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Bill 84 - An End or Just a Beginning?

Mayor Fasi said that "a majority of our people did not want this bill (84) passed" and vetoed it. Twenty-five neighborhood boards and city-wide citizen groups, including LWV, signed a joint letter calling compromise version 84-2-a "one-sided" and "unjustified". Nevertheless, the City Council on June 20 over-rode the veto 7 - 2 (Bornhorst and Clement), and 84-2-a superseded last year's Ord. 78-73 (Bill 48).

LWV's claims that the island was already over-zoned were corroborated when on June 22 the City's Chief Planning Officer, George Moriguchi, told a meeting of neighborhood board members from all over the island that "we are not facing a problem of having to extend our urban boundaries, nor to increase the allowable density we have an over-supply of lands both zoned and planned for residential purposes" and recommended down-zoning in such areas as Moiliili, McCully and Makiki.

Thus the question of density reduction now shifts to the local area and neighborhood level as the draft development plans are submitted for review by neighborhood boards and other community organizations. LWV will continue to urge comprehensive revision of the Zoning Code, including limits on the number of rooms or units per acre, height, lot coverage, and other density controls previously recommended.

Though gratified that the Zoning Code now no longer contains the "bonus" provisions which permitted excessively dense development, your Planning and Zoning Committee feels that the campaign for lower apartment densities also served to inform and mobilize public opinion, increase citizen input in the planning process, and build a better foundation for the area-by-area planning and zoning discussions now beginning.

Astrid Monson

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