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From Our President

Each new board begins its term of office with a high energy level and goal expectation for the approaching year. While some of the incoming board are new to League, the goals and objectives are familiar to all Leaguers -- members and money so that we can carry on the work of the League.

While we desire full active membership rolls, the League recognizes that we also need a vast reservoir of constantly available talent from which to draw. The League needs both quality and quantity of time.

In order to provide these options for membership involvement, we also need a monetary reservoir. Vote counting and corporate contributions have been unusually successful this past year and plans are already in gear for a new kind of Makamaka Mixer at the end of the year. You can help the League in this effort during the summer by keeping a personal list of people that support League but may not be interested in membership. These people should be invited to our fundraisers, but we need to gather their names and addresses now.

In closing, we recognize that this summer may bring personal changes in your lives. Some of you will take gainful employment, select other voluntary activities, or return to school in the fall. We sincerely wish you well in your endeavors. We also recognize that the prioritizing that you may have to do may result in a decrease in your league activity. We hope, though, that you will continue to be supporting members. League needs all of you!

Jean Ko

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