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State Convention - May 18-19
From Our President (Jean Ko)
Battle of 84 Still Rages
Vote Count Reports (Myrne Blomquist & Ruth Snyder)
Annual Meeting - Follow-Up
Council Notes
Honolulu Delegates
Ghost Rider on TheBUS
How to Become Editor of the Aloha Voter (Jane Fullam)


Edna Hurd (WE) 254-3919 r 452 Ilimano St. 842-8381 b Kailua 96734

Delorese Gregoire-Manson (HE) 2227 Aulii St. 595-6839 r Honolulu 96817 523-7941

Amelia Lucero-Cordes (HE) 948 Pueo St. Honolulu 96816 737-2614

Pamela Pickens (HK) 340 E Kawaihae St. Honolulu 96825 377-9454

We're very pleased to welcome our four new members and hope to soon get acquainted. Edna Hurd is Kam School's librarian and lives in Kailua. Delorese Gregoire-Manson, formerly a league member in Massachusetts, is the Hawaii coordinator for Interstudy and our neighbor at 116 S. King. Amelia LuceroCordes is a student at UH who has been a member of the Friends of East-West Center, Girl Scouts, PTA, and EST. Pamela Pickens, who lives in Hawaii-Kai, is a housewife/student interested in art work and publicity, among other things.


Janis Beuret Sandra Robles Edna Shoup Deborah Thompson Grace Yokoi


Jean Roberts 2969 Kalakaua #601 96815

Katherine Guille 4414 Likini St 96818

Nancy Guille 355 Silvergate Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92106

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