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Committees at Work - City Charter Study Committee

With copies of the city charter in hand and eyes fixed firmly on the Charter review scheduled for 1981, the seven members of the City Charter Study Committee have been meeting regularly during May and June. We have examined several old League positions concerning local government in order to re-present them at Units in January and February for con-census. Soon we will begin a study of how ethics is handled at the county level. Because this is new territory, we do not anticipate bringing our findings to the membership before fall, 1980.

In the meantime, the University of Hawaii, Mary George and Marilyn Bornhorst are sponsoring a conference in October on Ethics in Government. The League has been asked to cooperate in this undertaking.

Our committee consists of Jean Ko, Carol Chen, Helen Griffin, Claire Gregorcyk and June Sanders. Carla Coray and Claudia Patil are cochairmen. We gave ourselves a holiday during July, but expect to be back at work in August. So far we have learned quite a bit about the theory, and fact, of local government and hope to broaden our knowledge still further as our study progresses.


Claudia Patil
Co-Chairman, 734-1218


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