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The Transportation Committee has been continuing its work during the summer months. Its research led to the development of the following opinion presented by Helen Griffin on Radio Station KHVH the week of August 20.

Viewpoint: Public Transportation

The ongoing controversy over the fixed guideway raises some fundamental policy questions about public transportation. If Honolulu is committed to public transportation, whether it's a fixed guideway or an alternative, how are we encouraging the public to use it? People will use public transportation if it's convenient and if it's economical.

Is it convenient to the heavily populated apartment areas? That about the areas where our new immigrants live? Are there plans for parking on the fringes of bus routes? What are the plans for the hills and valleys where so many residents have 2 or 3 cars?

Frequent, fast service is certainly an incentive, but people being people, convenience is not enough. We know taking a bus is cheaper than driving, but what are we doing to further discourage private cars?

We're aware that many private companies have inexpensive parking for employees as a fringe benefit, but should government also be doing this? The city, for example, could take the lead and raise the monthly parking charges for its employees, at present very attractively priced. Perhaps the state, whose parking charges are even lower than the city's, could follow suit.

Rising gas prices, the awareness of limited energy resources, the increasing population and the danger of concrete and asphalt destroying our island environment, make public transportation the highest priority. All of us - the public, the city and state governments, and private industry - should work together to make an effective public transportation system a reality,

Helen Griffin
Dee Lum, Transportation Committee Chairman

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