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Annual Meeting - Follow-Up

Forty-nine League members attended the 1979 Annual Meeting at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel. The full agenda was efficiently handled and all business was concluded in time for wine before lunch.

The President's positive report of the year's activities noted successful fundraising, financing, and program activities. The community has become increasingly aware of League during a busy year.

Nancy Guille introduced and succinctly explained the proposed by-law changes on program and dues which were both passed (see March Voter). The proposed program for the year, introduced by Joyce Miller, was amended to include further study of the Neighborhood Boards since League does not have a position on NBs.

Kay Allen reviewed the proposed budget. In the spirit of positive thinking, there was an amendment to reflect an increase in membership to 250. The amended budget also includes an increase in membership dues to $20 a year.

Nancy Guille's move to the mainland, many times threatened, is finally becoming a reality. In recognition of her hard work and fine contribution to the League, she was presented with a framed "Proclamation of the League of Women Voters" and a beautiful lei.

In a form characteristic of her radio spots, Helen Griffin was presented with a framed "Viewpoint" in recognition of Helen's energetic, dynamic, and valuable contributions as Honolulu League President for the last two years.

Concluding the meeting's business was the nominating committee report by Graig Whitesell, followed by the election of the new officers. Helen presented the gavel to the newly elected President, Jean Ko, who spoke of her vision to increase membership involvement and fund raising to provide hired office help. -

The meeting adjourned to the lanai overlooking the ocean and booming Waikiki for some wine before enjoying the luncheon and guest speaker Bob Dye.

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