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League Is Never on Vacation
From Our President: We're Off and Rolling! (Jean Ko)
Bill 84 - An End or Just a Beginning? (Astrid Monson)
League Members Recently Elected to Neighborhood Boards
They Earn $ for League (Myrne Blomquist & Ruth Snyder)
Toot Your Horn (Arlene Woo)
Committees at Work - City Charter Study Committee (Claudia Patil)
Impact of Federal Funds on Honolulu (Barbara Farwell)
Committees: More Updates - Planning and Zoning
Juvenile Justice Study

Juvenile Justice Study

Juvenile Justice is the exciting new program adopted at State Convention. The first-year focus is to study the Family Court, including probation officers, detention facilities, rights of juveniles. A major segment will be careful selection and training of Family Court observers and then the actual observation and data collection.

Call Dorothy Bremner at work, 923-2622 (preferred), or at home, 261-2494, to let her know your interest in this committee.

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