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Exit Polling

Voter News Services, a national organization that will be providing exit polling information to CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and AP, has contracted with the State League to cover Hawaii in the General Election on November 5.

Jackie Parnell will coordinate the project for Honolulu. We will be required to cover 14 precincts throughout Oahu with "primary" reporters who will be in contact with the Voter News Services through the use of 800 numbers. Six to eight "backups" will also be required to relieve the "primaries" throughout the 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. day.

More specific information will be given in the very near future. All those members who can stand the hours should call Parnell at 5938331 during business hours, or 524-3881 at home. "Back-ups" need to drive in order to service at least two precincts each.

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