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From the President's Desk

It's difficult for me to think or talk of anything other than the FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the League of Women Voters of the United Stattes. 1970 is that year of celebration! It will also mark our local TWENTTETH ANNIVERSARY.

But, before we can celebrate, we must have a CAUSE for celebration. That's the job of all us in 1969.

The National organization has set a fund drive goal of $11 million. A lot of money? It is, but certainly well within the range of possibility with the enthusiastic efforts of 150,000 League members,

It is a DEVELOPMENTAL fund because for the first time in League history we aim to properly fund our organization for growth. The fund will underwrite expansion of our National office for the next ten years, it will underwrite next year's expansion of our fledgling State Office by three-fourths of its current annual budget, it will underwrite our own growth with one-fourth more money this coming year than last.

$11 million is awesome until we break it down:

Approximately $2½ million is to be raised by the Leagues' annual community campaigns--better known to us as our annual finance drive. With 1,200 Leagues throughout the United States, this averages to a little over $2,000 per League. Our own finance drive last year raised slightly over $3,000. With the extra effort of all the Leagues, this $2½ million goal is certainly within grasp.

Approximately $2½ million is to come through major gifts from individuals and foundations. Already, $1 million has been subscribed by the [..]VY Fund -- almost half of this goal reached!

Approximately $1-plus million will represent corporate gifts. Corporate gifts will come primarily from the top 500 corporations in the United States (Hawaii has only one such corporation based here). Again, this averages out to a realistic figure of $2,000 per corporation.

Approximately $5 million will represent member contributions. With 150,000 members, this averages out to slightly less than $40 per member. Sound exorbitant? Not for most members, because this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME contribution - League has never before asked for your support in this manner, and probably never will again. But IF you're one of those who feels it is too much to come out of this year's budget, or if you would like to give more to compensate for those few who never participate in anything, PLEDGE CARDS are available (and most of us are using them) to spread out the payment of your contribution over the next three years. Now, do you see how very possible this figure becomes!

* * *

Our League OFFICE on the second floor of the AAUW residence, 1802 Keeaumoku Street, beginning March 1st, is the realization of a 20-year dream, and the first evidence of growth directly resulting from this three-year anniversary effort. Our members' extra efforts last year are making it possible.

Staffing and furnishing of the office are difficult to plan until we actually have possession, but we have been receiving offers of furniture--some of it not immediately available—and we thank you very much.

We could well use any offers of miscellaneous savings stamp books that we can pool to get miscellaneous needs as a wall clock, coffee-pot, mailbox, bulletin board, etc,

Is anyone skilled in lettering? We will need a sign on the mailbox and on the door! Can you sew? Paint? File? Catalog books? Or just sit and answer the telephone? Let me hear from you, telephone 373-2227, or drop by our OFFICE (sounds good!) during the morning hours, Monday thru Friday, after March 1st!

* * *

"The Electoral College is a live bomb in the Constitution that must be defused before, not after, it explodes in our faces. Should it ever again produce a President who was defeated by rank-and-file voter, the potential for violent and bitter reactions would be truly tragic." THEODORE C. SORENSEN, former aide to President Kennedy, at a Senate subcommittee hearing on electoral reform.

* * *

TWO interesting sets of UNIT discussion meetings in store for us during February - See you there.

Elaine Vik

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