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State Convention - May 18-19
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Ghost Rider on TheBUS
How to Become Editor of the Aloha Voter (Jane Fullam)

How to Become Editor of the Aloha Voter

Show up at more than one meeting so that the President will recognize your face. She will ask you if you work. You will say, "Not exactly."

You are now Editor of the Aloha Voter.

You may object because you do not type. "Not to worry," she will assure you, "you will have a typist." Your typist will quit after one edition. "No problem," the President says and you go from there.

Eventually you will get an assistant. Your assistant will have major surgery in self-defense and then go off to Australia. But if you tough it out, your two years will pass quickly and you can recommend your best friend for the job.

Aloha and good luck, Barbara Owen!

Jane Fullam

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