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Impact of Federal Funds on Honolulu (Barbara Farwell)
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Impact of Federal Funds on Honolulu

For the past year the Impact Committee has been slowly tracking down the federal money that comes to Honolulu. As you have read in our regular VOTER reports, the task has not been easy. However, we feel we have accomplished much in learning how various federal programs work and how much money they bring to the City/County.

During July and August we are moving into the second phase of our study. We will be interviewing various City officials (including Council members) as well as others in the community. From these interviews we hope to gain not only facts and figures, but assessments of how well Honolulu uses federal money.

We expect to publish our findings in a Facts and Issues type publication this fall. Meanwhile, we can always use help on the committee. COME JOIN US:

Barbara Farwell

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