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Where the Action Is - Are You Interested?
From the President's Desk (Elaine Vik)
Consensus on U.S. - China Relations
From "Save Diamond Head Association"
Law and the Citizen: a Workshop
Guess What?
Aloha to Our New Members - Eight of Them

Where the Action Is - Are You Interested?

"I would like to kick off the local membership pledge drive with my pledge of $100.00" declared our president, Elaine Vik.


STATE LEGISLATURE - Here is a chance to observe. A training session will be held. Call ALICE SCOTT - 536-1204

Is CITY COUNCIL your cup of tea? Meet Alice Scott on any Tuesday in the Council Chambers on 3rd floor of City Hall


"I cannot give as much as our President," said a long-time Leaguer, "but I can pledge $50, and I'll give a check for $20 today."



It is a brand new Congress. Keep right up to date on the background and status of legislation important to League program, so that you will be able to write your Congressman or the appropriate committee members. Remember, it is the duty of each League member to write letters as individuals to Congressmen and Senators. Know what the issues are and what is the crucial time to write. Enter your subscription now for TIME FOR ACTION.

Send your name, address, name of Local League and $2.50 to: LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF U.S. 1200 - 17th St., N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20036


A retired Leaguer, "I don't know just how much I can give right at this moment, but I promise you I'll be giving something over the next three years."


MEET REP. PATSY MINK - League leaders will be interviewing Mrs. Mink on Wednesday, February 12th at 11:00 A.M. If you wish to attend, call Nancy Williams - 537-3706.

I would like to make my pledge in the memory of my mother who was at one time a Leaguer in the mid-west."

"Here is my total pledge amount right here," announced one of us as she waved her check overhead. "It is check No. 2 of my brand new account opened with the first paycheck from my new job!!!" (??????)

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