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Ghost Rider on TheBUS

As Honolulu League members are all aware, Transportation is a continuing item in our program as adopted at our annual meeting last month. This study "promotes understanding of Oahu transportation tion needs and problems among members and the public."

In order to publicize TheBUS as a viable mode of transportation and the adventures it's possible to have in getting from here to there by bus, the transportation ctte is inaugurating a feature - GHOST RIDER ON TheBUS -- to appear in the Voter from time to time. (Note: Anyone having a happy, sad, hair-raising, or other experience to contribute, is cordially invited to contact a member of the ctte.)

Ghost Rider would like to start off with a transportation question, probably unanswerable, but growing over the past 50 years or more of bus riding, both here and on the Mainland: Why is it that when you arrive at your bus stop a few minutes ahead of the time TheBUS is supposed to be due, it is invariably 5-10 or more minutes late in arriving? But if you're as much as 10 seconds late, TheBUS is already long gone?

A case in point was the evening of the Bill 84 Public Hearing at Honolulu Hale. Ghost Rider reluctantly tore herself away from the fascinating proceedings in the Council Chambers in time to be waiting on the corner of King and Punchbowl by 10 p.m. to catch #1, which most often rolls by at 10:05 at the earliest. But not on April 25! Numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, and an assortment of "Honolulu" buses from out of town, cruised by before the 10:20 arrival of a welcome #1.

Home in 10 minutes -- but when you add the 20 minute wait, the travel time is not so good!

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