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Calendar - March 1969
From the President's Desk (Elaine Vik)
50th Anniversary (Betty Tobiasson)
Letter to Mayor Fasi
Why a "Single List"?
Proposed Local Program
LWV-Honolulu Bylaws
Report of the Nominating Committee
Proposed Budget - LWV-Honolulu - April 1, 1969 - March 31, 1970
Annual Meeting (insert)
Ratification of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (insert)

Calendar - March 1969

FIRST ROUND OF UNITS - ELECTORAL COLLEGE COMMITTEE - You will receive a separate mailing with pros and cons of the present system and proposed reforms. Please take the time to read and consider the material. Discussion questions for the March unit meeting are included so you can be thinking about answers ahead of time.

6 Thursday 9:30 A.M. CITY-COUNTY COUNCIL REAPPORTIONMENT STUDY COMMITTEE. Any interested member welcome Jane Hewitt - 5315 Oio Drive

11 Tuesday 9:15 A.M. HONOLULU MORNING UNIT Jane Hewitt 5315 Oio Drive
7:30 P.M. KOKOHEAD EVENING UNIT Aina Haina Library Information - Call Jay Van Zwalenburg 737-3513

12 Wednesday 9:15 A.M. KAM MORNING UNIT - KOREAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH BABY SITTING AVAILABLE - 1832 Liliha St Information - Call Marilyn Bornhorst 941-1845
7:30 P.M. MANOA EVENING UNIT Ethel Spaulding 2057 Lanihuli Dr 949-1996

13 Thursday 9:15 A.M. WINDWARD MORNING UNIT - EMMANUEL EPISCOPAL Baby Sitting Available ANNEX Information Call - Myrne Blomquist 262-7635
7:30 P.M. WINDWARD EVENING UNIT Emmanuel Episcopal Annex Information - Call Carol Whitesell 261-61;

25 Tuesday 10:30 A.M. ANNUAL MEETING - A.A.U.W. CLUBHOUSE 1802 Keeaumoku St. - See separate flyer

KEEP OUR MEMBERSHIP INTEREST FILE UP-TO-DATE. Please fill out the questionnaire you will find in your roster and bring to Unit meeting or mail to DEE LUM - 2015 Lanihuli Drive - Honolulu 96822.

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