kai is a C-17 pilot and has flown extensively in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom in support of the war on terrorism. He is married to wife Maria and they have three girls. Kai is also the former executive director of Paʻa Pono Miloliʻi, a native Hawaiian non-profit that supports cultural and educational programs for children in the fishing village of Miloliʻi in South Kona.

State Senator
District 02 - Puna, Kaʻu

Ruderman, Russell E. (D) *
HC 1 Box 5352, Keaau 96749. (808) 443-1703 russell@russellruderman.com   www.russellruderman.com

I have been Senator from Puna and Ka'u for the last four years, after winning a 4-way race for the newly created senate district. I can use the people and financial skills that I've learned in growing a business from scratch to over 200 employees. I was awarded SBA State of Hawaii Businessperson of the Year for 2015 at the White House, an acknowledgement of my accomplishments in the face of challenges. Having been a citizen activist for many years on environmental and social justice issues, it is gratifying to have a stronger voice as an elected official. I have hosted LWV on my Ruderman Roundtable series on Good Government, on the ThinkTech Hawaii channel. I also participated in Civil Beat's forums on good government and local foods.

I am very proud of my 200 employees, because it is the people part of business that motivates me. I established a voluntary $10/hr minimum wage, after advocating for higher minimum wage at the legislature. As a business owner with a massive payroll, I am in a rare position for advocating for higher wages and workers’ rights. .

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 02. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 09 - Hawai‘i Kai, Kuli‘ou‘ou, Niu, ‘Aina Haina, Wai‘alae-Kahala, Diamond Head

Chang, Stanley (D)
637 Ulumaika St., Honolulu 96816. (808) 778-5783 Stanlely@StanleyChang.com   www.stanleychang.com

My desire to run for office stems from my parents. They're both immigrants from China who arrived in Hawaiʻi with nothing. My dad started out as a beach boy in Waikīkī. They were able to work hard, save, buy a home, put my brother and me through school, and give us great opportunities. But today, 90% of my high school class at ʻIolani went to college on the mainland, and most haven't come back. My brother lives in Dallas, where he bought a house that's bigger, newer, and nicer than our house here. I want to serve the people of Hawaiʻi to address this fundamental issue: ensuring that each future generation is able to have a good quality of life, opportunities, and the ability raise a family here at home.

East Honolulu deserves a senator who listens and can deliver for the people. On the City Council, I was proud to triple the City’s road maintenance program, repaving roads in Hawaii Kai, Kaimuki, Aina Haina, and Niu Valley. We banned smoking at parks and beaches, funded the Niu Valley Playground, and preserved the Hao Street and Hawea/Keawawa parcels in Aina Haina and Hawaii Kai respectively. In this election, I have knocked on over 13,000 doors to ask what community issues are most important to our district. I look forward to addressing homelessness, repairing our infrastructure, and preserving the residential character of our neighborhoods.

State Senator
District 10 - Kaimuki, Kapahulu, Palolo, Maunalani Heights, St. Louis Heights, Mo‘ili‘ili, Ala Wai

Ihara, Jr., Les (D) *
719 12th Avenue, Honolulu 96816. (808) 737-2246 lesiharajr@gmail.com   www.lesiharajr.org

In legislative politics, I’ve been on a path to make democracy work as it should and to walk the talk of public integrity. I believe democracy works when people make choices about their common future through elections and public policy-making processes. I support competition in elections, and encourage 10th senatorial district voters to learn about my competitor, David Farrell. and myself before choosing their next senator. As a legislator, I developed the Legislative Broadcast Program and Public Access Room, and led efforts for open voting in House, Senate, and conference committees.

My community work includes co-founding the New Kapahulu Business Association, Kaimuki/Kapahulu Neighborhood Security Watch Program, and Friends for Diamond Head; membership in the Kaimuki Lions Club, Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA, and Kaimuki Business & Professional Association; and service as Palolo Neighborhood Board vice chair, Palolo Community Council treasurer, and Kapahulu Jaycees director.

I’m a 30-year veteran of the legislature, having served 22 years in the Senate, as majority leader, policy leader, and co-chair of the Legislative Committee on Aging in Place. I also served eight years in the House, as majority floor leader and Intergovernmental Relations Committee chair. My legislative interests include senior citizen issues, environmental protection, economic development, legislative access, campaign finance and ethics reforms.

I’ve been recognized by: Common Cause Hawaii, Hawaii Pro-Democracy Initiative, Hawaii Technology Trade Association, Small Business Hawaii, Hawaii Alliance for Retired Americans, AARP, Hawaii Sierra Club, and Hawaii’s Thousand Friends.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 10. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 11 - Manoa, Makiki, Punchbowl, Papakolea

Taniguchi, Brian T. (D) *
2140 Armstrong St., Honolulu 96822. (808) 291-7106 btaniguchi69@gmail.com  

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2012 statement:) Aloha,

The future depends on what we do today. We cannot lose sight of what Hawaii truly stands for and what that means for our children and grandchildren. Whenever I look at my grandson, Roycen, I am energized to focus on the future and to do the right things now.

Education is such an important part of the future and the erosion of our public school system should be of great concern. Many in our district have made great sacrifices to send their children to private schools because they know how important a good education is. Because both my children, Karli and Daniel, attended public schools, I know that many of the challenges facing our schools are simply because we are not providing adequate resources. We need to spend more money on public education. We cannot shortchange our children and grandchildren and allow further budget cuts and furloughs.

I have fought hard at the Legislature for our Roosevelt Complex schools. I helped provide funding for the new Roosevelt Football Field. I organized stakeholeders to improve Stevenson Middle School with a new Science Learning Center and have helped all my district schools with school-initiated projects.

I know how to get things done. But I also know that it takes teamwork to get things done. I am a team player who works well with my fellow legislators and community stakeholders. I hope you will allow me to continue to continue my work by voting for me for on August 11. Mahalo.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 11. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 13 - Liliha, Palama, Iwilei, Kalihi, Nu‘uanu, Pacific Heights, Pauoa, Lower Tantalus, Downtown

Rhoads, Karl (D)
P.O. Box 37443, Honolulu 96837. (808) 271-5995 karl@karlrhoads.org   www.karlrhoads.org

I was first elected to the House in 2006. My record indicates I am a strong proponent of open, transparent government and that I believe all citizens should be encouraged to participate in the political process. I am also deeply concerned about the corrosive influence unlimited, unreported campaign spending will have on our system in the wake of the Citizens United decision.

As chair of the Judiciary Committee for the last four years, I have helped pass bills to institute same day voter registration (which will be partially implemented this year) and to require full reporting of the source of funding for SuperPAC’s operating in the State (a bill I introduced myself). I have also passed several other important bills out of the Committee that did not ultimately pass including bills to implement a more robust public financing scheme for legislative races and a bill I introduced which would have provided for automatic voter registration when applying for a driver’s license or a State ID. I have also pushed for general funding of the Campaign Spending Commission to help ensure that our current public financing system can operate as intended.

My feeling is that one of the most difficult problems the Legislature faces is cynicism about the process. This is a problem that requires more than better public relations. Action that inspires confidence in the process is necessary and I have done my best to behave in a manner that reflects favorably on the institution.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 29. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 15 - Kalihi, Mapunapuna, Airport, Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Foster Village, Hickam, Pearl Harbor

Wakai, Glenn (D) *
3054 Ala Poha Pl., #2009, Honolulu 96818. (808) 429-8683 glenn@glennwakai.com   glennwakai.com

State government should be measuring progress by the mile instead of by the inch. I am an advocate for growing our economy by embracing innovation. When we create quality jobs, our neighbors don’t have to stitch together multiple jobs to make ends meet. We then bring in the revenues to pay for improvements in education, transportation, healthcare, human services, environmental management, and public safety.

My two major projects in the district are to shut down OCCC and reinvent Aloha Stadium. Kalihi cannot reach its full potential with a prison in the middle of the community. The 104 acres around Aloha Stadium should be more than a home to a few football games and a swap meet. We are embarking on master planning the area to create a vibrant destination.

I won a seat in the State House in 2002. I moved to the Senate in 2010 and currently chair the Economic Development and Environment Committee.

Prior to politics, I spent 11 years as a television reporter – landing my first job in Guam before returning to Hawaii to work for KHON FOX2 and KHNL News 8.

I graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Journalism and Sociology, and also obtained a minor in Business Administration.

Outside of the Capitol, I run a public relations firm, High Impact Communications. I also run a non-profit, Reach out Pacific (REPAC), which takes surplus medical and educational supplies to Micronesia.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 15. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Senator
District 19 - ‘Ewa Beach, Ocean Pointe, ‘Ewa by Gentry, Iroquois Point, portion of ‘Ewa Villages

Espero, Will (D) *
91-944 Waihua Pl., Ewa Beach 96706. (808) 685-5628 wespero@hotmail.com   www.esperoforcongress.com

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) Senator Will Espero has 31 years of quality work experience in Hawaii. It includes 22 years with the state and city government and 10 years with the private/non-profit sector. He worked 8 years with Mayor Frank Fasi at City Hall, and is now serving his 15th year in the Hawaii Legislature. With this experience, he has the most diverse background of all the candidates in district 1.

Senator Espero is currently the Senate Majority Floor Leader and the chairman of the Senate Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs Committee. He has had a successful track record in the legislature with 87 bills introduced and passed.

His successful experiences also include 25 years of community service where he has been an involved active leader. Organizations he is or has been involved in include the Boys and Girls Club, Ewa Beach Lions Club, Friends of the Ewa Beach Library, Friends of the Hawaii State Art Museum, Knights of Columbus, AYSO soccer coach, assistant baseball coach, West Oahu Economic Development Association, Oahu Filipino Jaycees, Ewa Neighborhood Board, Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board and many school organizations.

Some of his priority issues are preserving social security and medicare, protecting our environment and the watershed, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, diverse job opportunities, alternative energy, immigration reform, and supporting our military since his son is a captain in the United States Marine Corps.

Please visit esperoforcongress.com and willespero.com for more info. Senator Espero humbly asks for your support and vote on August 9th.

[2012: candidate for State Senator, Dist. 19. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative

State Representative
District 01 - Hamakua, North Hilo, South Hilo

Nakashima, Mark M. (D) *
P.O. Box 438, Honokaa 96727. (808) 775-9170 friendsofmarknakashima2016@hawaii.rr.com   marknakashima.blogspot.com

Education, Energy and the Environment were my major concerns when I was first elected to office in 2008, and they continue to be important issues as I propose ideas and support state policy.

In education, I am working to develop a workforce for the future and preparing students for jobs that have not yet been created. Toward this end, as Chair of the House Labor Committee, I have created Advisory Boards populated by leaders in their field to directed resources that expose students to opportunities in agriculture, health care and STEM. In energy, I continue to support thoughtful renewable energy alternatives that will free us from dependence on the unpredictable global petroleum market and have supported legislation that would allow for greater geothermal energy development and creation of a hydrogen economy. Hawaii has also became the first state in the nation to set a goal to be fossil fuel free by 2045. For the environment, I have supported the need for a balanced educated approach to resource management. Many would argue that fencing our forests and eradication of pigs and goats is the only way. However even this move has had unanticipated consequences on our environment and led to the proliferation of evasive species invading our lands. What I believe is best will be a better understanding of the carrying capacity of the forests to determine where a balance between these competing species can co-exist. I have also authored legislation that would allow for community decision making for the future of Waipio Valley and have drafted legislation that seeks to protect our coastal waters from the encroachment of coastal development.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 01. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 03 - Hilo, Keaau, Kurtistown, Volcano

Onishi, Richard H. K. (D) *
2040 Ainaola Pl., Hilo 96720. (808) 959-5702 FriendsForRichardOnishi@gmail.com   www.FriendsForRichardOnishi.com

It has been a privilege for me to have represented the people of the 3rd Representative District for the last 4 years and I am humbled by the trust that you have placed in me to be your Representative. During my time in office, I have gotten to know many of you and have appreciated your input on the issues and concerns that affect your lives in our District, Hawaii Island and in our State. I feel that there is still more that I can do to improve on our island's economy, our children's education, providing better medical services, and the safety of our families. I ask that you continue to allow me to serve you by supporting my re-election this year. Mahalo!

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 03. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 04 - Puna

San Buenaventura, Joy A. (D) *
PO Box 1675, Keaau 96749. (808) 961-2131 media@joy4puna.com   www.joy4puna.com

I have been an attorney for over 30 years representing working class people. As an attorney and self-employed individual, I know first hand how the laws created by the legislature can adversely affect the people despite its creation being the best of intentions. I ran for office to ensure that fellow legislators know the effect that the laws that they create have on regular people, and not just see the benefits by those who promote such laws.

State Representative
District 05 - Naʻalehu, Ocean View, Capt. Cook, Kealakekua, Kailua-Kona

Creagan, Richard P. (D) *
P.O. Box 189, Naalehu 96772. (808) 929-7606 creagan.district5@gmail.com   creagan.org

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) (From the candidateʻs website:)

It is my honor to serve as the new State Representative for District 5 (South Kailua-Kona to Naʻalehu). In January, after Rep. Denny Coffman resigned to care for a family member, the Governor appointed me to finish his term. When Denny’s House district expanded into Kaʻu, I enjoyed introducing him to the community. At the time he encouraged me to run for his position when he stepped down.

In 1966, I came to Hawaii to train as a healthcare worker before being sent to the Marshall Islands as part of the Peace Corps. After many years of practicing medicine on the mainland, I returned to Hawaii in 1991 to work as an emergency room doctor at Kona Hospital. My wife, Marilyn, is a nurse who also works there. We live and farm in the Kiolakaʻa area of Kaʻu.

As a doctor and a farmer, I have a particular interest in medical and agricultural issues. As a former teacher, I also have a strong interest in education and am very supportive of charter schools.

I am now running to be elected for another term and humbly ask for your support. I look forward to hearing from you as this will help me be a true Representative.

State Representative
District 06 - Kailua-Kona, Holualoa, Kalaoa, Honokohau

Lowen, Nicole (D) *
P. O. Box 4148, Kailua-Kona 96745. (808) 937-8196 nicole@nicolelowen.com   www.nicolelowen.com

Aloha, my name is Nicole Lowen and I am currently the State Representative for House District 6. I was first elected in 2012, and now, in 2016, I am running for re-election so that I can continue to build on the work I have done in the past four years. I have been a leader on environmental issues, like helping our state to lead the nation in progressive energy policy. I have fought to help our local farmers, support our schools, teachers, and students, and to increase government transparency. I have successfully brought home millions of dollars in funding for West Hawaii, including for Palamanui Community College, the Kona Courthouse, and for Kona Airport. I am still new to politics and to being a legislator, and I know that I will continue to build on my experience and to be even more successful in the future. I will continue to be a leader for Kona with integrity, dedication, and balance.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 06. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 07 - North Kona, North Kohala, South Kohala

Evans, Cindy (D) *
59-048 Olomana Rd., Kamuela 96743. (808) 345-5810 cynthiaevans@aol.com  

There is much work to do. I represent a rural district which has special challenges in health care and public transportation. Our future depends on quality education for our keiki. Our kupuna need quality home care. We need to provide for better stewardship of land and water. We will only get the money to address these concerns if our economy is healthy. Thus. government needs to be an assistant to the business community rather than its boss, and I will continue to support this approach.

To get where we want to go we have to continue to look at our policies and make changes where needed. I seek re-election because I want to use my knowledge and experience to work as hard as ever to make those changes.

My education and experience in corporate America (AT&T for 12 years) has been valuable in getting results in state government. As President of a non-profit (Waikoloa Village Outdoor Circle), I worked with volunteers to make a difference. I use the understandings I gained as a state employee from 1982 to 1995 (Washington State, Olympia) and as Hawaii State Representative from 2002 to present to find solutions and compromises that make state government work.

It has been a privilege to serve the people of District 7 over the past few years and I would be honored to continue as their representative in the Hawaii State Legislature.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 07. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 08 - Kahakuloa, Waihee, Waiehu, Puuohala, Wailuku, Waikapu

Souki, Joe (D) *
P.O. Box 632, Wailuku 96793. (808) 283-8661 Joesouki@msn.com   JoeSouki.com

Currently member of the State House of Representatives, Currently the Speaker of the House, former Transportation Chair, and Finance Chair, Also Speaker of the House during the 90's. Other employment former Executive director of Maui Economic Opportunity for 16 years, and a Realtor from 1982 to present. Women Issues. have always favored choice, equal pay for equal work, probably the first in the State to open a family planning clinic. Also favor anti discrimination for same same sex relationship, transgender, religion gender age housing. Will continue to follow my liberal positions with an eye on the budget, and recognizing the importance of business.

Have had a long leadership role in the legislature.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 08. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 10 - West Maui, Maalaea, North Kihei

McKevley, Angus L. K. (D)

P. O. Box 847, Lahaina 96767. (808) 870-8644  

State Representative
District 11 - Kihei, Wailea, Makena

Ing, Kaniela (D) *
P.O. Box 1881, Kihei 96753. (808) 276-2990 info@Kanielaing.com   kanielaing.com

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2012 statement:)

Aloha, my name is Kaniela Ing and I am offering to serve you as State House Representative in South Maui, and I am running to bring "a FRESH vision for Maui's future."

I was born and raised on Maui and come from four generations on this island. Throughout my life I have seen many changes: some positive progress, but also some opportunities slipping away for future generations. I believe that together we can nurture and even better Maui 20 and 50 years from now--where our keiki will be able to secure great jobs, own homes, and have the option to raise their families in the place they were brought up.

This will take long-term planning in government, which is the basis to my platform. I emphasize education, local jobs and business, and sustainable and renewable practices. I have the energy, experience, and positive relationships to get things done for South Maui, and to get Kihei High School built.

I look forward to meeting you as I continue knocking on every door in my district once again; just look for the red lei! More information on our "fresh vision for Maui's future" my background, and how to get involved may be found on my website.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 11. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 13 - Haiku, Hana, Kaupo, Kipahulu, Nahiku, Paia, Kahoolawe, Lānaʻi, Moloka'i, Molokini

DeCoite, Lynn (D)
PO Box 1032, Kaunakakai 96748. (808) 658-9004 friendsoflynndecoite@gmail.com   www.lynndecoite.com

Being appointed to represent District 13 (East Maui, Molokai and Lanai) in the Hawaii State House of Representatives last February was a tremendous honor. It was not something I had ever planned on or set out to do, yet this experience has been the most rewarding and humbling job I have ever had. It is with that notion that I am now running to the 2016 election to continue to represent District 13, so I can further serve the residents of East Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i along with the entire state of Hawai’i.

My priorities for continuing in office are:

  • Outreach and Inclusion of all islands and residents when it comes to services, resources, programs and jobs.
    • District 13 is the only “canoe district” in the State House of Representatives. The areas (and Islands) in the district are considered “rural” and do not always get the attention that urban areas of the state receive.
  • Agriculture
    • Food Safety, sustainability and promoting local products.
  • Education
    • Facility improvement and support services for students and teachers.
  • Health
    • Health Care and Access to health services for all residents.
  • Housing
    • Affordable/ Quality Housing and addressing the “Hidden Homeless”.
  • DHHL
    • Adequate funding for operations and administration.

Please know that I am committed to keeping my ears open, an open mind and am willing to listen and work with everyone to make the State of Hawai’i a better place for all of its people.

State Representative
District 14 - Hanalei, Princeville, Kilauea, Anahola, Kapaa, Wailua

Nakamura, Nadine K. (D)
4849 Iiwi Rd., Kapaa 96746. (808) 635-1507 nknplan@hawaii.rr.com   nadinenakamura.com

Aloha! I’m running for the State House of Representatives, District 14 to build a stronger, healthier, and vibrant Kaua`i and State of Hawai`i. My goal is to seek a balance between future growth with the preservation of our local values, culture, and lifestyle.

While we may come from different places and have different stories to tell, we all hold common values: our strong sense of community, our love for the natural beauty of our island, and our high quality of life. We also share the hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

I hope to use my background as the County’s Managing Director, Council Member, small business owner, planner, project manager, and facilitator to:

  • Address traffic congestion in East Kaua`i
  • Increase affordable housing opportunities
  • Promote locally grown food and value-added products
  • Create jobs in a diversified economy
  • Support the education of youth and adults
  • Promote renewable energy and energy storage alternatives
  • Improve and better manage State Parks and our natural resources

I respectfully ask for your vote. If elected, I pledge to listen to you, actively seek solutions, and continue working for a better Hawaiʻi.

State Representative
District 16 - Niʻihau, Lehua, Koloa, Waimea

Morikawa, Dee (D) *
P.O. Box 92, Lihue 96766. (808) 651-8855 dmorikawa@hawaiilink.net  


I am running for re-election to District 16, House of Representatives. I was born on the Big Island, raised on Oahu and currently reside in Waimea, Kauai. I came to Kauai in 1974 and immediately started my public service career with the County of Kauai.

Having completed my 6th legislative session at the State Capitol, I’m filled with the satisfaction of accomplishing so much for both Kauai and the State. With over 40 years of public service, I feel confident that I have the knowledge and experience to continue working for a safe and healthy life for everyone.

I am honored and humbled, to be Chair of the House Human Services Committee for the past 2 years. It is a committee that fits my public service career and is where we can make a huge impact on the lives of the less fortunate, disabled, keiki and kupuna.

There is so much more we need to do and many more issues and concerns to deal with, but that is the challenge I look forward to and I can assure you that I give you representation you can depend on.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 16. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 17 - Hawaii Kai, Kalama Valley

Ward, Gene (R) *
875 Puuomao St., Honolulu 96825. (808) 781-9931 repward@gmail.com   www.gene-ward.com

I have lived in Hawaii Kai for 38 years after graduating from the University of Hawaii/East West Center. My wife and I built our home in Upper Hahaione Valley and have a one daughter who is attending law school.

I have 25 years of executive/diplomatic experience at the state level as a business CEO and State Representative; and at the national level as a Bush White House appointee at the Office of Democracy in USAID/US State Department; and I have served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in North Borneo as well as serving as the Peace Corps Country Director in East Timor. My wife and I also lived 2 years in Africa where I served as a United Nations small business development expert in Malawi. I earned a Ph.D. at UH by writing the first dissertation on Hawaiian entrepreneurs.

I attribute my love for policymaking to my grass roots and community development experience in Africa and Asia where I learned the human value and personal worth of every individual. With this background and perspective, it is truly an honor to serve the people of Hawaii in the House of Representatives. I am the Minority Leader Emeritus, and the Ranking Minority Member of the House Finance Committee.

Voters should know that my office is totally open to them and can see me in-person in the community for constituent’s services at Zippys Koko Marina the first Tuesday of every month, and at a “Beer Summit” at Kona Brewing Koko Marina the first Thursday of every month.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 17. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 19 - Waialae, Kahala, Diamond Head, Kaimuki, Kapahulu

Kobayashi, Bertrand (D) *
3325 C Maunaloa Ave, Honolulu 96816. (808) 732-2655 bkobay@gmail.com  

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2012 statement:)

Bert Kobayashi was a State Representative and State Senator for 16 years, 1978 to 1994. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 2-19-1985, said: "If there is a legislator with an incisive mind to get to the bottom of financial matters in state government, it's Sen. Bert Kobayashi." Midweek, 6-1-1994, said Bert is "one of its [Senate's] most thoughtful--and self-effacing--members....uniquely well-prepared." Bert's experience includes Ph.D. in political science, Michigan State University; state govt researcher; administrator of State of Hawaii community hospital system (12 hospitals, 3000+ employees), which he reorganized in 1996-97 into Hawaii Health Systems Corp., the most independent State agency to that date; legislative staffer for Sen. Brickwood Galuteria, Reps. Karl Rhoads and Kirk Caldwell, Councilmember Duke Bainum.

Bert's legislative accomplishments include authoring the first "living will" law, Nursing Homes Without Walls (community-based alternative to nursing home), first HIV confidentiality law, school community-based management (SCBM) law, supporter of Kapiolani Community College at Diamond Head from its initial planning in 1980 to last major CIP funding in 1993.

District issues of interest include health, especially elderly care, and education, the biggest State budget item. Solutions might include more community-based alternatives to nursing homes like Nursing Homes Without Walls; better education prioritization and more decentralization like at Waialae Elementary School, Hawaii’s first SCBM and first charter school.

State-wide issues include many big, long-term issues like watershed protection, directed growth of UH, huge unfunded liabilities for State pensions and health insurance, effectiveness and efficiency in government, self-sufficiency in energy and food, etc.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 19. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 20 - St. Louis Heights, Palolo, Maunalani Heights, Wilhelmina Rise, Kaimuki

Say, Calvin K.Y. (D) *
1822 10th Avenue, Honolulu 96816. (808) 393-5327 kotakeshokai@aol.com  

Aloha, my name is Calvin K.Y. Say, State Representative for District 20. Born and raised in Palolo, attended Palolo Elementary School, Jarett Intermediate School and St. Louis School. Graduated from the University of Hawaii with a B.E.D. and a Fifty Year Teacher Certificate. Presently President of Kotake Shokai, Ltd., a family business as a wholesale and importer of goods. My wife, Cora, is a retired public school teacher . We have two sons.

Major topics of concern statewide is 1) the homeless situation, 2) housing shortage, 3) the high cost of living, 4) sustainability of government operations, 5) preserving our pristine environment , 6) managing and controlling healthcare cost and 7) maintaining the Aloha Spirit.

On the community concerns, we the legislature must address 1) the Kupuna’s and Seniors in reference to the quality of life issues – food, healthcare , housing and support services for our seniors in the 20th District, 2) continued support for Public Housing on Ahe St. in Palolo, 3) addressing our State Park of Waahila, 3) balancing the safety of residents, pedestrian and retirees, 4) support of our six public school facilities, 5) preserving the values of Respect, Compassion, Forgiveness, Helping and the Aloha Spirit for all the residents to share and experience.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 20. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 22 - Waikiki, Ala Moana

Brower, Tom (D) *
369 Ena Rd., #2701, Honolulu 96815. (808) 396-5653 repbrower@capitol.hawaii.gov  

I am a 33-year Waikiki resident with a diverse background: 25 years in the private and nonprofit sectors, 10 years in government, eight years on the neighborhood board. As an elected official, I’ve been resourceful and proactive, dedicated to finding sensible solutions to constituents’ neighborhood concerns.

I have taken a conservative approach to the budget. I understand that tax increases are sometimes necessary, but I am also aware of how they can hurt struggling families, small businesses and seniors on fixed income. We must live within our means.

While some issues may be labeled "Republican" or "Democrat," many state/ community issues are non-partisan and require collaboration across parties and city-state jurisdiction to be solved, such as homelessness and affordable housing. Personally, I do not get caught up in political pettiness or be overly partisan.

Homelessness is the top public health and safety concern in my district. I would like to see realistic solutions for homelessness that include both compassionate and tough love strategies working together— such as affordable housing, Housing First, safe zones (campsites) and vagrancy laws.

I look forward to our productive future together. Mahalo for reading.

Tom Brower

State Representative
District 24 - Makiki, Tantalus, Papakolea, McCully, Pawaa, Manoa

Belatti, Della Au (D) *
P.O. Box 900, Honolulu 96808. (808) 393-0594 daubelatti@gmail.com  

Aloha! I am a 20-year resident of Makiki, and with my husband of 15-years, we are raising two amazing daughters who are thriving in our public school system. Like many families in Hawaii, we are working parents – my husband is a nurse at Queen’s Medical Center, while I work as an attorney in private practice.

Tackling Hawaii’s high cost of living is my top priority. This means advocating for laws that seek to reduce or curb the high costs of healthcare, supporting economic policies that empower individuals to work and thrive such as paid family leave or increases in the minimum wage, and holding government accountable in the spending of valuable taxpayer dollars through legislative oversight of the state budgetary process.

For the past 10 years, I have served as State Representative of District 24. Since 2013, I have served as the chair of the House Committee on Health, member of the Access to Justice Commission, and Co-Convener of the Women's Legislative Caucus, advocating for legislation on behalf of women, girls and families in the State. I humbly request your vote during the 2016 election so that I may continue to work for the residents of our great Makiki, Tantalus, Papakolea, Manoa & McCully communities. Please feel free to contact me at daubelatti@gmail.com with any questions you have.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 24. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 28 - Kalihi Valley, Kamehameha Heights, portion of Lower Kalihi

Mizuno, John M. (D) *
P.O. Box 215, Honolulu 96810. (808) 741-0639 mizuno@johnmizuno28.com   www.johnmizuno28.com

My top concerns for my District and the State:

1) Rail - my constituents are upset with the Rail project going over budget, with numerous delays and costs now nearing $11 billion dollars. Therefore, because of so many complaints from my district residents I wrote HB1723 to Audit the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation

2) Continue our fine work to repair and repave roads in the district.

3) Continue to work with Adult Friends of Youth and the Police department to address any crime; especially youth gang violence, theft, drug use, criminal property damage in our district.

4) Address the homeless issue, as many more homeless are moving into Kalihi Valley due to the homeless sweeps of Kakaako and Kapalama river.

5) High cost of living in Hawaii, compelled me to write the bill, HB2613 for the State’s Department of Business, Economic Development to conduct a study on ocean shipping and the high costs passed onto the consumers in Hawaii. With recommendation to reduce high costs of shipping which hurts all residents in Hawaii.

6) Public Safety, Education, and Human services must all provide essential government services to ensure a strong economy and work force.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 28. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 29 - Kalihi, Palama, Iwilei, Chinatown

Holt, Daniel (D)
1461 N. School St., Honolulu 96817. (808) 222-0055 theholthui@gmail.com   voteholt.org

My roots in this community as well as my extensive legislative experience makes me the best candidate for this job and the best representative for the constituents of our district.

I am currently the Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms for the Hawaii State Senate and I have previously served in many other capacities in the Hawaii State Legislature. I firmly believe that the relationships I have built and the knowledge I have obtained over the past 7+ years will help me to be an effective advocate and leader for our community.

Living my entire life in this community and having formerly served as the Chairman of the Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board, I am acutely aware of the real life issues facing our neighbors. Whether it was the homeless encampment problem at the Kapalama Canal or the gang issues at Farrington High School, we were able to bring community members and leaders together to come up with solutions for these situations.

We can already expect major developments coming into our backyard with the Mayor Wright Homes redevelopment and the Honolulu Rail Transit project. We need to ensure that our community has a voice and that the inconveniences to our residents and businesses are minimized.

I know that one person cannot solve all the problems in our district but what I can and will be is a tireless advocate for our community; someone who will bring parties together to work on practical solutions. I will be the voice in the Hawaii State Legislature our community needs.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 29]

State Representative
District 31 - Moanalua, Red Hill, Foster Village, Aiea, Fort Shafter, Moanalua Gardens, Aliamanu, Lower Pearlridge

Johanson, Aaron Ling (D) *
Friends of Aaron Johanson, P.O. Box 30388, Honolulu 96820. (808) 398-4671 elect.aaron@gmail.com   www.votejohanson.com

Aloha! My name is Aaron Ling Johanson and I am running for re-election to the State House of Representatives, District 31.

It has been a special privilege to serve as my district’s three-term State Representative and former Vice Chairman of the House Finance Committee. I am a son of our community and a graduate of the Moanalua public schools and Yale University, with management experiences in the federal and state government, including as a Division Director in the White House and Deputy Chief of Staff of the U.S. Mint. All too often, the legislative branch lacks actual experience managing and implementing the many policies that it enacts. Capitalizing on my leadership experiences in the executive branch, I have contributed an implementation-oriented perspective and direct experience to our public policy dialogue and the crafting of legislation.

I humbly ask for your continued support and the opportunity to continue to represent my constituents in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 31. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 34 - Pearl City, Waimalu, Pacific Palisades

Takayama, Gregg (D) *
1639 Hoolana St., Pearl City 96782. (808) 456-7151 greggtakayama@hawaii.rr.com   www.greggtakayama.com

Leadership means putting people first and fighting for those who need help. That’s why my top priority is to serve our community by improving our excellent Pearl City schools, increasing services to seniors, and making our neighborhoods safer.

My record:

  • Obtained more than $30 million for Pearl City school improvements in the past four years, including $5 million for Pearl City High School’s new athletic field
  • Led passage of the CARE Act to increase help for family caregivers. Helped double funding for elder care programs to help disabled seniors age at home
  • For improving senior services, received “Top State Champion Award” from Alzheimer’s Association on behalf of legislature’s Kupuna Caucus
  • Wrote new law to help children born with cleft palates receive corrective surgery
  • Leading effort to modernize correctional facilities and led enactment of new law to expand job training for inmates, to improve rehabilitation and lessen the likelihood that they will commit new crimes.
  • One of only six House members with perfect attendance records, never missing a House vote

I’m proud of my background:

  • Award-winning television journalist and former aide to late U.S. Senator Dan Inouye in Washington
  • Father and husband – married to Linda Chu Takayama and parent of three daughters (Kelly, Teal and Sage)

I hope my record has earned your trust and confidence in my abilities to continue to serve as your representative.

Endorsed by: Hawaii State Teachers Assoc., UPW, ILWU, Carpenters Union, Painters and Allied Trades

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 34. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 35 - Pearl City, Manana, Waipio

Takumi, Roy M. (D) *
1001 Luehu St., Pearl City 96782. (808) 258-5364 reptakumi@hotmail.com  

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) AIl of us share a responsibility to leave Hawaii a better place. The true measure of our success is the hope we nurture in our children, as well as a place where such hope can become a reality.

I am committed to public service, passionate about public policy, and dedicated to the community. More importantly, anyone can have ideas; it’s about getting results such as lowering the cost of prescription drugs and expanding early childhood opportunities.

We must rely upon our strengths: our location: our people and our unique culture.

We must nurture and encourage emerging industries which is a legitimate role for government to pursue.

We must continue to market Hawaii with products like coffee, flowers, fruits, etc.

Most importantly, a strong economy can only be fully realized by having a high quality public education system.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 35. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 36 - Mililani Mauka, Mililani

Fukumoto Chang, Beth (R) *
P.O. Box 894209, Mililani 96789. (808) 286-2810 beth@bethfukumoto.com   www.bethfukumoto.com

I was first elected in 2012, and I currently serve as the House Minority Leader. I was the youngest woman in the country to serve as a state caucus leader. I was also the youngest woman to serve the state Legislature as Director of Research for the House Minority as well as the youngest to serve as Minority Floor Leader. I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.A. in American Studies and from Georgetown University with a M.A. in English. In 2014, I was awarded a James Madison Fellowship by the Millennial Action Project for "demonstrated success in transcending partisan lines." In September 2013, The Daily Beast included me as one of “Nine Women Remaking the Right.” I was named as one of the Washington Post's "The Fix's 40 under 40" rising political stars. I was also recently invited to participate in the Aspen Institute's Rodel Fellowship Program, which has included both Tom Perez and Julian Castro.

I've served the legislature in both elected and staff leadership capacities. And, in each position, I've earned recognition from my colleagues and the public for working across the aisle and getting things done regardless of political barriers. This year, my office and I were able to demonstrate significant successes this year passing bills that benefit women and our National Guard. We also gained important funds for our district, including funding to begin converting Mililani Middle School to a single track system.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 36. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 37 - Mililani, Waipio Gentry, Waikele

Yamane, Ryan I. (D) *
94-1466 Okupu St., Waipahu 96797. (808) 551-2093 friendsyamane@hawaii.rr.com  

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2012 statement:)

My name is Ryan Yamane and I am the current State Representative for House District 37, which serves Mililani, Waikele and Waipio Gentry.

Along with my wife, Jennifer, we were born and raised in Hawaii. We have two boys, Daniel (8) and Gavan (4). Like many of you, I want to continue to make our community a safe place to enjoy our quality of life, raise our families, work, and play. My philosophy is built on openness, involvement, hard work and integrity.

As a licensed social worker, I have interacted with families throughout our State, discussing concerns and problems that affect their every day lives. I am committed to protecting the best interests of our families, children, and community by utilizing my experience as a social worker, educator and legislator.

Currently, I am a lecturer with Honolulu Community College and Hawaii Pacific University, and an on-call medical social worker at Queen’s Medical Center. I volunteer in disaster preparedness with the Red Cross and Medical Reserve Corp and have work directly with our military to support our service women and service men and their families.

Some of my top priorities are to improve our State’s economy, increase job growth, and reduce duplicative governmental spending. I am proud of our community for working together showing that we can bounce back quickly from various natural and economic obstacles.

I humbly ask for your vote to serve as your House of Representatives for District 37.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 37. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 40 - Ewa, Ewa Beach, Ewa Gentry, Iroquois Point

McDermott, Bob (R) *
91-982 Ololani St. ., Ewa Beach 96706. (808) 371-4605   www.votemcdermott.com/

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) (from the candidateʻs website:)

Bob McDermott was a Marine Officer who served in Gulf War 1, has been married for 25 years and is the father of eight children. He holds an MBA degree from Chaminade University and is currently an executive in Honolulu for a non-profit organization.

Bob has served 3 terms in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.

Bob is a devoted family man and active member of his church. He has served our community in many ways and would be honored to represent the Ewa Beach community in the State Legislature.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 40. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 41 - Ewa Villages, Ewa Beach, Ewa Gentry, Ocean Pointe, West Loch

LoPresti, Matt (D) *
91-1411 Keoneula Blvd. 2106, Ewa Beach 96706. (808) 489-0487 matt_lopresti@yahoo.com   www.Matt4Ewa.com

I commend the League of Women Voters for having played a key role in “making democracy work” for over half a century here in Hawaii through their efforts in voter education and participation as well as their valuable insight into issues.

For our democracy to work, a more transparent system with higher ethical standards and greater access to the legislative process must be a priority. That is why, I introduced HB813 (2015) that would close a loophole inadvertently created in 2012 that allowed legislators to use their official capacity for personal gain. I also introduced HB1260 that would have among other things encouraged electronic notification of public meetings as well as require State officials to assist persons making requests for records and allow fees to be waived for access to public records, when in the public interest. In order to make public hearings at the legislature more accessible, I cosigned HB1595 that would implement a system allowing remote testimony to be given by members of the public via the internet.

Matters of social justice and equity are important to me and I am proud to have cosigned and supported HB1909 which would establish provisions for equal pay and prevent sex discrimination for substantially similar work. Additionally, I am proud to have cosigned and supported several Women’s Legislative Caucus bills that became law this session relating to women’s health and the prevention of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence. I hope to pursue these issues further should I be fortunate enough to be re-elected to a second term.

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 41]

State Representative
District 43 - Ewa Villages, Kalaeloa, Honokai Hale, Nanakai Gardens, Ko Olina, Kahe Point, Nanakuli, Lualualei, Maili

Tupola, Andria (R) *
4355 Lawehana Street, #6, Honolulu 96818. (808) 343-5457 andriatupola@gmail.com   www.andriatupola.com

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) Andria Tupola was born and raised on O’ahu to the ‘Ohana Uale. She is Samoan, Hawaiian, Portuguese, German, English. She is a Kamehameha Schools honors graduate and holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Education. She served a Christian mission to Venezuela, owns a non-profit that donates musical instruments to Pacific Island schools, volunteers for numerous West O’ahu community groups, and is a student at UH Manoa in the doctoral program. She is currently teaching voice and choir and Leeward Community College. She is married to Tavo Tupola and a mother of two girls ages 5 & 6. Andria brings new perspective to Hawaii government through her background as a community volunteer, an educator, a musician, and a mom. She plans on finding ways to collaborate with existing community groups that are currently and effectively solving many community issues from an internal perspective. She plans on giving the community back its voice, directing funds to effective community groups, and helping to downsize the government regulation in unnecessary aspects of community life. After meeting her, community members who have NEVER voted are now registering. Churches are joining in! Youth and children are joining in the cause! She is giving people hope that there CAN be leaders in government who are honest and live with integrity. She has been rated by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser as the GOP’s best young prospect!

State Representative
District 44 - Waianae, Makaha, Makua, Maili

Gates, Cedric Asuega (G)
P.O. Box 1162, Waianae 96792. (808) 457-6385 Cedricgates@live.com   www.cedricgates.com

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) Aloha my name is Cedric Asuega Gates and I am currently running for Hawaii's State Representative District 44 seat.

Born in Hawaii and raised on the Waianae Coast; I and my family struggled through the tough everyday battles of life; ones that I feel are very familiar to many Waianae Coast residents. Whether it was the high cost of living, traffic, drugs and violence, lack of resources, schooling, or most importantly having more quality time to spend with loved ones; our family faced it all.

Hungry for change and thirsty for knowledge, I began my journey to better my life and those around me. On my journey, I became deeply involved within my community and its affairs; I currently sit on the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center Board of Directors, Vice Chair of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board, Waianae High School and Makaha Elementary Advisory Boards.

I was proud to be awarded “2013 Hawaii’s Outstanding Advocate Children and Youth” by Governor Abercrombie and the State of Hawaii Legislature I also received a Certificate of Recognition by the 2014 Honolulu City Council for my works in the Waianae community.

I came to a realization that all major solutions, improvements, and travesties that decide the fate of our community and families lay behind a political decision and it is vital to have someone who can put their feet in our community’s shoes and take the proper actions with the urgency, passion and knowledge of community residents; I believe I can do that.

State Representative
District 46 - Wahiawa, Whitmore Village

Oshiro, Marcus R. (D) *

2315-C CALIFORNIA AVE., Wahiawa 96786. (808) 622-9013  

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 46. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

State Representative
District 47 - Waialua, Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kahuku, Laie, Hauula, Waiahole, Waikane, Sunset Beach, Punaluu, Kaaawa

Quinlan, Sean (D)
66-496 D Paalaa Rd., Haleiwa 96712. (808) 388-2823 sean@seanquinlan47.com   www.seanquinlan47.com


My name is Sean Quinlan, and I live in Haleiwa with my wife, Daniela. My parents Bill and Rita also live in my district, near Sunset Beach. I previously owned and operated a wholesaling company, selling frozen drinks and coffee on Oahu and the Big Island, so I understand the challenges small businesses face in Hawai’i.

This past legislative session, I had the honor of working in State Senator Riviere’s office, where I learned what a committed and effective legislator is able to accomplish. I am active in my community as a member of the North Shore Neighborhood Board’s parks committee, the Precinct 1 President of the District 47 Democratic Party, and the fundraising coordinator for the Pupukea ball courts renovation project.

The needs and challenges of my district are as numerous as they are urgent. Despite welcoming over 3 million visitors per year and contributing mightily to the state’s coffers, the North Shore – Ko’olauloa region is suffering from dilapidated infrastructure, a paucity of school funding and capital improvement projects, and a housing shortage that is threatening the very fabric of our community.

My goal as a legislator is very simple; the restoration of balance. Our district should receive its fair share of tax revenues and attention from the state, and I will work hard to ensure that it happens.

Mahalo nui loa for your consideration,

Sean Quinlan

Honolulu Mayor

Caldwell, Kirk (NS) *
P.O. Box 61208, Honolulu 96839. (808) 946-5475 admin@KirkCaldwell.org   Kirkcaldwell.org

My administration has proven its ability to respond to the myriad concerns of our residents and maintain a high level of services while seeking ways to improve and enhance services. I came into office with deteriorating roads everywhere, cancelled bus routes, De-Occupy squatters in Thomas Square, homeless in Waikiki and Downtown, neglected park facilities, and a rail project delayed for years.

Priority by priority we took on these, and many other challenges, and made steady progress. For example:

  • Paved over 1100 lane miles of the worst roads and 1500 will be done by the end of 2017.
  • Placed nearly 1000 homeless households in permanent supportive housing; and opening up more facilities to meet homeless housing demands.
  • Fixed neglected park facilities, including 33 comfort stations, 25 play apparatus, play courts in 20 parks, and built 15 new play apparatus; opened up new recreational facilities in many communities.
  • Restored bus routes and expanded routes in Central and West Oahu.
  • Reduced the number of sewage spills and diverted waste from the landfill to HPower, which is converted into renewable energy.
  • Built the rail guide way nearly half way; finding the money to complete the full 20 mile, 21 station route will be my top priority.

No other candidate has demonstrated this level of experience with running a large City government that has been recognized by prominent organizations (Rockefeller Foundation selected Honolulu as one of the 100 Resilient Cities in the World; U.S. Conference of Mayors selected Honolulu for 2016 Large Cities Livability Award).

[2012: candidate for Honolulu Mayor,. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Honolulu Prosecutor

Kaneshiro, Keith M. (NS) *
3138 Waialae Ave., 707, Honolulu 96816. (808) 864-1586 campaign@keithkaneshiroprosecutor.com   keithkaneshiroprosecutor.com

To me, the job of the prosecuting attorney is all about public safety.

That is what drives every decision my office makes, and that is my pledge to the citizens of Honolulu.

I am committed to holding criminals accountable for their actions. But I believe that a truly effective prosecutor must also be a strong advocate for public safety.

Sometimes, this means telling the Legislature it is a bad idea to release inmates because of prison overcrowding, or eliminate mandatory sentencing for crystal meth traffickers or raise the felony theft threshold.

Sometimes, it is asking lawmakers to fund drug treatment programs for probationers or alternative schools for at-risk kids.

I have prioritized elder abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, drugs, animal cruelty and cybercrimes, most of them based only my belief that the prosecutor must speak for the most vulnerable among us.

For example, our elder abuse team not only prosecutes criminals who victimize senior citizens, they conduct community outreach to educate seniors about how to spot and avoid scams.

One initiative that I am especially proud of is the Honolulu Family Justice Center, which provides services, education, job training and secured long-term transitional housing for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault or trafficking.

I also organized the 2016 International Sex Trafficking Summit, which brought together prosecutors from Asia and the mainland to exchange ideas and strategies for investigating and successfully prosecuting traffickers.

This is what goes into truly ensuring public safety. This is what I have done as prosecuting attorney.

[2012: candidate for Honolulu Prosecutor,. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Honolulu Council

Honolulu Council
District 05 - Kaimuki, Palolo Valley, St. Louis Heights, Manoa, Moiliili, McCully, and portions of Ala Moana, Kakaako, and Makiki

Kobayashi, Ann H. (NS) *
3657 Waaloa Wy, Honolulu 96822. (808) 341-5956 AnnKobayashi@gmail.com   www.annkobayashi.com

Aloha! I am Ann Kobayashi and I am running for re-election to serve you as your Councilmember for District 5.

For many years, I have shared your concerns and worked with you and the City to address the many issues in our neighborhoods. My issue has been and continues to be the health and safety of our residents, especially for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

A major issue in our city is the growing homeless population and lack of affordable housing. We are trying to establish a number of initiative such as the construction of micro-units and tiny houses, the establishment of crisis centers, and partnering with the State and non-profit organizations to provide more beds and social services.

Our city is also facing the increasing financial burden on the taxpayers by the rail project. City officials must work with HART to consider all options, as well as consider other options for a mass transit system, keeping in mind the burden on our taxpayers. I have always supported a bus system which would utilize HARTS’s infrastructure at a lower cost.

As your Councilmember, I consider it a privilege to serve you, and I am grateful for all the encouragement you have provided me over the years. We overcame many challenges, and given the opportunity, I will continue to work to provide the necessary resources to ensure the health and safety of our residents and visitors. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you again.

[2012: candidate for Honolulu Council, Dist. 05. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Honolulu Council
District 07 - Kalihi, lwilei, Kalihi Kai, Mapunapuna, Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Hickam, Foster Village, Ford Island, and Sand Island

Manahan, Joey (NS) *
1250 Richard Ln. #A408, Honolulu 96819. (808) 386-9240 manahanjoey@yahoo.com   www.joeymanahan.com

My name is Joey Manahan, and I currently serve as the City Councilmember for Honolulu City Council District 7 (Salt Lake, Stadium, Foster Village, Airport, Sand Island, Mapunapuna, Iwilei and Kalihi Kai). I am Chair of the Committee on Transportation and also serve as the Vice Chair of the Committee on Budget. Prior to serving on the Honolulu City Council these past four years (2012-present), I represented our district in the Hawaii State House of Representatives for six years from 2006-2012. From 2010-2012, I served as the Vice Speaker of the House of Representatives and as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Tourism from 2008-2010 and 2006-2008 respectively. I have a BA in Communications from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.

Public service has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember, and I have worked hard to understand the legislative process from the ground up. Most importantly, I believe that respect is earned through hard work and dedication. Leadership is service, and I work tirelessly to represent our interests on the City Council. I am grateful for your support over the years, and I am humbly asking for your continued support and your vote in the General election on November 8. Mahalo and aloha!

[2012: candidate for Honolulu Council, Dist. 07. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Honolulu Council
District 09 - Waikele, Village Park, Royal Kunia, Mililani Town, West Loch, Iroquois Point, and portions of Ewa Villages and Ewa Beach

Menor, Ron (NS) *
95-301 Mahapili Ct., #160, Mililani 96789. (808) 927-7301 ronmenor@hawaii.rr.com   www.ronmenor.com

I would greatly appreciate the support of my constituents to continue serving them on the City Council. During my first term, I have demonstrated my effectiveness in getting things done for my district. I have fought for, and obtained basic core services for my district including improvements to our roads, parks, and sidewalks, expansion to bus service, and adequate police and fire protection and emergency services. I have been able to utilize my past experience as a State Senator and State Representative for the benefit of my constituents.

Moreover, I have devoted countless hours meeting with my fellow residents on a regular basis. My community involvement has included doing site inspections to identify areas in need of improvements, giving monthly reports at Neighborhood Board meetings, speaking at community association meetings, and participating in school and youth events. I am also a member of civic organizations such as the Mililani Lions Club.

I am also running for a second term because I have unfinished work that I would like to complete. My priorities include ensuring that my district continues to receive its fair share of City funds and resources for core services and infrastructure; continuing to push for implementation of a comprehensive action plan to address homelessness in West Oahu; and addressing the transportation needs of my district.

If I am afforded the opportunity, I will continue to be a strong, effective and responsive voice for my district. Mahalo.

[2012: candidate for Honolulu Council, Dist. 09. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Hawaiʻi County Council

Hawaiʻi County Council
District 03 - Portion of South Hilo and Portion of Kea‘au

Lee Loy, Susan (Sue) (NS)
498 Auwae Rd., Hilo 96720. (808) 895-9545 sue@voteleeloy.com   www.facebook.com/voteleeloy

Sue Keohokapu Lee Loy was raised in the Waiakea District by her father David (deceased), an ILWU member who worked at Hilo Pier, and her mother Patricia, an HGEA member and nurse at Hilo Medical Center (retired). Sue is a local girl with valuable professional experience that will serve the community well. Sue has previously worked at the County Council as an aide and is very familiar with the various processes followed by the Council. Sue has worked professionally in the strategic planning and legal fields while raising children and caring for elderly family members. As a strategic planner, Sue has helped plan economic and educational opportunities which has helped many families every day. As a legal assistant, Sue has worked with many clients and helped resolve disputes, including volunteering with a legal self-help program. Sue has served on the Hawaii County Water Board for 4 years and has collaborated with fellow board members to resolve critical issues and developed policy that will help guide the County Water Department into the future. In her various capacities, Sue has worked with most of the County Departments and is well acquainted with their missions and goals. With her professional, community service and family experiences, Sue will be a valuable asset on the Hawaii County Council representing District 3.

Hawaiʻi County Council
District 04 - Portion of Puna (Eastern)

Ohara, Eileen (NS)
PO Box 4923, Hilo 96720. (808) 896-1902 eileen@ohara4puna.com   ohara4puna.com

I have lived in Lower Puna for 35 years. In 1986, I started a cut-flower orchid business and raised organically grown tomatoes (Mr. Wholesome) on my 4-acre farm prompting me to work with other organic farmers to create the Hawaii Organic Farmers Assn in 1993. After returning to school to obtain advanced degrees in environmental and natural resource economics, I went to work for HELCO piloting photovoltaic street lighting and remote residential systems. I then entered County government, first as a Planner, then as its first Recycling Coordinator in the Dept. of Environmental Management implementing the HI-5 program and designing a two-stream recycling system for the County. After serving as a State contract manager at Hilo Medical Center, I was hired as Business Specialist to coordinate the $15M Big Island Biodiesel plant in Shipman Park. Since returning to teaching at UHH where I’ve been an adjunct and affiliate faculty since 1997, I’ve served as President of Hawaiian Shores Community Assn and dealt with restoring our public water system after Hurricane Iselle in 2014 and planned for potential lava inundation of the community’s water wells. I have been an officer on two political campaigns in the past, most recently as deputy treasurer in the 2012 election for State Senator Ruderman working briefly as a Senate aide through May 2013. Since 2013, I’ve been mostly engaged in teaching full time at UHH in both the College of Business and Economics and the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Management.

Maui Council

Maui Council
East Maui

Carroll, Robert (Bob) (NS) *
P.O. Box 157, Hana 96713. (808) 248-8269 hana@hawaiiantel.net  

Aloha, my name is Bob Carroll and I currently hold the East Maui Council seat. My vision for the future of our island home is to strike a balance between economic growth, so that our Children will have career opportunities while preserving our natural environment. I cannot emphasis how important it is to foster public participation in creating good government, and I am always amazed at how innovative the electorate can be when looking for solutions to our complex concerns. My main interest in Maui County has been chairing our council’s Land Use Committee.

Over the years our committee has generated hundreds of affordable housing units while initiating real business potential through responsible property development. During my forty plus years of public service, both as an public advocate and elected official, I have concentrated on improving public education policy, ensuring that government funding are utilized efficiently and fairly.

We have all seen dramatic change in our island home, some good and others more questionable however, when we work together to reach a common goal, there is very little that we cannot accomplish and it is my priority to practice this philosophy in making Hawaii a better place for all who cherish these precious islands. On a personal note, I have been married for 50 years, have a son and daughter, 5 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and have been a Hana resident since 1959.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, East Maui. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council
West Maui

Cochran, Elle (NS) *
10 Halawai Dr., #1, Lahaina 96761. (808) 281-7709 ellecochran@gmail.com   electelle.com

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) Aloha, thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am your current West Maui district representative on the Council; elected in 2010, 2012 and up for re-election this August.

During my four years on Council I served as the Chair of the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee; working to meet our aging infrastructure needs. This coming term, I plan to hone in on policy- supporting complete streets design standards that are community-minded, pedestrian-friendly and supportive of inter-connectivity. Bike paths, sidewalks and beautification will create incentive for pedestrian mobility, taking vehicles off of the road and decreasing our reliability on fuel.

I am a lifelong resident of Lāhainā; married to Wayne Cochran, small business owner of Lāhainā’s oldest surf shop, Maui Surfboards. I am an avid surfer and ocean enthusiast – It was my love for the kai and the ‘āina that drove me to learn about the political process and get involved.

As the founder of the Save Honolua Coalition, a founding member of Faith Action for Community Equity Maui (FACE), and past President of Maui Unite!, I understand the importance of educating, mobilizing, and listening to the community to create the most favorable outcome for you – the residents of Maui County.

Additional issues I hope to address this term include:

Public Health & Safety, Job diversification, smart growth development, food security, affordable housing in perpetuity, phasing out the use of injection wells, recycling program expansion, recycled water for agricultural use, improved inspection & enforcement for land development protocol.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, West Maui. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Kane, Dain P. (NS)
P.O. Box 104, Wailuku 96793. (808) 244-3579 DainKane@yahoo.com   dainkane.com

My name is Dain Kane, candidate for the Maui County Council’s Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapū residency seat. From Kauai, I graduated from UH Mānoa in 1985 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education. On Maui since 1985, I’ve been married for 29 years and have three adult children. In 1998, I was elected to the Council’s Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapū seat, and served for eight years. My tenure included serving as Chair of the Council, and as Chair of the Council’s Budget and Finance Committee. I prioritized fiscal responsibility and focused on county core services, with a balanced commitment to our most vulnerable citizens and their needs. I introduced and shepherded the ban on smoking in Maui County restaurants, and introduced the framework for a legislative package to preserve and protect our fresh water resources in Maui County. My candidacy is a result of supporters recognizing my experience and commitment to bring integrity to our processes of governance, with conduct of fairness, dignity, and respect at the forefront. If elected, my focus and commitment will be to promote strong, healthy communities, providing effective leadership through active citizen engagement, and will demonstrate patience and the ability to listen closely with an open mind, paying attention to detail. I will pursue a positive and mutually respectful working relationship with my council colleagues and our Executive Branch to find common ground in order to accomplish important objectives no matter how big or small. I hope to earn your favorable consideration – your vote for this upcoming primary election.

[2012: candidate for OHA Trustee, Island of Maui (1). Won Primary.]

Maui Council
South Maui

King, Kelly Takaya (NS)
74 Kaloa Pl., Kihei 96753. (808) 283-1954 kelly@kellyking.org   www.kellyking.org

I have been a Maui resident for 37 years, having moved to the island as a teenager and lived here my entire adult life, mostly in South Maui. My husband, Bob King, and I have two children, both born and raised on Maui, who graduated from Maui High School and eventually received their masters degrees from UH Manoa.

I’m running for office because I believe it's our kuleana to step up and serve the community when the need arises. As an involved citizen, sustainability champion, local business owner, parent and advocate for children’s needs, I understand the balance required for smart growth and the responsibility of leadership for the greater good of our community. My bid for County Council is not a personal career goal, rather it is an opportunity to serve the people of Maui at the county level and stand up for transparent, responsive and efficient government.

My campaign slogan – Pono Prosperity – sums up my vision for my role if elected. Doing the right thing goes hand in hand with public office. Our community values are expressed in our Community Plans, developed with extensive input, and these goals and values should be guiding all County Council decisions. We can have a better community if we focus on improving infrastructure, appointing proven and skilled department directors, helping the less fortunate and supporting small businesses and family farmers. Pono Prosperity means helping everyone’s boat float a little higher rather than just trying to have the biggest boat in the ocean!

Maui Council

White, Mike (NS) *
1135 Olinda Rd., Makawao 96768. (808) 281-4905 campaign@mikewhiteforcouncil.com   www.mikewhiteforcouncil.com

Aloha! My name is Mike White, Chair of the Maui County Council, and I am running for re-election to the Council’s Makawao, Haiku, and Paia residency seat.

I have worked hard as your councilmember for nearly six years and am proud of what we have accomplished.

Under my tenure as Council Chair, we have seen our most productive days as a body, evolving every day to become more open and transparent.

I have lead the effort to place all council and committee agendas, minutes, and legislation online through a new system called Granicus, which also offers online video streaming of each meeting and allows the public to easily track the actions of the Council.

I have over 30 years of business experience and I currently lead Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. Through this position, I have the pulse of the economy, and I believe this is one of my biggest assets in helping to lead our County.

Without a strong economy, our quality of life suffers. Therefore, to encourage long-term economic growth, I am adamant that the County cannot continually burden residents and businesses with additional property taxes and fees.

We must find a balance and like everyone in the community, government must also do more with less.

I have always been an independent voice and will always remember that my boss is you – the people. I will continue to work with you and my Council colleagues to get the best results for our future.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Makawao-Haiku-Paia. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Sugimura, Yuki Lei Kashiwa (NS) P.O. Box 901362, Kula 96790. (808) 870-8047  

Maui Council

Hokama, Riki (NS) *
P.O. Box 631258, Lanai City 96763. (808) 344-0277 rikihokama@yahoo.com  

Aloha, my name is Riki Hokama, and I currently serve on the Maui County Council, representing the Lana’i residency district. As a candidate, I provide a platform of fiscal responsibility with a community-minded approach.

I grew up on Lana’i during the height of the pineapple plantation era. Being raised, and eventually working, in this era taught me the value of hard work and the importance of supporting our working-class families. I understand the importance of managing our money prudently and have done so as chairman of the County Council’s Budget and Finance Committee during the last budget cycle.

As an elected County official, I have also had the privilege of serving in a national role. I have served on the National Association of Counties’ Executive Committee the last 4 years, including as President in 2014-2015. Through these roles, I have been able to work directly with Congress on issues that directly affect us on a municipal level. We secured passage of a new surface transportation authorization and also stopped the implementation of a revised EPA rule that would have cost counties valuable time, money and actual construction of much-needed projects.

It has been an honor to be in the unique position of representing the people of communities as small as Lana’i and Maui County in addition to serving on a national level via NACo. I humbly ask for your vote to continue serving at a local and national level.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Lānaʻi. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Crivello, Stacy Helm (NS) *

P.O. Box 1097, Kaunakakai 96748. 808) 658-0346 stacy.c63@gmail.com   www.stacyhelmcrivello.com/

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Molokaʻi. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Maui Council

Guzman, Don S. (NS) *
46 Kamaiki Cir., Kahului 96732. (808) 281-3773   donguzmanmaui.com/site/

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) (from the candidateʻs website:)

I humbly and respectfully request your support in this race. For this election, I come to you as the incumbent. My first year in office has been a marathon race, with such responsibilities as Chairing the Council’s Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture, and Recreation Committee, Actively Vice-Chairing the Land Use Committee and as a voting member of the Council’s six other Committees – Planning; Land Use; Budget & Finance; Housing & Transportation; Policy & Intergovernmental Affairs; and Water Resources. My involvement with these committees has given me the privilege of influencing the outcome of some of the more difficult issues that came before last year’s Council.

Exposure to, and participation in, the vast range of topics in front of the Council has provided me with the opportunity to increase my knowledge of critical issues facing our community and County systems and processes. It has also given me the opportunity to foster collaboration between all levels of government, community sectors, and our general citizenry, and I have taken full advantage of these opportunities.

Year two of my first term is already in motion, and my team and I are working at full throttle to introduce fresh proposals and legislation. Some of these proposals address issues that have been lingering before the Council for decades, and with your support I will be able to see this work through to completion.

[2012: candidate for Maui Council, Kahului. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

OHA Trustee

OHA Trustee
Island of Hawaiʻi

Lindsey, Robert K. (NS) *
64-644 Puuluna Place, Kamuela 96743. (808) 936-6795   www.boblindsey.net

Aloha, I'm Bob Lindsey (Robert Kamaile Lindsey, Jr.), born in Hilo, raised in Waimea, attended public school until Grade 9, followed by Kamehameha (1966) and the University of Hawai`i (1970). I hold a B.A. and Executive Management Certificates from UH. My wife Kathy is a Kamehameha preschool teacher. We have three sons (Maluhia, Lono and Imiola) and a grandson (Samuel). I've been a probation officer, park ranger, farmer, state representative and written three books: Latitude 21.04 North Longitude 155.71 West, The 5th of July, and God is Aloha. A fourth will be published later this year, Sonny Kaniho, a Profile in Hawaiian Courage.

I'm seeking a third term as Hawaii Island OHA Trustee because I believe in servant leadership as well as civic and community service. When John Kennedy was elected President I was moved by his inaugural challenge, "Ask not 'what your country can do for you?' but rather, 'Ask what you can do for your country?'" I took that challenge to hear immediately and service has been embedded in my DNA since.

Along with representing Moku O Keawe as its OHA Trustee for eight years I now serve as OHA's Chair. My goals are three; first, to be a thoughtful rudder in leading the Board; second, a bridge between the Board and our Administrator and third, a quiet-rational voice in times of crisis. Google www.boblindsey.net


[2012: candidate for OHA Trustee, Island of Hawaiʻi (1). Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

OHA Trustee

Akina, Keliʻi (NS)
P.O. Box 61036, Honolulu 96839. (808) 256-9792 www.keliiAkina.com  

Keliʻi Akina, Ph.D.,is a leader who is transforming Hawaii's economy, government and society. He coined the phrase "E Hana Kākou" - Let's work together! As a public policy adviser at the legislative, congressional and international levels, Dr. Akina has become a leading defender of the Aloha Spirit. His mission is to preserve the Aloha Spirit by which native Hawaiians and people of all races are welcomed and encouraged to work together for a better future for all our keiki. As a native Hawaiian and skilled chanter, Keliʻi has dedicated his life to the education and financial advancement of both native Hawaiians and all people in the islands, starting in the 1980's as the director of Youth for Christ on the Waianae and Nanakuli coast. His plans for Hawaii's economy and future are based upon the conviction that the only way to raise the water level of one boat is to raise the water level of all boats. This conviction drives Keliʻi to create solutions to Hawaii's problems that benefit everyone, now and into the future. A recent victory for the Aloha Spirit is Dr. Akina's legal case, "Akina v. the State of Hawaii, OHA, Na'i Aupuni, et. al" in which the United States Supreme Court stopped the State of Hawaii from conducting a racially discriminatory election. Keliʻi believes that "It's time to reform OHA" so that it becomes a driving force in preserving the Aloha Spirit and advancing native Hawaiians and all people through housing, education, healthcare, and economic prosperity.

[2012: candidate for OHA Trustee, No Island Res. Req (1). Won Primary.]

Kauai County Prosecutor

Kauai County Prosecutor
Island of Kauai (1)

Kollar, Justin F. (NS) *
384A Kaholalele Rd., Kapaa 96746. (808) 639-9433 kollarforprosecutor@gmail.com   www.justinkollar.org

I am humbly asking for your support in my campaign for reelection because we want to build on our track record of solid accomplishment over the past four years. Working together, we've built a strong foundation for an independent, honest and credible criminal justice system that balances consequences with compassion, that protects public safety while addressing underlying causes of crime, and works to strengthen the fabric of our community. There is still much more for us to accomplish! I hope you will join me. Mahalo!

[2012: candidate for Kauai County Prosecutor,. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Kauaʻi Council (7)

Kauaʻi Council (7)
Island of Kauai (1)

Brun, Arthur J. (NS)
P.O. Box 662276, Lihue 96766. (808) 652-7469 friendsofarthurbrun@gmail.com   www.brun4council.com

It would be an honor and privilege to represent the people of Kauai on the Kauai County Council.

As parents and grandparents, my wife Michelle and I work full-time to support our family, maintain a small business, and are committed to numerous community service projects. There are so many families like ours struggling to make ends meet, and that’s the perspective I can bring to the council.

My focus will be to insure our county is living within its means while taking care of the community’s priority needs, such as: providing affordable housing, maintaining infrastructure, and supporting substance abuse prevention/treatment programs. I will also depend on your feedback and advice to insure that we stay on a path of fiscal responsibility.

As we move through life, we learn from our experiences. I’ve been open about a difficult time in my past when I struggled with drug addiction. As a result, I had several brushes with law enforcement and for a short period of time was homeless. Through the grace of God and the support of my family I turned my life around, and have been clean and sober for 12 years. My passion for community service is fueled by this difficult period in my life.

We all want our children to enjoy and perpetuate the culture and traditions of our island home. Together, I believe we can build a future on the foundation of Aloha - bringing us together and strengthening our community.

Chock, Mason K. (NS) *
121 Lihau St., Kapaa 96746. (808) 651-7013 mason4kauai@gmail.com   mason4kauai.org

Aloha, I am seeking re-election to continue the following work:

  • Participate in and complete the county’s first budget plan.
  • Preserve our waterways by further identifying and protecting streams, rivers, estuaries, tributaries and their accompanying significant areas by enacting more protective legislation within county jurisdiction.
  • Help establish and support new economic drivers such as diversified agriculture that preserves the natural beauty of our island and our way of life.
  • Ensure administrative rules are implemented and in place for recovering rescue expenses against negligent and reckless actions.
  • Continue to build efficiency and capacity within county operations through leadership development, as well as modeling a behavior on council that unites rather than segregates.
  • Continue to assist with the planning aspects of housing needs on Kauai.

In addition to these projects, I would like to assist with solidifying a funding source for the 100 million maintenance backlog of county roads. I would also like to strategize with other counties to see that Kauai receives a fair share of Transient Accommodation Tax. Most of all, I want to empower the voices of our community by responding to all who are willing to work collaboratively in solving our toughest issues on Kauai.

I believe I can contribute to the transitions needed in the emerging era, through my knowledge of building sound leadership and in turn affecting cultural shifts in the arenas of education, business and government. Please allow me to continue fortifying this solid foundation within our government system by supporting my campaign for another term.

Kagawa, Ross K. (NS) *
4117 Puaole St., Lihue 96766. (808) 635-1605 rosskagawa2012@hawaii.rr.com  

(2016 candidate response is not yet available... 2014 statement:) (2012 statement:)

Aloha Kauai Residents and Voters, my name is Ross Kagawa, I’m 46 years old, married with two daughters, one in college on the mainland the other attending Kauai High School and I am a candidate for the Kauai County Council. I was born in Waimea, Kauai and have lived here for all of my life except for 7 years, attending College at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and working. I have two degrees, one in Accounting from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the other in Special Education from Chaminade University.

I have 5 years of public accounting experience, 4 with a local CPA on Oahu and one as the accounting manager at Business Decisions Hawaii in Hanapepe. I also worked for 6 plus years for the Kauai County Council as a legislative analyst and 2 years as the Convention Hall and Stadiums Manager. Finally I have 12 years of teaching experience with the Department Of Education and I currently teach Math at Kapaa High School, where I also teach Drivers Education after school hours for 5 years.

The reason why I am running for Kauai County Council is because I am concerned about the current status of the County, primarily our Budget. The global, national, and local economies are still recovering from the Recession. Yet the County Budget and Workforce continues to grow at an alarming rate. Are we spending wisely, are we being accountable? These are the kind of questions we must ask ourselves. Just like ordinary people, the County needs to spend wisely. I feel we need to live within our means and not leave our children in debt when we’re gone. My goal is that our children can off to college, return to Kauai, get a good job, buy a house, and raise their families here on this place we all love so dearly.

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Kaneshiro, Arryl J. (NS) *
4550 Ehiku St., Lihue 96766. (808) 652-5216 arrylkaneshiro@gmail.com   www.votekaneshiro.com

I am Arryl Kaneshiro and I humbly ask for your vote for Kauai County Council. I believe I can represent the people of Kauai and Niihau well because I am a regular, everyday Kauai resident who works hard and wants to make the best life for myself and my family. I think that's what most of us want at the end of the day. If re-elected, I’ll continue to work hard to help families thrive and bring homegrown sensibility and my business and accounting acumen to the County Council.

I was born and raised on Kauai, and my core values and principles were shaped by this island through family, teachers, coaches, and community. I earned a degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from Pacific University in Oregon and I am a certified public accountant. I am heavily involved in the community and assist my dad with our sheep ranch.

I am running for office because I care about Kauai and its future. My priorities are to:

  • Work towards strengthening and diversifying our economy
  • Increase jobs that pay a living wage
  • Enable residents to enjoy a high quality of life

Today, our County is facing many issues with its budget, the limited life of our landfill, and balancing growth while taking care of our beautiful environment, to name a few. I look forward to addressing these issues and working towards sensible solutions for all of us.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my intentions and priorities.

Kawakami, Derek S.K. (NS)
PO Box 3136, Lihue 96766. (808) 652-5532 derek.kawakami@hawaiiantel.net   derekkawakami.com

Mahalo to the League of Women Voters of Hawaii for your great service! Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my statement as a Candidate for Kauai County Council. I ask you to join me in Honoring Our Past and Building Our future. As a lifetime Kauai resident, my focus continues to be on public safety, building communities, health and wellness, diversifying our economy, investing in innovation and entrepreneurship, and by living in the spirit of building bridges through collaboration. My past record in State and County government show that I am an effective leader with the ability to bring together the right information to make the right decisions. I know this community from many different perspectives. From a young age I became involved in the business sector on Kauai. I’ve owned my own small business, worked and was in leadership in my family business, and went on to engage in civic and community service. I mention these to share that I was encouraged by my teachers, mentors and community leaders, like yourselves, to dream big and dare to make a difference. I’ve since been elected to Kauai County Council and State House of Representatives. It has truly been an honor to serve the community in this way. I answered the call and took up the mantle for the good of Kauai, my beloved hometown, and I humbly ask for your support. Honoring our past, building our future.

With love and Aloha, Derek S. K. Kawakami

[2012: candidate for State Representative, Dist. 14. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Rapozo, Mel (NS) *
292 Makani Rd., Kapaa 96746. (808) 645-0243 melforcouncil@gmail.com   www.melforcouncil.com

First of all, I want to thank all of you for allowing me to serve as one of your representatives on the Kauai County Council for 12 of the last 14 years. I am especially grateful for having the honor of serving as your Council Chair for the current term.

I feel that we accomplished a lot during this time, however there is much more to be done. We are currently facing serious challenges here on Kauai, such as affordable housing, solid waste, traffic congestion, drugs and crime, and of course the budget and finances of our County. I hope to continue to serve on the Kauai County Council, and with your help, we can continue to work on all of these issues. Hopefully I have shown the people of Kauai that I am willing and able to face the tough issues. Please allow me to continue the fight.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call me at 645-0243, or email me at melforcouncil@gmail.com. Mahalo.

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

Yukimura, JoAnn A. (NS) *
2749 Kapena St., Lihue 96766. (808) 652-3988 jyukimura@gmail.com   www.JoAnnYukimura.com


Thank you for learning about the candidates before you vote.

We on Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau are blessed to live in a very special place. From the first time I ran for office in 1976, my goal has been to keep that specialness — to keep Kaua‘i, Kaua‘i even as we grow and change. My record over the past 40 years shows that I have kept my promise.

I led the fight against high rises and over-development in the 70s and 80s. I initiated efforts to protect over 250 acres of coastal lands at Crater Hill in Kīlauea, Black Pot Beach Park, Po‘ipu Beach Park and Ninini. I started the Kaua‘i Bus and have consistently supported the building of safe bikeways and pedestrian facilities. I started the first Sunshine Market; today there are many such markets. I have actively supported the building of over 1500 affordable housing units since 1988. Learn the full story at www.JoAnnYukimura.com

It‘s been a privilege to work with citizens and government officials who take responsibility for their community and actively participate to make it better. It‘s been a privilege to serve in elected office for six years as mayor and 20 years on the Council.

I want to continue providing real and lasting benefits for the people of Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau, living and working by the values of integrity, malama aina, good planning, fiscal integrity, fair opportunities for everyone and decisions based on the common good. Please vote for me, JoAnn Yukimura. Mahalo

[2012: candidate for Kauai Council (7),. Won Primary. ELECTED 2012.]

The candidates list, addresses, and phone numbers, are based on the 8/13/16 Board of Elections Report", or supplied by candidate.
Photos, email and web addresses were found on the web, in the newspaper, or supplied by the candidate.


Akina, K.
Belatti, D.
Brower, T.
Brun, A.
Caldwell, K.
Carroll, R.
Chang, S.
Chock, M.
Cochran, E.
Creagan, R.
Crivello, S.
DeCoite, L.

Espero, W.
Evans, C.
Fukumoto Chang, B.
Gabbard, T.
Gates, C.
Guzman, D.
Hanabusa, C.
Hokama, R.
Holt, D.
Ihara, Jr., L.
Ing, K.
Johanson, A.

Kagawa, R.
Kahele, K.
Kane, D.
Kaneshiro, A.
Kaneshiro, K.
Kawakami, D.
King, K.
Kobayashi, A.
Kobayashi, B.
Kollar, J.
Lee Loy, S.
Lindsey, R.

LoPresti, M.
Lowen, N.
Manahan, J.
McDermott, B.
McKevley, A.
Menor, R.
Mizuno, J.
Morikawa, D.
Nakamura, N.
Nakashima, M.
Ohara, E.
Onishi, R.

Oshiro, M.
Quinlan, S.
Rapozo, M.
Rhoads, K.
Ruderman, R.
San Buenaventura, J.
Say, C.
Schatz, B.
Souki, J.
Sugimura, Y.
Takayama, G.
Takumi, R.

Taniguchi, B.
Tupola, A.
Wakai, G.
Ward, G.
White, M.
Yamane, R.
Yukimura, J.

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