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Notes from the Board

The Honolulu Board has allocated a babysitting allowance of $5 per member for the September 14 meeting.

Leaguers who have not paid their dues will be dropped after two months grace period.

Board meetings are scheduled to be held on the second Monday of each month.

The annual Makamaka Mixer to raise funds for LWV will be held in November. We assume members will want to support this effort and will want to receive tickets which the Finance Committee mails to Leaguers. If you are unable to participate this year and do not wish to receive tickets, please notify the League office, 531-7448, before September 15.

Congratulations to League members recently elected to Neighborhood Boards:

Barbara O.L. Ryan, Bd. #6

Lei Learmont, Bd. #14

Jane Helliwell, Bd. #25

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